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Prince Albert – Juanita Seguin

Regina - Marge Appell

Saskatoon - Ruth Hiebert





Organization – Jean Reader

Spiritual Development– Margaret Schwab

Resolutions – Susan Melchiorre

Legislation – Susan Melchiorre

Christian Family Life – Erika Maier

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Saskatchewan President’s Annual Report 2013-2014
Marge Szabo, Provincial President


Our highlight for the province was hosting the 2013 National Convention in Regina, with the Regina Diocese as hostess. Our members supported and worked hard to prepare for the guests from across Canada. Each of the Regina Councils were invited to participate in a variety of ways. The benefits we reaped include; a better understanding of the League, the feeling of bonds between our sisterhood, meeting new friends from across this country and the enthusiasm to move forward.


Our fall workshop in September included the executives from the 3 dioceses in the province. We met at the Mineral Springs at Watrous. Our agenda included ways in which councils could develop the theme, “We Have Seen the Lord” By doing group work, members created, composed, and dramatized activities; a skit, collage, songs, liturgy service, a church bulletin insert. These were all typed and sent to the diocesan presidents for distribution. Time was also spent on preparing annual reports and writing communiqués.


Catch the Fire workshops have been well received especially in the Regina Diocese. They have used all their funding allocated to them from the Development Fund. Saskatoon and Prince Albert have not really caught the “spark” so we are inquiring how we can rectify this situation. One possible disadvantage is the distance between councils. Regina Diocese is certainly ready for S’Mores, and very ambitious on working on a resolution workshop.


Six members have received funding from the National Bursary Fund to enhance their involvement in pastoral services. The $1000.Provincial Social Justice Award was divided for 3 recipients. Two dioceses offer a scholarship for university entrance. Many councils assist in helping in the education system in various ways.


Membership has been down slightly, while some of the councils reported a good increase that some attribute to the Catch the Fire Workshops. Our province is experiencing church closures in many areas. Following this is the disbanding of CWL councils. Members are asked to relocate but that isn’t always easy. Archives of the council should be stored with the church’s registry and archives.


All dioceses have continued helping their churches, community and those in need, especially as a result of natural disasters and war. Those mentioned include, soup kitchens, clothing depots, Marian Centre, Visitation House, Pro-Life, Birthright, coats for kids and many more. Everyone certainly has fulfilled their League Prayer in many ways.


Springtime, or should I say convention time. Each of the 3 dioceses held conventions in April. The Provincial Convention was held in Saskatoon at the new Co-Cathedral. Excellent speakers, Archbishop Martin Currie and Leah Perrault gave members much food for thought, while dramatization during the liturgy brought prayer to life.


Our spring meeting in March was held in Saskatoon at Queen’s House Retreat Centre. We will be revising our Provincial Policy and Procedure manual and have encouraged other executives to review or write their own policy manual. Plans are being finalized for the upcoming Provincial Convention in North Battleford, June 2 & 3. Saskatoon’s spring meeting was held using an executive conference call to conduct their business. Weather has been a deterrent factor in many activities this year.


Numerous councils celebrated anniversaries this year. A certificate was presented to each of the councils. The Bellelle Guerin pin was awarded to Theresa Istace, Regina Diocese and Armella Rollheiser, Saskatoon Diocese.


A new Provincial Spiritual Advisor will be installed at convention, as Father Francis Hengen has now completed his 5 year term. Many thanks go out to him for his guidance, support and enthusiasm of promoting the League.


This completes my first year reporting as Provincial President.


Marge Szabo


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2013 Prince Albert Diocesan President’s Annual Report


GOD IS WONDERFUL! HE DOESN”T GIVE US MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE, WITH HIS HELP. How true this is as I began my first term as president. At first it was overwhelming, but with God’s help things became easier and so very interesting! I have had a very educational and exciting year. I thank God and all CWL members for this opportunity to serve you.


Reports from the various councils showed a very active year for all groups. I felt a lot of interest as I went about my duties. These included attending:
Saskatoon Diocesan Convention; Provincial & National Conventions; accepting award from Western Stewardship Conference for CWL; Participating at a funeral for a CWL former member of this diocesan executive. I also took part in honor guard for ordination of Dan Yasinski and Colin Roy, both from PA diocese. I was at the Provincial Executive fall meeting and workshop in Watrous, plus regional workshops in Prince Albert and Pierceland. I participated in the 50th anniversary of ST. VITAL COUNCIL in Battleford, attending meeting for upcoming Provincial Convention and I have been in contact with Prince Albert Council for preparing Spring Diocesan Convention, plus being in constant contact with my executive.


The time really has flown by. 19 out of 20 of our councils sent in reports. THANK YOU! Everyone reported lots of activity in Spiritual activities and many fun filled times. A couple councils became involved with outreaching to First Nation people, by taking part in ceremonies for St Kateri. One council made their own Pamphlets for membership and they were successful in getting 9 new members. Many councils donated to the Philippine Disaster and others helped families in their own communities. Faith, Fun and Fulfillment are really at work. One council put it right when they said they were few in numbers but GREAT together!


I want to thank all the wonderful ladies that I have met in my travels, for their help and encouragement. Also, thanks to my executive who are supportive, helpful and just great to work with. Also to the Provincial Executive for your understanding, encouragement, compassion and friendship. You have all made my job enjoyable, spiritual and lots of fun. Of course, there were some rough times in the year but they smoothed out with the help of all of you and THE HOLY SPIRIT! GOD BLESS!


This concludes my report
Juanita Seguin
Diocesan President


Regina Diocesan President’s Annual Report for 2013
Marge Appell


Evidence of our theme “We have seen the Lord” was everywhere as members gathered in Regina in August, 2013, for the National Catholic Women’s League annual convention. Hosted by Regina Diocese once every 20 years, it attracted almost 800 delegates, more than half from our own province, and was described as inspiring, enlightening, and a wonderful event. The central planning committee is commended for the many hours of hard work each member expended over a 4 year period prior to and also during the convention. Under the capable leadership of co-chairs Marge Szabo (who spearheaded the planning and organized the various subcommittees) and Yvonne Bachelu (Regina Diocesan Council second vice president, who took over the responsibility of chairperson as the convention drew near allowing Marge to attend to her provincial president duties) the committee took care of dozens of details with great efficiency. Countless volunteers stepped forward to assist in various capacities and their contributions were also very much appreciated. Positive feedback was received from across Canada complimenting the host committee for being friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. Regina Diocesan Council thanks everyone for helping to make this convention such a success! It had a positive impact on all delegates and generated great pride in the accomplishments of our League.


The annual Diocesan Convention was held in Estevan in April. Brenda Keating, Estevan Regional chairperson, and her team of volunteers hosted a successful event, with Father Dennis Phaneuf as keynote speaker. Members attending appreciated the well planned and uplifting liturgies, and the chance to meet friends and make new ones, as we worked, laughed, and shared stories with one another.


The “Catch the Fire” team of Yvonne Bachelu and myself presented eleven workshops in 2013. Marge Szabo assisted on several occasions, and Dianna Robstad, a CWL member from Resurrection parish, Regina, joined us as a presenter partway through the year. In late fall, Dianna moved to Saskatoon and we hope she continues her great recruitment work there. Annual reports indicated that “Catch the Fire” workshops were appreciated and generated positive activity wherever they were held.


Now a word about the Regina Diocesan Directory, which was compiled by Chantal Devine during her term as president, with assistance from her corresponding secretaries: That was a huge undertaking and continues to take a lot of work to keep it current. Last year your Diocesan executive asked that you align your council elections with the year there is a Diocesan one, so that the directory can then be updated that year and every two years after that, instead of yearly as we have done to date. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the discrepancies in the document as well as save yearly printing costs.


Unfortunately, we had two councils disband late in 2013 due to church closures. Because their memberships were paid for 2013, they are still included in the total number of councils for the year. We hope the members of those councils maintain their membership in the League by joining another council in their area in 2014.


That said, the reports you submitted showed that much work was still being done “for God and Canada”. Numerous councils have increased their membership, even in rural areas where memberships were small. While I’m sure hosting the National Convention had a positive effect on members in our diocese, and the “Catch the Fire” workshops generated enthusiasm, it was through the hard work of members from those councils and others like them who reported “gaining one new member at a time”. You were motivated to reach out and invite others to join the Catholic Women’s League. Hats off to all of you and keep up the good work!


And yes, there have been challenges. I heard stories of an aging membership, difficulty attracting young women and filling leadership roles, lack of interest and enthusiasm, sporadic attendance at meetings, negativity to new ideas, executive positions (especially that of president) becoming a “life sentence”, and more recently, how difficult it is to keep up morale in the face of church closures. Yet, as I read about those challenges, I recalled the lists of council accomplishments you submitted, and the many, many good works that were done on a day to day basis, and I was filled with wonder and awe. It seems that when challenges weigh upon our members and they think they are losing ground, they dig deeper and still continue to carry on with the tasks at hand. This, I think, is the Holy Spirit moving and working though our members; praise the Lord!


I also read about your anniversary celebrations and the pin/certificate presentations made to members for years of long time service. These were joyful events and I commend you for celebrating them. One council reported celebrating 57 years of service and I marveled at what that said. It speaks of HOPE for the future, and it speaks of PRIDE in our League. It also speaks of the tenacity and the grit of women who are bent on doing the best job they can in their communities no matter what their numbers.


In closing, it’s been a privilege for me, since being installed in April, 2013, to be in contact with many Regina Diocesan CWL members (either by phone, email, or letter), to visit numerous councils, to work with many dedicated and generous women on the Diocesan Council Executive and with Father John Weckend, our Diocesan Spiritual Advisor, and recently, to review the reports submitted by council presidents outlining the successes and challenges experienced this past year. This practice (council presidents reporting to the diocesan president) had fallen by the wayside for a number of years in our diocese but was revived in 2013. Many council presidents took the opportunity to let me know how they function and what’s important to them, and it was very evident that the service they provide is a labour of love. God bless each and every one of you for sharing your time and talents with others.


This concludes my report.


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Saskatoon Diocesan President’s Annual Report for 2013


Our Diocesan executive normally holds two meetings annually, one in August and one in February. At our fall meeting, Joy Mendal was our guest speaker. She focused on the issues and advance health care directives. February meetings often are not well attended because of bad weather so this year we had a core executive conference call. Most of the ladies were able to participate from the comfort of their homes or wherever they were on holiday. We covered all important issues but missed the face to face contact. It was our first try and I am sure the next one will go better.


Our membership is down to 2327 members even though 28 councils reported having some new members. This year one of our councils has a charter member who will be celebrating her 100th birthday. Congratulations!. That is quite a milestone.


Spirituality is a great priority within our councils. During the past year they celebrated and encouraged members and their families through praying the Josephian Rosary and the Tridium Rosary, presentation of baptismal passports, spiritual bookmarks given as gifts to members and countless other ways that were reported in the annual reports.


We had two Catch the Fire workshops. They were well attended. The participation of the members at the workshops makes me believe it is an excellent program. We should make every effort to present it in every region.


With the encouragement of Bishop Don Bolen, the executive put together a report to send to National regarding the Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization.


Councils used various means to reach out to their members and make use of the CWL website. Our ladies were very active in their own parishes. Members served as Eucharistic ministers, readers of the Word, ushers, mass servers and catechism instructors. They provided Honour guards at funerals of deceased members, helped at the CWL Clothing Depot, provided meals at sour kitchens, served coffee at flu clinics and visited members in care homes. The list goes on and on.


One council made two submissions to the Be League Magazine. In case you missed it, the January edition of the Be League featured the good works of the CWL councils in Saskatchewan.


Some councils reported having a 'Did You Know?' bulletin item. It gave them an opportunity to publicize some of their upcoming events, projects or donations. It is an interesting way to spread the news about activities of the Catholic Women's League.


This past year has gone quickly. My prayers and thanks go out to every corner of the diocese for the good work our ladies are doing in their parishes and in their communities.


This concludes my report.


Ruth Hiebert
Saskatoon Diocesan President


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Spiritual Advisor's Report – 2013


Dear Sisters in the League


“The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.” This quote from Mary’s exclamation of joy and wonder in her Lord has been a favorite of mine for many years. This has been especially true for me over the past five years during my term as Spiritual Advisor for the Provincial Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.


It has been a tremendous privilege for me to serve as Provincial Spiritual Advisor. It is difficult to put into words the many blessings and gifts I have received from the members of the Catholic Women’s League. All levels of the League have given me hours of joy, peace, social interaction and challenges - like trying to play the role of Christ in a skit at a National convention.


Since my ordination, I have always had the good fortune to have at least one Catholic Women’s League Council to work with in any of my pastoral assignments. As with many things in our lives, it often takes time to grow in appreciation and understanding of the depth and meaning of what we are involved in. It is no different with the Catholic Women’s League.


My first encounter with the Catholic Women’s League was at the Parish Council level. Here, at the grassroots of this marvelous national organization, the foundation is laid for Catholic women across Canada to join together in response to the Mission Statement of the League, “...calling its members to holiness through service to God and Canada”.


This may be the simple things the local council does for the parish. It may be outreach through charitable works. It may be the writing of a resolution that will be presented for consideration at a National Convention. Every Catholic Women’s League Council, no matter how large or small must be cognizant of their invaluable place in this foundation of the League. One less council, even one less member, will have a diminishing effect on the whole of the organization. Whether one is from small town Saskatchewan, a fishing village on the coast, or a great urban metropolis, each member’s name and voice is important to the building up of the dynamic entity that is the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.


At the Diocesan level of the League I gained a new perspective on of the workings of the League. Here were devoted women from all across the diocese who, with their experience at parish and regional levels were ready to work with a broader focus, that of calling the attention of the diocesan members to the concerns and issues that fell under the various committees. These people wrote communiques for the local councils, gave them ideas to work on and prepared reports for the annual Diocesan Convention to help the members get a glimpse of what their League sisters were doing and what more could be done. I was indeed blessed to have the opportunity to serve as Diocesan Spiritual Advisor for ten years. Not only did I gain a lot of information about the League during those years, but I also received a lot of formation, especially through the many spiritual programs offered at meetings and workshops. Lively, and sometime very passionate, discussions around the executive table helped me to grow in my appreciation of the love these members had for the League, and the effort that they would put into their work in whatever position they held on that executive. Being on the Diocesan executive, I also became involved in the Provincial and National levels of the League through attendance at conventions. Now my sisters in the League really opened up for me the true gift of the Catholic Women’s League.


For the past five years I have experienced yet another level of dedication and love for the League at the Provincial level. With the Provincial conventions I had the chance to meet the women of all Diocesan executives in Saskatchewan. The diversity of their talents and strengths helped me to see that the League, gathered in convention, could come up with great ideas for themselves, their councils and their country. I have witnessed the personal commitment of so many strong, faith-filled women, who have given a lot of time and energy to the Provincial Council, and especially the Presidents who have also been part of the National Council. I have been privileged to see two members from the Provincial Council elected to the position of National President, and others who have let their names stand from National committees. That has meant as much as another fourteen years of service to the League. But these people love their League and readily give their all in service to their Catholic Women’s League sisters, to Canada and to the world. In Saskatchewan we are so fortunate to have five Honorary Life Members who continue to serve the League in whatever way they can with the vast treasure of experience that came to them through their League life. Absolutely amazing.


It has been an awesome journey for me with women who walked through the Open Door; women who were not afraid to Cast Out into the Deep, and were ready to be Companions on the Journey. These Women of Hope and Peace, Centered on Faith and Justice have called me to join them in being a witness and let the world know We Have Seen the Lord.


This is my final Annual Message for the Provincial Council of the Catholic Women’s League as I have now completed my five year term. But this does not mean that I will not continue to be involved with the League in whatever way I can. I have shared a part of the gift that the League has been to me. I hope that many members will share their personal journeys of the growth they have experienced as a member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, and through that sharing, will draw other women into this rich and astounding organization. Once a person has beheld the witness and actions of these thousands of Catholic women, they will want to be a part of that dynamic force that is the Catholic Woman’s League of Canada.


May Our Lady of Good Counsel watch over you and keep you in her care.


Rev. Francis Hengen
Provincial Spiritual Advisor


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Saskatchewan Organization Annual Report – 2013


There are three dioceses in Saskatchewan: Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon. They are divided up as follows:

  • Prince Albert … 21 parish councils …... 930 members.
  • Regina ……….. 78 parish councils … 3,476 members.
  • Saskatoon ……. 48 parish councils … 2,852 members.

Recruiting Members and Maintaining Membership


Personal contact is the most favoured method of collecting dues. It’s done before and after Masses; potluck meals; membership brunches and teas; fall meetings and Christmas parties. The use of a phoning tree was a way to reach out to our Sisters in the League. One council had an Early Bird Draw, if you paid your membership before November 1st; the winner had her 2014 fees returned. A couple of councils had specific envelopes printed for CWL fees and they were included in the parish Offering Envelopes given to Parish Members. Some members were given the option of putting their fees into an envelope marked CWL Membership and put into the collection baskets.


Personally contacting and phoning when it is time to renew; “Sign up Sundays”; inviting friends and family to listen to guest speakers or join in on special CWL events. Parish bulletins plus speaking from the pulpit; brochures made by various parish councils worked very well as it had a “home grown” touch. Being visible at parish and community events, talking about the good things that happen in the League and how you can belong no matter what age or how much time you can give. If a person had financial troubles paying their membership it was quietly discussed with one of the executive and arrangements could be made, sometimes the council would pick up the expense but done very discreetly. Seniors that were in homes, sometimes a family member would be contacted or if the council was able they would pay for the member to continue to belong to the League. Sometimes a member would sponsor someone unable to pay!


Long-time service pins and awards are presented to members at a special evening.


Leadership Development


“Catch the Fire” workshops were the most popular, with one council holding a “mini” workshop by one of the members who had attended a regional class. Guest speakers were brought in including Native Valley Ministry, Hope for Malawi and a Fun workshop. Attending conventions at various levels of the League showed many benefit and rewards: spiritual growth, strength and renewal; educational and informative; a sense of belonging; seeing the impact the League on various levels and this year more members got to see how the League works at the National level. Seeing how Resolutions are dealt with at the National level after they have travelled all the way from the Parish level. It was said that “the National Convention was more awe-inspiring than the Riders winning the Grey Cup!”


League Resource Material


Most Councils reported having all or some of the handbooks listed in the annual report forms. Leading The League book is the most important book for Councils to have, it is a treasure trove of information for one and all.


Annual Reports


Some Councils print the reports into a booklet, others have prepared the report for the parish council and made it available for all parishioners. Some make the report into a handout while others prepared the report as a newsletter. Some parish councils are not filing Annual Reports which makes it much more difficult at the Diocesan level, we realize that not all the positions are be filled in each parish council but there is a great need for those reports so that we know how our councils are doing and how we can help. These reports help us share ideas, to see where one parish has used an idea that would be beneficial to another council. Remember sharing ideas is a wonderful thing, and we all do it!


Life Membership


How honoured we are to have 4 Honorary Life Members and 13 Life members to have in our Province. These are the women who have the experience and expertise to draw on whenever we need them, what a Blessing.


This concludes my report
Jean Reader
Saskatchewan Organization Chair


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Saskatchewan Spiritual Development 2013 Annual Report


Spiritual Development reports were received from the three diocesan spiritual development chairpersons. This purpose of this position continues to be of importance to League members as they live our theme of We Have Seen the Lord, together.


Spiritual Growth of Members

  • Most councils reported having a spiritual program at all meetings. It is a priority for some councils and may be in the form of: spiritual quizzes and studies, bible reflections, special seasonal studies,
  • Those who are able have Mass before their meeting
  • Councils are having special services for Feast days (Our Lady of Good Counsel, All Soul’s)
  • Deceased members are remembered and prayed for: Masses are offered and sympathy cards are sent to the families; Honour Guards are provided; poster made listing the names of the deceased and their contributions to the council; use of special candle lighting ceremony.
  • Cards sent and Mass intentions offered for members who are ill as well as those who are celebrating special events (significant wedding anniversaries, etc.); use of prayer chains, prayer sisters (both within council and with other councils).
  • Pray the Rosary together
  • Members are encouraged in their prayer life by: being provided with a new pamphlet or bookmark at each meeting for use as a prayer in for the upcoming month; being given booklets containing League song and prayers or special bookmarks (Triduum Rosary/ Pope Francis washing the feet of incarcerated women), spiritual book club, encouragement and financial support to attend conventions and regional meetings.
  • Special service of anointing member’s hands with lotion for World Day of the Sick
  • Using special prayers: The Josephian Rosary in March; the Prayer of Love and Service (St. Therese of Liseaux), Living Rosary in May and October, traveling Madonna, Divine Mercy chaplet.

Study of Catholic Teachings

  • Use of Bible studies, study of church news (canonizations, etc.), updates on CWL themes.
  • Members are taking part in and studying Lay Formation, assisting with sacramental preparation and RCIA as well as teaching Catechism, and Children’s Liturgy.
  • Members attend retreats and workshops.
  • Use of study programs – Stewardship a Disciples Response, The Fullness of Life Purpose by Ken Yasinski, Year of Faith DVD series, Growing in Faith sessions, faith studies (Living Faith), videos from Diocesan centre, study of Catechism of the Catholic Church, Father Robert Barron’s Catholicism series, Word Among us.
  • Local resources –homily on Catholic teaching at CWL mass, presentations by Spiritual Advisors, Prairie Messenger and League magazine, First Nations People and the relationship with the structured church.

Role of Women in the Church

  • CWL members are active in all ministries in their parishes including sacristan and care for the physical church; sit on parish councils; attend deanery meetings.
  • Councils have members serving in the Mass ministries for the Feast of Our Lady of Good counsel.
  • Lead special prayers such as the Rosary before Masses during the months of May and October as well as Stations of the Cross.
  • Take part special Mass of remembrance on the parish level.
  • Special Advent evening with the Knights of Columbus including meal, prayer, hymns and the turning on of the lights at the outdoor crèche.

Evangelization and Mission Assistance

  • Support of: Missions in India, Africa, Brabant Lake, Tuktayaktyk NWT, Catholic Missions (including calendar sales) and Esk Omi Missions, Native Valley Ministries, Chalice, Velma’s Dream, Net Ministries.
  • Donations to: Cody Institute (Save a Family), food banks, Marian Centre, CWL Clothing Depot, Santa Maria, parish refuge families, Lay Ministries, Velma’s Dream
  • Members Serve as Eucharistic ministers to the sick and shut – ins, lead Rosary at nursing homes
  • Enrolled in Lay Formation classes; took part in “Generations of Faith”.
  • Council members assist in sacramental preparation for children as well as with the RCIA program.
  • Many members lead prayer vigils for the deceased within their parishes.

Ecumenism and Interfaith Endeavors

  • Members took part in the following, either by hosting or attending; World Day of Prayer, interfaith presentations, Week of Christian Unity, Remembrance Day services.
  • Members sat on Ecumenical Committees; helped at Interfaith Thrift shop; took part in Operations Christmas Child, Ecumenical Carol Festival, Face to Face with Ken Yasinski.

Our members work hard at their own spirituality and at sharing the ‘Good News’ with those they meet, as is evidenced by this report. May God smile on your many endeavours and bless you as you continue to spread His Word.


This concludes my report.
Margaret Schwab


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Margaret Schwab


2013 was a quiet year for presenting Resolutions in Saskatchewan. Regina Diocese did not receive any resolutions. One resolution was presented at the Saskatoon Diocese convention of the storage of nuclear waste. Members felt the resolution needed more work done on it and tabled it to be returned to the presenting council. Prince Albert Diocese had a resolution on the national convention being held every two years. After some debate and the explanation of federal laws on annual meetings the resolution was withdrawn.


Dioceses that did submit annual reports to me report that their councils had:

  • Vigorous letter writing campaigns on many subjects.
  • Some have discussed resolution topics that they are considering creating a resolution on.
  • Members were encouraged to familiarize themselves with the current resolutions and resolutions are discussed at meetings
  • Would like to attend a resolution workshop
  • Feel there is not enough education on writing resolutions and feel they lack the capabilities

A couple of councils had the unique idea of having an evening devoted to one past resolution. For example one council had a pink night to raise funds for ovarian cancer. They focused on and discussed resolution 2004.9 on ovarian cancer with a guest speaker.


Those attending the National Convention in Regina this past August, 2013 where very impressed with the resolution process. Many had never seen the resolution process before and after attending the pre-convention resolution dialogue and seeing the procedures on the convention floor now understand the thought and passion that goes into the resolutions of the League. Many expressed pleasure in being awarded the opportunity to have a national convention that they were able to attend and be able to see the action that goes into resolutions.


There were a number who had attended “Catch the Fire” and found the section on Resolutions very helpful.


From reading reports there seems to be a “mystic” surrounding resolutions for many. It might be something to consider focusing on in future years.


This concludes my report.
Susan Melchiorre


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2013 Saskatchewan Annual Legislation Report
Rita Hengen


Parishes and dioceses of Saskatchewan have reported undertaking extensive letter writing campaigns to both the federal and provincial governments this past year on numerous topics. As always we encourage them to do so.


They were glad to see than many of our resolutions reflect current legislation and discussions that are going on in parliament and the legislature. Reading current affairs and listening to television enhances efforts to be knowledgeable about events, debates and situations that we need to pay attention to as Catholic Christians.


Our members have embraced the “Pornography Hurts” postcard campaign.


Members felt that they need to take a keen interest in governments at all levels to be able to voice their concerns and bouquets on their activities.


Discussions on the annual meeting between National Executive members and the Federal Government is always of interest to League members and they often ask about the results and if any action or legislation is forthcoming.


It is refreshing to see that government activities hold the interest of members who are always ready to speak out when the need arises or bring their ideals to the front.


This concludes my report.
Susan Melchiorre


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Saskatchewan Christian Family Life Annual Report – 2013


Marriage and Family
Councils continued their support of World Marriage Day; World Day of Prayer; campaigns against pornography and human trafficking; Save a Family Plan; Catholic Mission; Theology of the Body Conference; Operation Christmas Child and other children’s programs; Mother’s Morning Out; Food Banks, and Development & Peace. They hosted or helped with funeral lunches, family suppers, Father’s/Mother’s Day breakfasts, baby showers and Spiritual support for unwed mothers, pot luck meals, teas, brunches, turkey suppers, “Balance in Family Life” Retreat, prayer groups, and book clubs. Members were involved in and/or supported women’s shelters, victim’s services, prayer groups, RCIA, catechism classes, unemployed and immigrant families, bereavement ministry, liturgy committee, leading the Rosary, and provided brochures on health issues.


Sanctity of Life
Members wrote letters to all levels of government urging support of prolife and sanctity of life issues. Councils support prolife groups through prayer, monetary donations and participation in events including Life Chain and March for Life. They also support by donating to or having memberships in Saskatchewan Pro-Life, Birthright, Sign of Hope, MaterCare, Prevention Coalition Bosco Homes, Growing Opportunities program, Rachel Vineyard, Pregnancy Centre, and Women’s Crisis Centre. Members also prayed for newborn and unborn babies, held clothing, Knit for Newborn and pie sales for Birthright, Signed petitions to de-fund abortion on demand and against human trafficking, participated Hike for Life and Life Chain, held baby showers for pregnant girls, sold roses for Pro-Life, made and sold angels for Project Mother’s Day. Presented roses, bibs and/or baptismal passports at Baptisms and funded a billboard promoting life.


Ministry to Youth
Councils supported NET Teams, Youth Emergency Shelters, Children’s Ability Fund, Knights of Columbus Camps, various other Bible camps for children not able to afford to attend. .They contributed to school lunch programs and youth groups, provided gifts of Prayer and Mass booklets, medals, rosaries, pins and Bibles to school and sacramental programs, supported foster children, donated to Chalice. Presented scholarships for graduates, assisted in Sacramental preparation. They engaged youth to help with parish activities, including teas and suppers. Also provided financial support, for those attending World Youth Day, and Youth Retreats.


Ministry to Widowed, Separated, Divorced, Seniors, and Disabled Members organized and participated in Masses and prayer meetings at seniors’ lodges, long-term care facilities and hospitals. They visited and brought communion, prayed the rosary, provided Pastoral Care, joined in discussions on various topics at St. Paul’s Hospital meetings and entertained with music, bingo and games at seniors’ facilities. Assistance was offered with transportation to church, parish activities and appointments, and cards were sent at Christmas, birthdays, and other special days. Senior members were acknowledged on milestone birthdays and anniversaries and thanked for their work on behalf of the League. Councils hosted teas and luncheons to celebrate special occasions. Councils also assisted with the Meals on Wheels program, and attended Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan (CHAS).


Members continue to offer prayers for vocations and provide financial support to seminarians and those interested in a religious life. Many councils participated in Adopt-A-Seminarian program. Councils in this program support their seminarians through spiritual bouquets, emails, prayer, and letters of encouragement, financial support and invitations to social and special events. Monetary gift was provided to the Parish priests to send to Missions throughout the World. Donations to the Missionary of Oblates, and those Priests still working with in our communities. New Seminarians were invited to CWL functions and celebrations were held on their birthdays, and other special occasions. Support is given to the retired priest’s fund.


Through your efforts, “We Have Seen the Lord” every day throughout our communities and parishes in those who we minister to for God and Canada in the name of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. What is more amazing is, many of our smaller councils do not have a Christian Family Life Standing Committee, but still incorporate and maintain the fundamental values of what this committee stands for. By your good works, generosity, and Faith, you have shown the True Face of our Lord, and by asking nothing in return, except to show you are a servant of our Lord, we are truly blessed. Thank you all!! Well Done!!


This concludes my report
Erica Maier
Christian Family Life


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Provincial Community Life Annual Report - 2013

Monica Beavis, Provincial Community Life Chairperson


I am pleased that all three Diocesan Councils have responded outlining activities designated under the standing committee of Community Life. It is reassuring to read about the many church and community activities that CWL members are involved in by volunteering or donating their time and skills in serving those in need, Thanks to all who are actively involved through prayer, monetary support and volunteer work.



  • Representative on the Pro- life organization and participate in March for Life and 40 HOURS FOR LIFE (-a peaceful witness praying for an end to abortion). Held in front of a hospital that performs abortions.
  • Signed "RED LETTER CARDS"and sent them to the premier regarding the defunding of abortions in Sask.
  • Participate in Save a Family.
  • Organize / participate in World of Day of Prayer
  • Membership and monetary support for organizations that may impact women’s lives
  • Donation of mittens, scarves, toques to the core city schools
  • Support foreign missions in Africa and Brazil and also the Canadian Northern Missions
  • Conduct a Baby Bottle Campaign to support mothers with new babies who are marginalized
  • Visit the people in prison and remembering them at Christmas and Easter by purchasing little treats for them
  • Prepare and deliver hampers to families at Christmas time


  • Contribute to D & P through the parish that included:
    • Special collection for the disaster in the Philippines and the Christian Syrian Refugees fleeing their country
    • Advocate and lobby government to continue to support the work of CCODP and CARITUS in the assistance of these organizations providing support in the Third World Countries.


  • Assist new immigrants and refugees with finding furnished lodging and journey with them as they adjust to a new country and culture.
  • Lobby the federal government to cover the basics in health care until they get established in Canada
  • Made quilts and gave to those in need such as the Women’s Shelters, Victim Services and new families


  • Serve as Eucharistic ministers for the sick in hospital, private care homes, long-term care and those at home.
  • Arrange and assist with prayer service and mass in nursing homes
  • Serve as honor guard foe CWL member ‘s funeral
  • Volunteer assistance for Habit ant for Humanity projects
  • Donations of money to worthy community projects such as School Youth Projects, youth scholar ships, University students working with CCO (CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC OUTREACH).
  • Awareness and Education in the plight of human trafficking of women and girls.
  • Made a donation to the Recreation center for the purchase of a Heart Defibrillator for use if person goes into cardiac arrest
  • Attend /support the Catholic Health Association of Sask.

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Saskatchewan Communications 2013 Annual Report


The tremendous work taking place in our three dioceses in Saskatchewan truly reflects our theme “We Have Seen the Lord”. These dedicated women are witnessing the presence of Christ in their lives by communicating His message to others in their communities through their involvement in the CWL. Regina the largest diocese reported that forty seven of the seventy eight councils send in a report. Forty two of the fifty two councils in Saskatoon, and nineteen of the twenty councils in the Prince Albert Diocese submitted their information.


The Canadian League Magazine

  • the majority of members read most of the articles in the magazine
  • the magazine is used for reference, reports and meeting discussions
  • members who can no longer attend CWL meetings stay connected and informed by reading the magazine

Advertising meetings and events

  • most councils use the church bulletin, personal contact, phoning and posters
  • some advertise in the local newspaper or in the diocesan newsletters and web site
  • a small percentage communicate via email
  • a few councils reported using after mass announcements, the CWL page on their parish web site, CWL bulletin boards, and outdoor bulletin boards, school newsletters, hand outs, community free advertising on radio and television

CWL Sunday

  • most councils celebrate an annual CWL Mass on or near April 26th, the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • several councils celebrate a CWL Mass one Sunday per month
  • many CWL members take part in the ministries at the CWL Mass, wearing scarves, pins, stoles, or a few councils wear white jackets when celebrating
  • socializing after Mass is a high priority in many parishes through hosting a parish coffee or brunch
  • a few councils enter the church in procession and sit together during Mass
  • some councils invite a guest speaker or have their president speak about the CWL after Mass
  • a few councils present new member and years of service pins to their members at this Mass

Letter writing: all councils reported encouraging members to write letters on issues brought forward by National, Provincial or Diocesan CWL Councils

  • several councils wrote letters to their MP regarding euthanasia, abortion and TV advertisements
  • one diocese wrote letters to the Premier concerning defunding abortions in Sask.
  • a few councils signed and sent petitions to the Federal Government
  • six councils wrote letters to oppose the removal of Vision TV
  • one council sent letters to the Saskatchewan Health Minister on health issues


  • many councils educated members about evaluating media content
  • most councils encouraged members to use Christian/Catholic media
  • councils in two diocese made monetary contributions to the National Catholic Broadcasting Council
  • several councils submitted articles to newspapers

National and provincial web sites

  • the majority of respondents said they made use of the CWL web sites
  • several made contributions to Be League; most were sent in for the January 2014 issue, featuring Saskatchewan CWL Councils
  • one council started their own Face book page


  • about one third of the councils sent the Pornography Hurts postcards to their MP
  • several wrote letters voicing their opposition to pornography
  • one council requested a Mass to bring an end to pornography
  • two council presidents spoke to the congregation after Mass explaining the Wrap and the Pornography Hurts campaigns

Community Outreach

  • many were involved in World Day of Prayer
  • most participate in the Honour Guard at the funeral of a CWL member
  • several councils hold special celebrations at nursing homes to present charter members with long time service pins
  • most councils present gifts to sacramental candidates, newly married couples and present bibs and stoles for baptisms
  • many are involved in Pastoral Care duties, visiting and taking Communion to shut ins
  • most send birthday, anniversary, and sympathy cards to members and parishioners
  • many councils give scholarships to a deserving student in Grade 8 & 12
  • most CWL councils fund raise in a variety of ways to support their favourite charities

Thank you for sharing your gifts, and for bringing Christ’s love to everyone you meet, so that they too, may say, “We Have Seen the Lord!


This concludes my report.

Chantal Devine
Provincial Communications Chairperson


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Education and Health Annual Report 2013


Annual Reports were received from 2 out of 3 dioceses, 72 councils in total. Twenty councils do not have a chairperson.


Catholic Education

Catholic Schools and Catechesis

  • Members of councils that do not have a Catholic School in their area often assist with children’s sacramental prep in their parish. On these special occasions, some councils give children cards and gifts and help/host a special lunch.
  • Councils fortunate enough to have a Catholic School support them financially, spiritually and are involved with programs and fundraisers.
  • Four councils either have school board members or attend school board meetings.
  • Several councils support/assist with Children’s Liturgy, Bible School, Reading Programs, Lay Formation and Youth Ministry.


  • CWL members fully support parishes providing RCIA programs by coordinating, teaching, sponsoring and providing lunch.

Literacy and Continuing Education

  • Opportunities for members to become educated: speakers and presentations at meetings, specifically on topics of heart and stroke, shingles, Life Capsule and Emergency Kit contents, reading and taking action on chairperson’s communiqués, “Catch the Fire” workshops, WRAP Campaigns, reading and discussing books. (e.g.)Heaven is for Real.
  • Opportunities for members to assist in educating others: teaching English as a second language to immigrants in their community, helping students in reading programs at school, and presenting bibles to grade eight students.
  • Some councils provided financial assistance to: the White Fathers Missions to help further education in the Third World, Chalice, material and school supplies, Camp Lemieux, seminarian’s post-secondary studies, youth ministry and/or adult support team for youth ministry, Teen Aid, Fully Alive and school lunch programs.

Scholarships and Bursaries

  • Information was given to councils re: the Regina Archdiocesan CWL Scholarship to attend Campion College and the National Bursary Fund.
  • At the school level, some councils sponsored bursaries and scholarships for music festivals, Grade X11 and sports as well as Christian Ethics Awards in the elementary schools.

Wellness and Sickness/Disease

  • Most councils have a CHAS (Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan) membership and individual members attend conventions.
  • Members serve on nursing home boards, visit shut-ins and patients in hospitals and nursing homes as well as collect clothes and food for the needy.
  • Donations were made to: Sask Ability, Pro-Life, Peace and Development, Food Bank, Cancer Research, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital as well as to a local ambulance.


  • The majority of councils encourage awareness of environmental issues.
  • Recycling is discussed and promoted.
  • Specific action includes using dishes and cups instead of foam for lunch and meals, and dispensing with bottled water at meetings.


  • No response on this issue.

It was noted that many councils encourage their members to write letters concerning Education and Health issues but no specifics were given.


The biggest challenge seems to be getting women at take leadership roles. Many of us have been recycled through the various portfolios.


Genetics seems to scare members. How can we address that?


Judging from the annual reports, it appears that women are quite happy to rally around a cause and work for the common good, provided they can follow as opposed to lead.


Rita Hengen


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2013 Life Member Annual Report


This portfolio allows me to stay in contact with 16 Life and Honorary Life Members in Saskatchewan. National Life Member Glenda Klein is ever faithful with almost weekly messages of good and sad news, prayer requests and various other items, which I have passed on to the members.


We lost Life Member Marg Bouclin August of this past year.


Little did I realize until writing this report, that there is so much more I could and should have been doing in regards to keeping in touch with members. I promise to keep in better contact for special occasions.


In general I know our Honorary Life and Life members remain active, assisting wherever needed. They are committed to the mission of the League and are always approachable.


This concludes my report.
Gerri Holmes
Saskatchewan Life Member Liaison


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Saskatchewan Archives Annual Report 2014


There were 74 Saskatchewan council past presidents that submitted their annual reports to their Diocesan counterpart. Two out of three Diocesan past presidents submitted their report to the provincial counterpart, I did not hear from the Diocese of Prince Albert.


It was reported that nearly all the past presidents are the archivist, but there are some exceptions like a volunteer or the executive. In any case the minutes of executive meetings and reports of the chair persons are kept along with a list of the officers and the membership. Majority of councils also keep a scrapbook of council activities.


A number of councils indicated that they have started to review the Constitution and Bylaws or the Manual of Policy and Procedures. These documents were usually referenced to answer questions brought up at their meeting or for clarification before making a decision. Some councils are starting to develop their own Policy and Procedure manual that will be a useful tool for the executive in the future.


When it comes to nominations and elections the duties of the past president seem to be a hit and miss. A few are the chairpersons of the nomination and election committee or some just interested members, some councils don’t seem to be aware that one of the duties of the past president is to chair the nomination and election committee.


Upon reviewing the reports it looks like the past presidents are vital members of their councils who still keep busy with Catholic Women’s League affairs. A number of them who are in small communities often take another turn at being president when no one else will.


I congratulate these faithful members and thank them for their service to the league.


This concludes my report.


Tillie Aessie
Sask. Provincial Past President and Archivist.


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