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Saskatchewan President’s Annual Report 2014
Marge Szabo, Provincial President


We have witnessed our past theme, “We have seen the Lord” in the many achievements that our councils and members have accomplished. I have experienced the generous hospitality of the League members, as I travelled throughout the province to celebrate anniversaries and Diocesan Conventions.


The Provincial Executive, have worked hard to communicate information passed from National Chairs, then onto the Diocesan counterparts. At our fall workshop/meeting, we had a guest presenter, Elder Loretta Wilson, who gave us the history and issues on the First Nations culture. Our winter meeting was held in Saskatoon at Queen’s House. This was a regular business meeting and the spiritual component was a presentation from our Spiritual Advisor, Father Pius Schroh, on Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Again, our Saskatchewan membership has decreased, except for the Saskatoon Diocese experiencing an increase. Non-renewal of membership accounts for a high percentage of decrease. I am challenging each council to contact these members to try reactivate their membership. All dioceses also report the challenge of members willing to take on leadership roles. It is important that we don’t stagnant our councils by not changing executives. To take on a role should not mean a “life sentence”, which might be a factor to make members reluctant in accepting positions.


Our Provincial Executive approved the participation in honouring the 5500 religious sisters, who have contributed in the education and health systems in our province. The Sisters’ Legacy Foundation will have a statue erected in Wascana Park. Councils were asked to donate to have a CWL plaque placed on the base of the statue. The unveiling ceremonies will be held on October 1, 2015.


All dioceses continue to be a source of strength in helping church, community and those in need, in disasters and war. I will just highlight a special project from each diocese. In Saskatoon, the Clothing Depot provides an important service and has made a generous profit, which again is used for people in need. Councils throughout the Saskatoon Diocese contribute to this project. In Prince Albert Diocese, councils have extended their hand to their First Nations neighbours, holding social events with a spirituality component, also assisting them with setting up a second hand store in North Battleford. In the Regina Diocese, Resurrection Council in Regina, have their sewers busy and have made over 300 pillow case dresses, 97 boys’ shorts as well as 1400 menstrual pads and pad holders. These are shipped to 4 countries and it is noted that Saskatchewan sends by far, the most products in comparison to other provinces to these regions in the country. Each of dioceses, continue to serve in many other ways; soup kitchens, visiting shut-ins, Birthright, Pro-Life, senior care homes, provide sacramental help and to serve as funeral Honour Guards for deceased members. As our League Prayer states, “that we may know and fulfill your great law of charity….share with others, at home and abroad”, all of which, you the members do in your capacity. Thank you for what you do.


Provincial Council wishes to congratulate Kira Paisley for receiving the Social justice Award for 2014. She was able to attend last year’s convention to receive the award. The up-coming convention will announce another recipient for $1000.


Special anniversaries held this past year include: Holy Rosary, Regina -95 years, Wakaw – 90 years, Maple Creek, Davidson and Outlook – 60 years, Preeceville and Wynyard – 50 years. Take time to celebrate your council’s anniversary, look back on your past and then plan for the future.


Diocesan elections were held in the Saskatoon Diocese and this coming year will in include Prince Albert and Regina Dioceses at their annual convention. It will be an election year for the Provincial Executive this coming June, 2015. As this will be my last annual report, I wish to thank and acknowledge my mentors and sisters in the League. It has been my privilege to serve as your Provincial representative to National Council. For all my experiences, I am truly thankful. I can say, I have sister friends across Canada, which also leads up to our new theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission. I have witnessed how this theme all comes together.


This concludes my report.
Marge Szabo
Sask. Prov. Pres.


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2014 Prince Albert Diocesan President’s Annual Report


Another year has sped by and with help from the Holy Spirit, It has been a successful one.

  • 13 councils out of 20 reported
  • very involved with church community
  • visit sick and shut-ins and senior homes
  • made many donations
  • Youth ministry
  • scholarships and wards given out
  • Gifts for first Communion and Confirmation
  • 1 council had a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary which members take turns taking home. A rosary is left at the home and then the statue goes to another home.
  • a couple councils reported having an interdenominational meal and program
  • 1 council reported attending mass with a first Nation group and enjoyed lunch that followed
  • 1 council assisted a group of first nation ladies set up a second hand shop
  • letter writing has continued and pornography post cards sent to gov’t officials

I attended:

  • Regina and Saskatoon diocesan conventions
  • Prov. Convention in North Battleford
  • National Convention in Fredericton
  • spring and fall Prov. Executive meetings
  • fall Prov. Executive workshop
  • 90th anniversary of Wakaw CWL
  • reconsecration of Sacred Heart Cathedral in PA on its 100th anniversary

WE HAVE SEEN THE LORD! He is working through all of You.


I am sure that our new theme will inspire all to continue the good work.
Keep informed through the cwl website, catholic newspapers, magazines and also through the news.


This concludes my report
Juanita Seguin
Prince Albert Diocesan President


Regina Diocesan President’s Annual Report for 2014
Marge Appell


2014 was an event filled year for me as Regina Diocesan CWL Council president. Thanks to my travels on behalf of Diocese CWL, I have been to places in Saskatchewan that I probably would never have seen, I have visited with CWL members many of whom I may otherwise never have met, and I attended uplifting celebrations and meetings in rural and city parishes, all the while enriching my own personal journey in the League. It has been quite a ride!


The annual Diocesan Convention was held in Assiniboia, May 4th and 5th. Donna Seebach, Our Lady of Peace Regional Chairperson, and her team of volunteers did a wonderful job of preparing for and hosting 178 attendees. Mary Deutscher, a regular contributor to the Prairie Messenger and former Pasqua Hospital chaplain, spoke on right to life issues, especially euthanasia and assisted suicide, and Michelle Braden, Archdiocesan Youth Coordinator, spoke about the youth in our parishes and diocese, encouraging us to build relationships and pray for them because they are our future leaders. Both speakers were well received.


On May 15th, Our Lady of Peace Regional Planning Committee held their wrap up meeting for Convention 2014 and in June, I met with women from the Moose Jaw Region as we began the process of planning for Regina Diocesan CWL Convention, 2015. I also attended the Prince Albert Diocesan Convention in Prince Albert on April 5th and the Saskatoon Diocesan Convention in Fox Valley on April 28th. Life on the Convention trail was busy, enriching, productive, and very enjoyable.


Yvonne Bachelu and I presented a “Catch the Fire” Workshop for Our Lady of Good Counsel Region at St. James Parish in Southey on March 15th. It was well attended and we had a lively day of interaction and discussion. As it turned out, it was the only “Catch the Fire” Workshop we presented in 2014, and we are somewhat saddened by that because each time we met with CWL members throughout our Diocese, we ourselves were energized by the dedication and commitment we encountered, and the stories we heard along the way.


I prepared for and chaired three Diocesan Executive meetings throughout the year as well as the pre-convention meeting and was blessed with executive members who where generous with their time and very dedicated to carrying out their duties in whatever capacity they served. Many took on extra responsibilities along the way as we began the process of revisiting our Diocesan Convention Hosting Guide as well as our Regina Diocesan Policy and Procedure Manual. I thank the women from Weyburn, Estevan, and Our Lady of Peace regions who are involved in revising the Convention Hosting Guide, and the executive members who are updating our Policy and Procedure Manual. Both are still works in progress.


I also attended the Provincial CWL winter executive meeting in March (in Watrous), Convention in June (in North Battleford), and Workshop in September (in Waskesiu), representing Regina Diocesan CWL by giving reports on what was happening in our Diocese and bringing greetings on your behalf.


On May 24th, Marilyn Schuck and Yvonne Bachelu, our Resolutions and Legislation chairpersons, presented a Resolutions workshop hosted by Regina Region, under the capable leadership of Janette Rieger, chairperson. Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Resolutions and Legislation Chairperson was invited to attend and presented information on the resolutions procedure. The steering committee for this event included Phyllis Kennedy, Life Member and a past National Chairperson of Resolutions, along with Rita Hengen, member of the Provincial executive, myself, and representatives from Resurrection Parish CWL who hosted the day. I always stand in awe when such a venture is undertaken. So many women give many hours of their time to further League endeavours and they do so willingly with no thought of reward. I, for one, am very grateful for the time and efforts these and other women like them give to our League - my heartfelt thanks to all of you. Members at-large, please pray for the women who step up and do what needs to be done for the greater good.


Throughout the year, three general mailings were prepared and sent out to councils – in February, August, and November. These are major undertakings and require a lot of work from many people. Your Standing Committee Chairpersons research and write communiqués that contain good information for parish council members. In my travels throughout our Diocese, I often heard that these communiqués are not always shared with the general membership and I want to impress upon all of you how important it is that such information gets out to all your members. Please devise a plan that will make this happen in your councils.


Besides all the events I’ve already covered, I was privileged to attend other functions throughout the year: St. Agnes, Pilot Butte, CWL Meeting on April 2nd , Our Lady of the Fields Regional Mini-convention and Meeting in Vanguard on April 26th, St. John the Evangelist, Marquis, 85th anniversary on July 23rd; St. Patrick’s Preeceville Council 50th anniversary held in Sturgis on Sept. 20th, Our Lady of Peace Regional Meeting held in LaFleche on October 1st , Regina Regional Meeting, held at St. Cecilia’s in Regina on October 9th , St. Lawrence CWL’s 60th Anniversary celebration in Maple Creek on October 20th, the CHAS Convention in Saskatoon on October 24th -26th , Estevan Regional Mini Convention and Meeting held in Benson on November 1st. Besides these, Yvonne Bachelu attended, on my behalf, CWL anniversary celebrations at St. Joseph’s (60 years) in Indian Head on October 20th, and St. Anne’s (75 years) in Kennedy on October 26th. Every meeting and celebration was a revelation to me. CWL women all over our Diocese are doing wonderful things “for God and Canada” and I commend you. I admire your dedication and your work ethic. Great is the work that you are doing in God’s kingdom. Thank you.


Other anniversaries were achieved in 2014: St. Patrick, Sturgis, 65 years; Good Samaritan (now Our Lady of Peace) 45 years; St. Joseph, Balgonie, 30 years; St. Patrick, Cupar, 50 years; St. Mary, Tribune, 55 years; Christ the King, Shaunavon, 70 years; and St. George, Assiniboia, 70 years – this one we all helped celebrate at our Diocesan Convention held in Assiniboia in May. One other CWL anniversary I want to highlight was marked by Holy Rosary CWL Council, Regina. They reached a wonderful milestone – 95 years of service “for God and Canada”. The council is small in number but they are a mighty group. Congratulations to all who marked milestones this year.


In closing, I want to thank everyone for your support. We are all members of a great organization. As sisters in the League we look out for one another – we have one another’s backs. I have certainly felt that during my term as Regina Diocesan President and it has been the greatest gift I could ever have received. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.


This concludes my report.


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Saskatoon Diocesan President’s Annual Report 2014


Our diocesan council holds two general executive meetings during the year, in February and August. The February meeting was a conference call for only the core executive. This was done because of low attendance at February meetings due to the weather and members being away. The August meeting was held at St. Philip Neri Parish in Saskatoon with guest speaker, Colette Stang, Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association president. Core executive meetings are held pre-convention and in November. This year our November meeting was held on Saturday to accommodate members who work out of the home and cannot attend weekday meetings.


Our Diocesan Convention was held in the Southwest corner of the diocese at Fox Valley. Attendance was lower than usual but the hospitality was second to none and we had an excellent day. Sr. Theresita Kambeitz was our guest speaker and she brought Pope Francis’ ‘Joy of the Gospel’ to life for us. It was an election year and a new executive was installed at the Convention mass. Our diocese is well represented with executive members from both the eastern and western areas of the diocese as well as Saskatoon. One executive member had to leave council because of health concerns and, therefore, we have a vacancy for one of the convenerships on council.


This year we had 32 councils send in their annual reports in time to be included in the reports submitted by the respective conveners. That is about 60% of our councils. Reporting councils show that the areas of Spiritual Development, Christian Family Life and Community Life receive the most attention and focus. There is also emphasis on Communications with councils keeping their communities aware of their activities. Only about half of reporting councils have conveners for Legislation and Resolutions. We have 2638 members with 87 New Members (which is very encouraging). As well we have interest from two parishes/clusters in forming new councils. We will continue to work with them to bring this to fruition.


We held three Catch the Fire workshops and all were well attended. Scheduling presents the biggest challenge as parishes and team members are very busy. The response from those in attendance has been very positive. We are encouraging parishes who have taken part in Catch the Fire to build the momentum by using the ‘Smores material.


We had many councils celebrating significant anniversaries in 2014. I attended Davidson’s 60th anniversary celebration in June and executive members, Laura Novecosky and Doreen Possberg, brought greetings to Wynyard for their 50th anniversary in June also. Inclement weather prevented me from attending the 60th anniversary celebration at Outlook in November. These occasions give us the opportunity to celebrate our achievements and share fun, faith and fellowship.


The CWL Clothing Depot continues to be a source of pride. The service they provide is very important to the neighbourhood and many benefit from its presence. Other groups are helped by the donation of the profit which this past year totalled $26,500. We have CWL councils who make quilts for the Depot and this year the city councils have started a quilting group.


Our members continue to be very involved in their parish council activities as well as ministries in their parish communities. A big challenge which we face is having members willing to take leadership roles. Many councils do not have a full complement of conveners due in part to an aging and declining membership but also to the reluctance of members to take on the commitment. Despite this, we persevere and our accomplishments are many – supporting Teen-Aid and pro-life activities, writing letters to MLAs and MPs, raising money for those in need, holding clothing drives, visiting those in care and hospital to name a few. We continue to serve and live our motto, “for God and Canada” in many ways, touching many with our efforts.


May we always find the strength and courage necessary to carry on the work of the League as stated in the League Prayer “Send your Holy Spirit upon us to give light to our minds and strength to our wills that we may know and fulfill your great law of charity”.


Respectfully submitted, Frances Stang


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Saskatchewan Organization Annual Report – 2014


We have a new theme of “ONE heart, ONE voice, ONE mission” this is our new direction. Working together at every level of our Catholic Women’s League makes us stronger and helps us work towards our mission statement “rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God”.


Recruiting Members and Maintaining Membership.

In Saskatoon diocese 79% of parishes responded; total memberships were 2,638; with 87 new members and approximately 536 (20%) attending meetings. Regina archdiocese had 52 out of 53 parishes respond; total membership 2,384; 12 councils had an increase; 23 a decrease, 5 reported having stayed the same, the rest did not indicate one way or the other. Prince Albert had 13 out of 20 councils reporting with their membership at 930 members. Though many parishes had an increase we still continue to lose members from those who passed away, moving out of the parish or not renewing their memberships. Most parish councils maintain that “one on one contact” is the best way to retain memberships. Councils have inventive ways of attracting new members; presenting brides with a free membership with a CWL brochure explaining how the League works; teas, socials and brunches; and the list goes on. Sometimes just a gentle reminder of renewing is all it takes. Our older members must be remembered and encouraged to renew or if they are unable to their families should be made aware of how valuable their Mother is to our councils and how they could renew her membership for her! Speaking from the pulpit on Sunday is also another way to bring the CWL front and center in your parish, it also may encourage some woman sitting in her “comfortable pew” to think about joining this wonderful organization. Why not invite one or two other parish councils to a meeting or get together to talk about how you or they are attracting new members and what works for each parish.


Leadership development.


Have you attended a “Catch the Fire” workshop? Have you looked at the “S’Mores” agenda on the CWL National website? When you attend Annual Meetings at Regional, Diocesan, Provincial and National it is a learning experience. At these meetings you have interacted with various members and discussed issues that you have at your parish level. Don’t be afraid to invite various guest speakers for your meetings as they can enlighten or give you new ways to look at old issues. Workshops are the best form of Leadership, whether listening and learning, or leading one yourself. These workshops or retreats are not only educational but they are energizing and make you thirst for more information not only about the League but your Faith. Listen, learn, love and laugh together … it works.


Annual Reports


In some parishes Annual Reports are pushed aside, forgotten or ignored. If we do not hear from the parish level it leaves a problem for Diocesan which in turn leaves Provincial Council with no idea what is going on in the various parishes. How can we implement programs if we do not know what the membership wants or needs? Please take time to do your reports! Some councils are very good at reports and we really appreciate the time and work you put into them, they are very informative. Remember when the Provincial Chair sends her reports to National they must be factual so that National can get an overall picture of how our Saskatchewan memberships are working.


Resources and References


Many councils are reporting the use of material from National and the ease of reading material from the website. Your President or Chair at any level, will be able to advise you how to find material you need.
Saskatchewan website:
National website: cwl canada
Don’t be afraid to email or pick up the phone if you have a problem or concern, if we don’t know the answer we can sure find out for you. Don’t be afraid to ask, we are there to help each other! We are one as our new theme tells us …“one heart, one voice, one mission”!


This concludes my report as Organization Chair
Jean Reader
Saskatchewan Organization Chair


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Spiritual Development Annual Report


Spiritual Development reports were received from two of the three diocesan spiritual development chairpersons. The combined efforts of our League members in sharing and growing our faith together are a true example of One Heart, One Voice, and One Mission.


Spiritual Growth of Members

  • Most councils reported having a spiritual program at their meetings. If their Spiritual Advisor is available, they have Mass and other forms are: recitation of the Rosary, Way of the Cross.
  • Councils are having special services for Feast days and special anniversaries.
  • Deceased members are remembered and prayed for: Masses are offered, sympathy cards are sent to the families and Honour Guards are provided.
  • Cards sent and Mass intentions offered for members who are ill.
  • Facilitation and organization of a Marian retreat (‘33days of morning glory’).

Study of Catholic Teachings

  • Members are taking part in Lay Formation, attending Bible studies, assisting with sacramental preparation and RCIA as well as teaching Catechism, and Children’s Liturgy.
  • Members attend retreats and workshops, helped to organize presenters for a ‘spiritual gathering’ study.
  • Local resources – presentations at CWL Masses provided by the Spiritual Advisors, man members receive the Prairie Messenger as well as the League magazine

Role of Women in the Church

  • CWL members are active in various liturgical roles within their parishes including sacristan and care for the physical church; sitting on parish councils; attending deanery meetings, tending flower beds, taking part in special Feast of Our Lady of Good Council celebrations.
  • Lead special prayers such as the Rosary before Masses during the months of May and October as well as Stations of the Cross.

Evangelization and Mission Assistance

  • Financial support of: Missions in Haiti, Africa, Native Valley Ministries, Catholic Missions, Chalice, and Velma’s Dream.
  • Donations to: food banks, Marian Centre, CWL Clothing Depot, parish refugee families, and the Thrift Shop.
  • Members continue to be a constant presence in nursing homes by serving as Eucharistic Ministers and by leading the Rosary.
  • CWL members support married couples and newly baptized babies with gifts and prayer; knit prayer shawls for the sick and suffering.

Ecumenism and Interfaith Endeavors

  • World Day of Prayer was hosted or attended by members. Members attended special services for the Week of Christian Unity, Remembrance Day Services.
  • Members served on Ecumenical Committees, took part in Operations Christmas Child and Ecumenical Carol Festivals.
  • CWL members assisted with ecumenical services at shut-ins and long term care home.

Thank you to our members who spend so much time bringing Christ to those in their parishes and their communities through their many selfless acts.


This concludes my report.
Margaret Schwab


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Resolutions Annual Report, 2014 - Saskatchewan Provincial Council
Susan Melchiorre


2014 was a quiet year for presenting Resolutions in Saskatchewan. None of our Diocese received a resolution from their councils.


Only the Diocesan Chairpersons of Resolutions from the Regina and Saskatoon Diocese submitted annual reports. The Prince Albert Diocesan Council did not report. So this report only represents one-third of the province. Seventy-two councils submitted Resolution annual reports andof these councils only 27 reported having a Chairperson of Resolutions. But discuss our Resolutions and other pertinent issues.


Dioceses that did submit annual reports reported that their councils had:

  • Held letter writing campaigns on many subjects to name a few – Pornography Hurts postcards, assisted Suicide, pro-life issues, palliative care, prostitution laws, First Nation housing world hunger, poverty, affordable housing, health care, 2014 resolutions, farmer’s right to save seeds
  • Have discussed resolution topics that they are considering creating a resolution on.
  • Members were encouraged to familiarize themselves with the current resolutions and resolutions are discussed at meetings
  • Would like to attend a resolution workshop

Regina Diocesan Council held a Resolution workshop.


Councils reported that they did not give encouragement or mentor members on writing Resolutions. A member is basically on her own if she decides to tackle writing a Resolution. Councils appear to be terrified of tackling or assisting in creating a Resolution. This appears to be more from lack of knowledge on the process than any other reason. Both at the Diocesan and Provincial level the chairpersons in their reports and at convention always stress that we are here to assist with any questions askedand to walk them through the process. There were a number who had attended “Catch the Fire” and found the section on Resolutions very helpful but were still did not want to try. There is a “mystic” surrounding resolutions for many. And they find the process very intimidating.


This concludes my report.
Susan Melchiorre


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Legislation Annual Report, 2014 - Saskatchewan Provincial Council
Susan Melchiorre


Only the Diocesan Chairpersons of Legislation from the Regina and Saskatoon Diocese submitted annual reports. The Prince Albert Diocesan Council did not report. So this report only represents one-third of the province.


Of the two reporting diocese a total of 70 councils sent in Legislation reports. Only 31 have a Legislation Chairperson but all discussed Legislation issues.

  1. Review/monitor legislation at all levels of government
    • Councils report that even when they did not have a chairperson most discussed government issues including but not limited to palliative care, end of life issues, pornography, bullying, prostitution, affordable housing, human trafficking
    • all discussed the League’s resolutions and followed legislation affecting them. Many discussed Legislation reports that appeared in the League magazine and on the website
  2. Most councils had letter writing initiatives to all levels of government on many of the subjects mentioned above. Took part in the “Pornography Hurts” campaign which carried over to 2014. Also signed various petitions
  3. Read Commiques received from all levels of the CWL.

It seems that even though it is difficult to find a chairperson for Legislation all reporting councils take a sincere interest in government activities.


This concludes my report.
Susan Melchiorre


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Saskatchewan Christian Family Life Annual Report (Jan-Dec, 2014)


This report consists of 2 out of 3 diocesan Christian Family Life Chairs.(Regina and Saskatoon). Prince Albert Diocese are struggling with many small councils spread apart by our northern geography of Saskatchewan.


Marriage and Family

  • Family functions like BBQ’s, pot lucks, family movie night as activities for the whole family.
  • Gifts given for sacraments
  • Baptismal stoles sewn for Baptism
  • Celebrated special anniversaries at Mass
  • Financial support to “Save a Family”
  • Information provided from COLF and Theology of the Body as well as encouraging members to attend any workshops or sessions on this topic
  • Mother’s day and Father’s day celebrated. One council buys carnations for the children to give to their mothers after returning from Children’s Liturgy.
  • a few classrooms of Catholic Schools even celebrate grandparents day in September. Many members are the grandparents.
  • CWL members plan and serve at many funeral lunches.
  • financial support is given to abuse shelters and other community projects.
  • a number of quilting groups make quilts for shelters and the homeless.
  • Some members are involved with tutoring immigrants and some councils even sponsor a family financially

Sanctity of Life

  • Financial support is given to Pro-Life and Birthright
  • Petitions were signed in Sask. “We need a law” regarding consent age for abortion
  • Many involved with letter writing regarding end of life issues
  • Participate in Pro- Life Rally and march to the Legislature in October
  • Always prayers for those in need

Ministry to Youth

  • Scholarships provided
  • CWL members attend celebrations of sacraments
  • Financial support to youth parliament
  • Assist youth groups by preparing lunch, serving as leaders, attending their functions, providing information night when requested
  • In rural areas, CWL members teach Religion classes and help prepare children for the sacraments
  • Provide financial support to attend Catholic Camps in the summer.

Disabled and Seniors

  • Many of the activities above
  • Membership is paid for some seniors unable to pay
  • Rides to meetings or mass is provided
  • A few are involved with “Meals on Wheels”
  • Most churches are now equipped with elevators or ramps for better mobility of wheelchairs

Widowed, Separated, Divorced

  • Councils support these groups any way they can
  • Special prayers are offered
  • Encouragement to attend classes set-up to deal with their life situation
  • Many councils ensure that there is literature available in their church library
  • Included in the prayers of the faithful at mass


  • Prayers said at each mass
  • Special Sunday for Vocations. Some invite a guest speaker
  • Support their priests in any way
  • Attend funeral of deceased priests and sisters
  • Invite elderly priests to special functions at church, often they are forgotten about.

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Saskatchewan Provincial Community Life Annual Report - 2014

Monica Beavis, Provincial Community Life Chairperson


This year completed the theme ”We Have Seen The Lord- Go Tell Everyone“ The three diocesan community life conveners submitted their reports outlining the services that CWL Members were involved in at the parish level. The time and effort that is given freely by the women is truly a service to God, our country and their church community.


The activities are listed under the following categories:


Dignity and Rights of Persons

  • Signed and encouraged others to sign petitions related to Parental Consent for an abortion, Human Trafficking and the sex trade, Child pornography, and Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.
  • Educated their members on current issues pertaining to human rights such as medical coverage for new immigrants, prostition challenges, plight of temporary foreign workers, affordable housing for marginalized people and euthanasia.
  • Served on the Diocesan Stewardship Commission and Diocesan Social Justice Committee.
  • Participated in World Day of Prayer
  • Supported Teen Aide and attend Pro Life Walk
  • Laid a wreath on Remembrance Day


  • Organized lunches after mass to raise funds help the less fortunate in the parish. Councils also support local food banks and volunteer to take part in school breakfast programs.
  • Visit and do errands for residents living in assisted living accommodations, private care homes and nursing homes. Members act as companions for residents to enable them to attend activities in the community. Many individual CWL members collaborate with nursing home staff to organize social functions for the residents during the year .The seniors that are still living in their homes but need assistance; members visit them, deliver Meals on Wheels to those in need. They also bring communion to the shut-ins in their parish.
  • Cater the funeral lunches for the parish community When a CWL Member dies an Honor Guard is established in their honor. The councils are diligent in sending various forms of cards to members /family expressing care and compassion.
  • Participated in collection of non-perishable food items, children’s toys, and clothes drives for various organizations such as Interval House, Secret Santa, Salvation Army, Door of Hope, and Lloydminster Food Bank.
  • Organized the annual parish fall supper and host various activities in the parish and community
  • Visited the reserve mission at Onion Lake praying and sharing a meal with the First Nations parishioners.


  • Fund raise to sponsor a refugee family. Once the refugees arrive CWL Membership help them with settling into their new accommodation and assist with to adjust to a new culture and style of living.
  • Teach English as second language to refugees through the Ministerial Refugee Committee
  • Hosted a presentation on Unity and Sisterhood.


  • Discussed Velma’s Dream and the plight of Christians in the Holy Land
  • Promoted CCODP by taking part in Share Lent activities
  • Studied and became more aware of the work that D&P is coordinating in the Third World Countries such as Africa


  • Created an awareness of the effects of industrial emissions and its influence on climate change and the need to protect the world’s water supply.
  • Financial support to the developing countries through organizations such as the White Missions in Africa, Samaritan’s Purse, and Chalice
  • Sponsoring children to go to school so that they can be more independent and avoid child labor
  • Pray for those people who suffer religious persecution and war in their country

God bless all CWL Members in their service to others!


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Saskatchewan Communications 2014 Annual Report


Our past CWL theme, ”We have seen the Lord” is evident in the service our members have provided the people in their communities. The largest diocese in our province, Regina had 46 reporting councils, Saskatoon received reports from 32 out of 52 councils and Prince Albert Diocese received information from 7 of their 20 councils.


The Canadian League Magazine/ Be League


Most councils read the League Magazine to stay informed about the activities of the CWL across Canada. They use articles to promote discussion at meetings, and refer to the magazine for information on resolutions and the National CWL Convention. Several councils, both in Regina and Saskatoon said they had submitted articles to Be League for publication.


Advertising meetings and events


Most councils promote CWL activities through their church bulletins, phoning and emails. Several councils reported using the local paper, newsletters, community calendars, parish websites and a CWL bulletin board. A few advertised on Face Book and on the local radio station.


Letter writing


The majority of councils wrote letters to their government officials locally, provincially and federally on issues brought forth by national or local members. A few councils reported making phone calls to express their objection to the content on radio/TV.


CWL Websites


The majority of councils view the websites for general information, to read communiques, to study resolutions and to order merchandise. A few councils downloaded the new Policy and Procedure Manual.




About one third of councils sent postcards, letters and emails to Prime Minister Harper and to their MP during the Pornography Hurts Campaign. Some addressed the congregation after Mass and encouraged parishioners to also voice their objection to pornography.


Community Outreach


Most members are active in their parish by serving as altar ministers, providing an honor guard for members’ funerals, giving gifts and serving meals at sacramental celebrations. Council members also reached out by sending birthday, anniversary, sympathy and congratulatory cards to people in the community.


Most councils celebrate CWL Sunday on or near April 26th, the feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Several councils have one Sunday of each month designated as CWL Sunday, where CWL members wear their sashes and do the ministries at Mass and one member will address the congregation after Mass.


In the community at large, they take part/host World Day of Prayer, visit the sick and shut-ins, walk in Pro-Life Marches, volunteer at schools and support various charities in their community. One council compiled a history book called “The Seventy Years of Service of CWL” and another council holds a candle lit graveside memorial each All Souls Day where their priest blesses the graves and they all join in praying and singing hymns.


This concludes my report.

Chantal Devine
Provincial Communications Chairperson


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Saskatchewan Provincial Catholic Women's League Education and Health Annual Report 2014


Three diocesan council annual reports were received. Statistics provided by two out of the three councils indicate 76 reports out of 124 councils were received and 22 councils do not have a chairperson.


Catholic Education
Catholic Schools and Catechesis

  • Members support spiritual programs in the limited number of councils that have a Catholic school and/or religious education.
  • Mention was made of a religious coordinator in a city plus outlying community schools as well as financial assistance, reading programs, school board members and meetings and prayers for continuation of Catholic schools.
  • Responses provided include preparation of sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, children’s liturgy, teaching catechism, youth ministry, financial, spiritual and voluntary help, lunches, making Baptismal garments and First Eucharist and Confirmation stoles and gifting recipients with cards and gifts.


  • Where active, members sponsor, coordinate, teach and provide lunches for RCIA candidates.

Literacy and Continuing Education
Many and varied are the activities of members:

  • read and take action on communiqués
  • tutor ESL (English as a Second Language) refugees and immigrants
  • participate in Fr. Robert Barron’s series Following the Call of Christ and the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat
  • watch National Catholic Mission on Vision TV
  • attend workshops (including Catch the Fire), mini-retreats, conventions, bible study, speakers, presentations, coordinate Parish Responsible Ministry Protocol and support Pure Witness Ministry (youth) and education of a parish seminarian.

Scholarships and Bursaries
Most parish councils support and encourage education in their schools by offering awards, bursaries and scholarships to deserving students and organizations:

  • Face-to-Face Conference, Spirit, Christian Ethics, music festivals, sports, proficiency, Youth Rally, Net Ministries, Chalice, Serena, Coady, CCO, Scarboro Missions, WYACYM and White Father’s Mission for 3rd World Countries education.
  • Information is also made available for the Regina Diocesan CWL Scholarship to Campion College at U of R and for the National Bursary Fund.

Wellness and Sickness/Disease

  • The euthanasia/physician assisted-suicide issue garnered attention with councils participating in: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, presentations and letter-writing opposing legalization of same, as well as abortion and pornography.
  • Speakers/presentations/group discussions covered a wide spectrum of topics such as palliative needs, senior health and wellness, heart disease, grieving, mental health, fraud, Health Care Directives, funeral preparation, cremation and aging.
  • Some councils provide volunteers for health care facilities, flu clinics, Pregnancy Option Centre, Meals-On-Wheels, visiting and praying with the sick, elderly and shut-ins, and collecting warm clothing, blankets and food for the needy.
  • Recipients of financial donations were Teen Aid, Birthright, Pro-Life, Telemiracle, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, CNIB, Red Cross, Wascana Hospital, MS, Soul’s Harbor, Peace and Development and diabetes organizations.
  • Several councils have a CHAS (Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan) membership.
  • One council reported having a “Princess Tea” for ages 0 – 99, a well-received event where everyone is made to feel special.


  • Councils promoted a “green” environment – discussing environmental issues and encouraging use of environmentally-friendly products.
  • World Water Day and World Food Day information was made available.
  • E-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products prompted discussion and letter-writing.
  • A recurring comment was Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!


  • Congratulations to the 3-generation members on one parish council.
  • No other comments were noted.

This concludes my report.
Rita Hengen
Saskatchewan Education and Health Chair


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Saskatchewan Past President / Archives Annual Report 2015


Thank you to the Diocesan councils of Regina and Saskatoon who reported there were 75 parishes that sent in their report. No report was sent in from the diocese of Prince Albert and that is unfortunate, as that means only 2/3 of our great province is represented. Let us hope that next year we will have the “whole” province involved.


Most of the parish council’s past presidents and archivists are making sure all the council’s important documents pertaining to minutes of executive and general meetings are filed and labeled, along with important events, newspaper write-ups, and photos. Some councils stated that their “archives” are “a work in progress”. One Diocesan President stated “The scrapbooks I have seen in my visits have such a vivid picture of the happenings in their council. These are excellent resources for the milestone anniversaries some councils will celebrate.”


The majority of the councils indicated they had not studied the Constitution and Bylaws or the Manual of Policy and Procedures, but several councils did provide the newest versions to their members for review. These documents were being referenced to answer questions brought up at their meetings or for clarification before making decisions. Some councils are developing their own Policy and Procedure manual that will be a useful tool for the executive.


Nominations for up and coming elections are difficult and handled in various ways. Many councils simply accept volunteers, some have nominating committees while others just shuffle the willing people into different slots, mainly due to the small number of members in their council. In some cases the councils have vacancies they are unable to fill. As the old saying goes, “you do what you have to do to make it work”.


Past Presidents are important members of their councils, ever being present to assist, mentor and actively support whenever called upon. They ensure the council remains active, contributing to the vitality of the parish family and community.


This concludes my report.


Tillie Aessie
Past Provincial President


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