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Regina - Lynn Rogers

Saskatoon - Frances Stang

TREASURER'S REPORT - Connie Crichton



Organization – Margaret Schwab

Spiritual Development– Chantal Devine

Education & Health – Susan Melchiorre

Christian Family Life – Marian Zsombor

Community Life – June Gorgchuck

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Legislation – Rita Hengen

Archives – Marge Szabo


Saskatchewan President’s Annual Report 2015
Jean Reader
, Provincial President


Looking back over the last year it has had many highs and lows.  The lows of course were: our northern fires where 18,000 people were forced to leave their homes; La Loche where the world watched as the small community dealt with a horrible tragedy, we sent our sympathies and our prayers not only to Our Lady of the Visitation church but to the entire community; then came the arrival of the Syrian refugees where they met with cold weather but were welcomed with warm hearts. 


There were many wonderful, happy and fun filled moments when we celebrated Anniversaries, years of service awards plus other awards.  I think the most fun has to be celebrating an Anniversary with the various parishes.


50th Anniversary Our Lady of Sorrows, Fort Qu’Appelle, September 15th. 

60th Anniversary St. Louis Parish, St. Louis, September 19th.

Sisters Legacy Recognition Unveiling and Mass, Wascana in Regina, October 1st.

90th Anniversary St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral, Saskatoon, November 21st.

75th Anniversary St. Mary’s, Macklin, November 22nd. 


Each and every parish spent a lot of time and energy preparing for these events.

April was the month for Diocesan Conventions, a gathering of the parishes, where old friends gathered and new friends were made.


Regina Diocesan Convention, in Regina, April 17th and 18th.

Prince Albert Diocesan Convention in Goodsoil, April 23rd.

Saskatoon Diocesan Convention in Wilkie, April 25th.


Here was a chance for all Parishes to learn and hear what was happening in their Diocese and what the Executive was doing.


I attended the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada on behalf of our CWL members in the Province.  It was very interesting and informative, and yes, they have the same issues that we do, falling membership and dealing with Euthanasia plus other secular problems.


The winner of our 2015 Social Justice Award of one thousand dollars went to Melaine Fauchoux of Saskatoon, the daughter of Margaret Schwab, our Provincial President Elect.


With Pope Francis declaring this the “Year of Mercy”, each and every parish was organizing their people to help celebrate.  Big or small events were happening and are still happening; the Holy Spirit is guiding our hearts and minds as we spread our Mercy.


This year as well Marlene Schnell was awarded the Bellelle Guerin award for outstanding service to not only her CWL and parish but also her community.  We were very pleased to have our National President Barb Dowding make the presentation.  To make the evening more special Marlene’s three daughters joined the CWL and received their CWL pins from their Mother that evening.


I have written more reports than I care to count this year, some for Provincial CWL and then some for National.  I attended National Executive meetings on your behalf where I have not only got to meet the National Executive but also the Provincial presidents what an experience.


I want to thank you all for your support during the past year, prayers were appreciated and those who stood by me as I forged ahead.  Of course I depended on my two pillars for support and guidance namely Tillie Aessie and Marge Szabo.



Respectfully submitted.

Jean Reader, Provincial President



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Regina Diocesan President’s Annual Report for 2015
Lynn Rogers – Regina Diocesan President


2015 has been a very busy year for me as Diocesan President, but as I read the 56 President’s Annual Report forms that were returned, I realize that if you are a CWL member, every year is a busy year!  


I attended the Diocesan convention, capably hosted by the Moose Jaw Region at St. Joseph Church in Moose Jaw, the Provincial convention, hosted by Resurrection Parish in Regina where, because it was held in our diocese, I was the hostess for the opening ceremonies and the banquet, as well as reading the diocesan report, prepared by our past president, Marge Appell. The National Convention in Vancouver in August was ‘the best one ever’, but then I say that each time I return home from a National convention.  Dr. Josephine Lombardi addressed the theme One Heart, One Voice, One Mission for us over a period of 3 days in an interesting and entertaining way. Bishop Gary Gordon of Victoria also motivated and entertained us as he praised the CWL for all that it accomplishes.  I also attended four Regional meetings in Weyburn, Regina, Swift Current and Assiniboia and addressed the members regarding CWL matters.   At each meeting, the guest speakers educated us on important issues – S’mores presentations, Women and Philanthropy, The Voice of the Martyrs, and Recruiting and Maintaining Members.  As the Regina diocesan representative on the Provincial Council, I attended 3 meetings and the Provincial workshop in Regina.  In November we held our first 2016 convention planning committee meeting in Regina at Holy Child parish where the convention will take place.  We have another great team of councils working hard to make the next convention FAITH filled, FUN and FULFILLING.  On November 24, along with four other executive members and Phyllis Kennedy, Life Member and past National Resolutions chairperson, I attended a meeting at St. Martin parish in Regina, where we finalized the Yorkton council’s resolution “Labeling of Over the Counter Medications”.


I received invitations to four 50th anniversary celebrations in Yorkton, Churchbridge, Canora and Fort Qu’Appelle, but was unable to attend.  Yvonne Bachelu, Janette Rieger, Frances Mrozcko, and Marilyn Schuck represented Diocesan at these very significant celebrations and presented anniversary certificates and charter member certificates.


I prepared agendas and oral reports for two diocesan executive meetings in June and October.  Two diocesan mailouts were prepared for 74 councils. The diocesan executive is receiving all mail electronically as are 17 councils, following the results of a regional survey.  While electronic mailouts save time and expense, I understand that it is not a possibility for all councils. The survey also indicated that 43 of the responding councils wanted a Diocesan Directory, therefore the directory will be published again. 


It was not ALL business, however.  I was able to attend the dedication ceremony for the Sister’s Legacy Monument on October 1 along with some members from my own council.  We also attended the mass at the cathedral celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, along with the Bishops of Saskatchewan and many priests.  It was an impressive ceremony.  Our provincial CWL met their goal and contributed $5000 towards the building of the monument, therefore there is a plaque on the monument inscribed with ‘Provincial Catholic Women’s League’ as a representative, along with several other organizations. The diocesan share of the collection at the opening mass of the 2015 convention was designated to this project and the rest came from individual council donations. 


 I was also privileged to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration of our Spiritual Advisor, Father Ed Hengen at his present parish of Balgonie.  What a special occasion – there were 36 priests at the altar celebrating mass with him and the church was filled to capacity!  This is a testament to the love that we all have for him as a friend and shepherd of our faith.  I congratulate him, and thank him for ministering with love and humility throughout our diocese for so many years.


The highlights and successes of the councils across the diocese are so varied and special that I can see why presidents were so thorough in listing these achievements on their annual report forms.  You can and should be proud and “tooting your own horn”!  You are actively living our theme!


ONE HEART – filled with mercy, compassion and holiness; reaching another’s heart, touching the heart of God; a personal encounter beginning with prayer.


  • Viewing DVD’s; praying the rosary; hosting a workshop on the ‘Year of Mercy’ with Bishop Bolen, a workshop on ‘Understanding Indigenous Peoples’ with Archbishop Weisgerber; bible study with other faiths during the week of Christian Unity; hosting retreats; inviting guest speakers to meetings to address many different topics – New Health Care Directives and other health issues, Walking With Women, Journeying With Those Who Mourn, 3 Mary’s; sponsoring a ‘Come to the Water’ social; celebrating the feast day of the Church’s saint with a mass, reading about the saint, followed by a brunch and a fun activity.


  • Making our league visible in the parish and in the community by fulfilling ministries at mass; singing in the choir; organizing children’s liturgies; holding memorial services for our deceased sisters - reading their names, lighting candles and placing flowers in their memory; wearing items that identify us as CWL sisters.


  • Participating in ‘Dress-a-girl-around-the-World; making quilts for victims of the fires in the North; giving gifts to sacramental candidates; hosting a ‘Meet and Greet’ for a new parish priest.


  • Contributing to and/or attending the Sister’s Legacy Monument dedication ceremony; one heart with other organizations such as the K of C in hosting activities.


ONE VOICE – united in harmony to speak the truth with courage and zeal.  Let us be the voice to make a change for good and speak for those who cannot.


  • Letter writing campaigns for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide and other Pro-Life support.


  • Sponsoring a float in an exhibition parade to promote the CWL; hanging a ‘theme’ banner in the church; uniting in prayer for various causes; CWL Sundays; organizing a pilgrimage; honour guards at funerals of deceased members.


  • Participating in a ‘Good Neighbour’ project; being visible in church and community activities through volunteerism; sending cards to CWL/parish members.


  • Writing newsletters or Presidents’ messages for all parishioners.


ONE MISSION – The Catholic Women’s League of Canada - called to holiness through service to the people of God; embracing the call through prayer, trust, and personal encounters.


  • Hosting, assisting with and attending regional, diocesan and provincial conventions and workshops; participation/hosting World Day of Prayer.


  • Many and varied fund raisers to meet the many obligations that councils have committed to: Telemiracle, Samaritans’ Purse, Visitation House, food banks, upkeep of parishes, flowers for altars at Easter and Christmas, sponsoring students for camp, youth rally, school breakfast program, scholarships.


  • Helping to finance a trip home to the Philippines for the Spiritual Advisor; a donation to a member’s daughter who took her final vows as a nun.


  • Presidents evidenced pride in their members by noting the following:  a full slate of executive members; having a married couple take responsibility for Legislation; good attendance at meetings; having active ‘young’ members; actively seeking and getting new members; celebrating and recognizing councils and members milestones; keeping archives up-to-date; setting up a lending library; being active in Social Justice; sponsoring socials at seniors’ homes; encouraging participation in CWL functions by non-members; having CWL information nights; handing out theme cards to all prish ladies and gaining new members as a result.


  • Councils also expressed pride in the fact that one of their members received the Bellelle Guerin award; had a member who was provincial president; had members who sat on either diocesan or provincial councils.


There are, however, challenges within the league that were expressed.   


  • The small number of active members; willingness of members to take leadership roles and therefore leaders are the same for many years which causes burn-out or lack of new ideas; having to rotate executive members to chair meetings; getting members to attend meetings; scheduling meetings; no longer having Sunday masses in the local church.


  • Recruitment and retention of members, especially younger women and immigrant women; members moving away from smaller communities; aging members dying or moving into seniors homes; age of members makes large projects almost impossible; having enough members to carry on with activities.


  • More participation in discussions; keeping members engaged and active; having chairpersons contribute meaningfully to meetings; preventing members from being too outspoken and hurting other members’ feelings.


  • One council was involved in the restoration of the church basement after flooding; one council expressed that service pins were too expensive to purchase.


Your reports have reassured me that the League is still in good hands and will continue to be a positive force for change in our parishes, our communities, our country and even the world.  To quote Judith Look,  National Sub-Committee Chairperson of Spiritual Development (The Canadian League, Winter, 2016, page 5), “Let councils radiate the joy of the gospel, be cells of prayer for peace, lead the way in making the planet healthier and be places of mercy where all women can feel at home.  Let all League activities be encounters with the Living God, the God who sacrificed His Son so all can have eternal life.  Now that is Good News, and that Good News makes One Heart, One Voice, One Mission come alive.”


This concludes my report.  



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Saskatoon Diocesan President’s Annual Report 2015

 Frances Stang – Saskatoon Diocesan President


2015 was an eventful year for me as Saskatoon Diocesan President.  I prepared for and chaired two general executive meetings of diocesan council in 2015.  Our winter meeting was held at Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon on January 31 with Myron Rogal as guest speaker.  He addressed the Year of Consecrated Life.  Our fall meeting was held on August 31 at St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral, Saskatoon, with Fr. Francis Hengen, Yorkton, as guest speaker.  He spoke about keeping the CWL relevant.  We had two core executive meetings, one on April 19 (pre-convention) and the other on November 22.


Another challenge was preparing for our Diocesan Convention held at St. Patrick’s Parish, Saskatoon, on April 19 & 20.  The convention was hosted by five city councils: St. Patrick’s, St. Augustine, St. Peter the Apostle, Holy Spirit, St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral.  We experimented with a two day convention but it was determined that our membership prefer a one day event.  Guest speaker was Mary Deutscher who spoke about euthanasia and assisted suicide.  Our turnout was very good with representation from most areas of the diocese.  Both Regina and Prince Albert diocesan presidents were in attendance as was our Provincial president, Marge Szabo.  It was not an election year so diocesan executive were re-affirmed at mass.


This year we had a 100% response for annual reports due to Marlene VanDresar, organization chairperson, personally contacting councils who had not sent in their reports.  However, not all councils submitted reports to all standing committees.  Our membership was at 2776 with 137 new members and 59 deceased.  Three councils hosted ‘Catch the Fire’ workshops with about 60 members attending in total.  We are encouraging councils to use the ‘smores program as follow-up and to stimulate their council activities.


Many councils achieved significant anniversaries in 2015.  I attended St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral’s (Saskatoon) 90th anniversary in November as well as St. Mary’s, Macklin, 75th in November as well.  Unfortunately, some councils do not any longer have enough active members to prepare a celebration so some go unrecognized.


The Clothing Depot celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a Potluck supper and fashion show on October 27 which I attended.  We had a full house which was very exciting.  The Depot provides a very important service to the inner city.  We are facing some challenges in the operation with a decrease in donations.  We have very faithful volunteers and an excellent manager whose contributions are invaluable.  More volunteers are always welcome.  This year we were able to give $41,750.00 back to various charitable organizations in our diocese.


I attended the Prince Albert and Regina diocesan conventions, the Provincial Convention at Resurrection Parish in Regina and National Convention in Vancouver.  It is a privilege and honour to participate in these events on behalf of the diocese and to meet dedicated and faithfilled women from across the province and country.  I also took part in the two provincial meetings – in March at Queen’s House and in September in Regina.  Many diocesan core executive also attended the fall workshop.  I have also attended or sent a representative to the Diocesan Pastoral Council meetings and diocesan Congress days.  Diocesan council has also provided honour guards at Chrism masses and Ordinations as well as the visit of the Papal Nuncio.  Marlene VanDresar and Donna Nielsen attended the CHAS convention in Prince Albert in October as diocesan representatives.


This year, three general mailings went out to all councils – in February, September and November.  It takes a great deal of time and effort for diocesan executive to prepare the information in the mailings as well as the associated costs of copying and postage.  Sometimes this information gets overlooked by the more routine activities of our councils which is truly unfortunate.  Councils must make a sincere effort to read the directives and share the information with their members.  I continue to encourage members to use the national and provincial websites as valuable resources.


Preparations for our 2016 diocesan convention and the 2016 provincial convention are underway.  St. James Council in Wilkie graciously accepted the challenge to host the diocesan convention on April 25.  The provincial convention will be held at the Cathedral of the Holy Family hosted by five city councils and the Saskatoon Diocese.  I have attended planning meetings in Wilkie and Saskatoon for these events.


In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude for the guidance, patience, kindness and understanding members have shown as I served as diocesan president.  We belong to a truly great organization filled with many remarkable women who serve quietly and faithfully and are an example to us all.


This concludes my report.


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Saskatchewan Provincial Treasurer's Report - 2015

Connie Crichton, Saskatchewan Provincial Treasurer




Statement of Income and Expenditures

For the period January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015




Prince Albert               3,684.00

Regina                      12,944.00

Saskatoon                 11,688.00                                                         28,316.00


Bank Charges Reversed                                                                                                59.40

Proceeds from Mass Collection Prov. Convention                                                    1,585.75

Reimbursement for Video Expenses                                                                            406.40

Reimbursement for Travel Expenses (Regina Diocesan)                                            160.00

Provincial Convention                                                                                                3,466.58

Interest Earned on Term Deposits                                                                                201.72


TOTAL INCOME                                                                                                                 34,195.85


Bank Balance December 31, 2014                                                                            3,985.67


TOTAL                                                                                                                      $38,181.52



Social Justice Bursary                                                                                               1,000.00

National Video Costs                                                                                                    392.00

Purchase of Term Deposit (National Convention 2024)                                            3,500.00

Interest Reinvested in Term Deposits                                                                          201.72



Supplies                                               946.82

Printing                                                 808.70

Bank Service Charges                           59.40

Liability Insurance                                    8.40

Postage                                                276.91

CHAS Membership                                75.00

Website Development                          294.86

Prairie Messenger Subscription             67.00

Mass Stipends                                       20.00

Review of Books                                  176.00                                              2,733.09


Meetings & Conferences

Registrations                                        225.00

Mileage                                               3766.94

Meals                                                  2564.24

Accommodation                                  5686.44                                           12,242.62




Provincial Convention 2015

Donations – Mass Collection            1,585.75

Printing                                                764.82

Gifts                                                     230.79

Honorariums                                          50.00

CHAS Brochures                                   75.00

Mileage                                             1,885.60

Meals                                                1,314.82

Accommodation                                2,484.69                                              8,391.47



National Convention 2015

Registration                                         641.00

Meals                                                   160.16

Accommodation                                1,337.31

Travel                                                1,406.71                                              3,545.18


TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                                                       32,006.08


Bank Balance December 31, 2015                                                                           6,175.44


TOTAL                                                                                                                     $38,181.52




TD Canada Trust ($6,223.99; $5,709.21; $5,132.22)                                                                           $17,065.43

TD Canada Trust Bursary Investment                                                                      5,185.80

TD Canada Trust National Convention 2024 Investments                                       7,066.81

Current Bank Balance December 31, 2015                                                              6,175.44

Petty Cash                                                                                                                   100.00


TOTAL BOOK BALANCE                                                                                        $35,593.48



Prepared and submitted by

Connie Crichton, Treasurer     


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Saskatchewan Provincial Organization Annual Report – 2015

 Margaret Schwab – Provincial Organization Chairperson


In Saskatchewan, our three diocesan chairs have all turned in annual reports – it seems that there has been a good response from the parishes. One diocese received a report from all parishes within its boundaries.  Great work!   


Based on the numbers supplied, we have 6974 members in Saskatchewan.  They are broken down as follows:    

Prince Albert      921

Regina              3277

Saskatoon         2776


Recruiting Members and Maintaining Membership


It is exciting to read that all Dioceses report that councils are getting new members.  Personal contact remains the most effective way to encourage membership.  Councils use a variety of methods to reach out to members and encourage membership: the personal phone call, visits, notices in the church bulletin, emails, poster displays, teas, suppers and brunches with presentations on the benefits of the League, working together with parish women at church events and bringing CWL into conversations, joint ventures with the Knights of Columbus and their wives are among many successful ventures. 


All report a loss of members due to age related difficulties and death (an increase in an aging membership) as well as members who move from the parish and those who chose to not renew. It is the latter group that all agree we must contact and try to find solutions to problems that may exist for them be it transportation, hearing difficulties, or just to remind them of the benefits of being a League members. Many reported that they pay for members who are seniors and in care homes.


Councils are honouring members by presenting years of service pins, scrolls and Maple Leaf Service pins. 


Leadership Development


“Catch the Fire” is still ongoing in the province. While some dioceses have had many workshops, others have been able to have only a few.  Unfortunately physical distance between parishes and busy lives make planning and executing a day long workshop difficult at times. Many parishes are being encouraged to use the S’mores program either on their own or with a neighbouring council.  Members are encouraged to attend workshops, diocesan meetings, and conventions at all levels. 


League Resource Material


Many councils have reported having most of the League publications available from National.


Annual Reports


Some councils present their own annual reports to their members either in oral or in booklet form. 


Honorary Life and Life Membership


We are very fortunate in Saskatchewan to have five Honorary Life Members and twelve Life members.  These members continue to serve the League as active council members, and advisors. 


Belle Guerin Award


Our province has four faithful women have been recipients of the Belle Guerin award. 


It is encouraging to see our councils carrying on the works of God and the League in spite of difficulties in finding leaders and maintaining members. Much dedication is present between the lines of these diocesan annual reports. Our theme of One Heart, One Voice and One Mission comes alive because of our wonderful members. 


This concludes my report.


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Saskatchewan Provincial Spiritual Development Annual Report - 2015

Chantal Devine – Provincial Spiritual Development Chairperson


All three diocesan spiritual development chairpersons in Saskatchewan reported on the many faith based activities taking place in their communities. Their reports reflect the commitment members have in growing in the faith and sharing that faith with One Heart, One Voice, One Mission.


Spiritual Growth of Members

  • At CWL meetings, most councils reported devoting time for spiritual development through bible reflections, prayers, and special seasonal studies.
  • Several had mass before meetings, and invited their parish priest to speak at the meeting on a current Catholic Church issue.
  • Celebration of special feast days such as Our Lady of Good Counsel on April 26th.
  • Masses were offered for special intentions such as illness, bereavement of CWL members.
  • Several councils reported dedicating one mass per month as CWL Sunday in order to raise the profile of the CWL in their parish, and most said they had at least one CWL Sunday per year.
  • Members participate in Sunday Mass ministries, children’s liturgy, and choir.
  • Most councils provided an honour guard at funerals of deceased CWL members.
  • Members prayed the rosary, a few taught catechism at school during the noon hour, attended daily Mass, participated in the Stations of the Cross, and in Advent activities.
  • At the onset of the Year of Mercy, some members were involved in the official opening of the Door of Mercy in their parish, other councils are having a Year of Mercy prayer challenge, and a presentation/study of the Divine Mercy message.
  • Councils hosted an evening of fellowship/retreat, sometimes with other CWL councils, and organized a prayer line, prayer groups.
  • Encouraged bible studies and family prayer and offered spiritual reading suggestions.

Study of Catholic Teachings

  • Members are taking part in Lay Formation, attending Bible studies, assisting with sacramental preparation and RCIA as well as teaching Catechism, and Children’s Liturgy.
  • Members attend retreats and workshops, helped to organize presenters for a ‘spiritual gathering’ study.
  • Local resources – presentations at CWL Masses provided by the Spiritual Advisors, man members receive the Prairie Messenger as well as the League magazine


Study of Catholic Teachings

  • Study groups, including Bible studies, discussing articles in the Prairie Messenger, The Canadian League and the website, and studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Participation and organization in the 33 Days to Morning Glory and other Marian Consecrations.
  • Distributed copies of Matthew Kelly’s book, Rediscovering Catholicism; Members encouraged to read the daily mass readings ( Word Among Us or Living With Christ); Regional workshops and retreats; Study of Evangelii Gaudium; Study of the rosary; Symbolon; Theology of the Body.
  • A few councils were involved during the visit of the Nuncio in Saskatchewan.


Role of Women in the Church

  • Members actively involved in all liturgical ministries including: sacristan, altar servers, greeters, proclaimers, gift bearers, extra-ordinary communion ministers, choir, funerals, and children’s liturgy.
  • Some CWL members accepted the responsibility for opening, closing and checking of their church and for cleaning, and decorating it, as well as maintaining the cemetery.
  • General volunteering which included assistance for seniors to attend mass, volunteering at shelters, catering to church functions, Christian education and leading bible studies.
  • Visited the sick and shut- ins, (homes, hospitals, nursing homes), including giving communion.
  • CWL members were caregivers for “Mom’s morning out.”

Evangelization and Mission Assistance

  • Donated and/or volunteered at: Marian Centre, Food Bank, Birthright, Visitation House, local schools, Santa Maria, Samaritan’s Purse (Christmas Shoe Boxes), Pro-Life Associations, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Donated to Chalice (support a child), Catholic Missions in Canada, Save a Family Plan, CCODP, White Fathers African Mission, CCO/Net Ministries, Peruvian Missions, Sponsor a Family in India, Archbishop’s Appeal, Campion College, CNEWA, Cody International, CWL Leadership Foundation, Eskomi Missions, Holy Childhood Society, Holy Land Project, Propagation of the Faith, schools in Mexico, Native Ministries, Velma’s Dream.
  • Donated quilts made by CWL members to fire victims; Participated in Dress a Girl Around the World; Paired with La Loche, Sk. Missions (clothes and donations); Teaching ESL at Open Door Society.

Lay Ministries

  • CWL members participated as a lay presider or in lay ministries.
  • Provided pastoral care in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes.
  • Supported the Lay Ministries Program.
  • Organized and hosted birthday parties in nursing homes.
  • Presided over Communion Prayer Services and led prayer vigils for the deceased in their parishes.
  • Shawl ministry – quilting and prayer circle.


Ecumenism and Interfaith Endeavours 


  •  Members participated and/or hosted World Day of Prayer, ecumenical meetings, Week of Christian Unity, Lenten activities, Remembrance Day Ceremonies.
  • Participated at inter-faith thrift shop, in gospel choirs of other churches; Invited women of other denominations to CWL functions.
  • Participated in a live Nativity Pageant in the community, and also, in marriage preparation courses, and the “Taste and See Breakfast.”


Through the dedicated service of our CWL members, Christ’s message of love is being transmitted to the communities in Saskatchewan. Their visible commitment in helping others, confirms His presence in our world.     


This concludes my report.


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Saskatchewan Provincial Council Education and Health Annual Report - 2015 

Susan Melchiorre - Provincial Education and Health Chairperson


The three Saskatchewan diocese have sent annual reports 


Heath and Education activities include


Catholic Education:


Catholic Schools   

  • Where Catholic schools exist, councils supported them financially for lunch programs and sacramental preparation.  
  • Members go into the schools to help with reading programs.   Bake muffins for and provide fruit for Book and Breakfast activities at local schools 
  • 3 councils have members on their local school board.  
  • One council provided a meal for Catholic educators.
  • Another council helped purchase jerseys for their school's sports teams. 
  • One council has a member that is the Religious Education Coordinator for their school division.
  •  make available the sale of religious items for parishioners
  • supported the “Sisters Legacy Project”
  • are taking a keen interest in the St Theodore Catholic School Board versus Good Spirit School Board Court case which will have profound implications regarding school funding 
  • Gifts on receiving sacraments are common such as rosaries, prayer books, holy medals and bibles



  • Many councils have members that teach children's liturgy and catechism.
  • Almost all councils assist with programs to prepare children for first communion, confirmation and reconciliation and many councils give gifts to the candidates.
  • Several councils sponsor students to attend summer camps and the youth rally.
  • Members lead the rosary before Sunday masses.
  • All councils participate in being Liturgy ministers


Rite of Christian Initiation (R.C.I.A.)

Members journey with and sponsor R.C.I.A. Candidates.


Literacy and Continuing Education:


  • Members participate in Bible study.
  • Members take Lay Ministry Formation course.
  • Members from one council took the defibrillator course.
  • promote National Bursary
  • Members attend workshops, retreats and conventions and report back to their councils.
  • Donations toward the education of priests.
  • Councils have organized a lending library of books and DVDs.
  • attend and promote “Catch the Fire”


Scholarships and Bursaries


  • Many councils give scholarships to graduating high school students and music festival scholarships.
  • One council made Campion College scholarship information available to their high school.
  • Information was given to council members about the National bursary.
  • Several councils gave Good Spirit awards to students.
  • Councils send educational supplies to foreign countries including Malawi, Honduras and Mexico and others


Wellness and Sickness/Disease


  • Delivery of Meals on Wheels.
  • Help feed seniors in nursing homes.
  • Visit the sick and bring communion to them.
  • Prayer shawls given to the sick.
  • Masses for deceased members and sick members.
  • Most councils have a membership with the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan.
  • Assist public health with flu vaccines.
  • One council had a speaker talk on heart disease and women's health.
  • Donations to palliative care in their local health region.
  • One council has a member on the community anti-drug committee.
  • Members in Regina volunteer at Marion Centre preparing meals and in Saskatoon Diocese members work at and donate items to the CWL Clothing Depot
  • Councils donate to M.S.Walk, Red Cross, Soul's Harbour, Velma's Dream, Mental Health, Visitation House, Camp Monahan, Wheelchair Foundation, Carmichael Outreach, C.N.I.B., William Booth, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, World Youth Day, Serena, Birthright,  ProLife, Telemiracle, Hope's Home, My Aunt's Place(addictions), Marion Centre, Natural Family Planning Saskatchewan, Scarborough Missions, Sofia House, Valley Native Ministries, Teen Aid, Options Pregnancy Centre, Birthright, Teen Aid, Fully Alive, Catholic Family Services, CHALICE, Catholic Missions in Canada and others
  • participate in working with the elderly and sick through Meals on Wheels, rides to appointment, church and shopping
  • Volunteers at and visit nursing homes and hospitals
  • provide information on Faith Based Advance Health Care Directive, various sickness such as cancer, glaucoma, senior drug plan and Alzheimer’s




  • Members are encouraged to use environmentally friendly products and to recycle all that they can.
  • Those having recycling programs in their community all use them
  • support environment efforts of Development and Peace
  • participate in Hope for Malawi 




  • Councils expressed concern about stem cell research.
  •  2 Councils have 3 generation members – daughter, mother and grandmother.
  • Stem cell research and its use was discussed by a number of councils
  • Discussed genetically modified foods


Members have written letters to government officials about abortion, pornography, e-cigarettes and the sale of flavoured tobacco.


Many members are writing letters voicing concerns over assisted suicide and euthanasia legislation.

One council reported that at every meeting, letters are signed and sent to government officials regarding human rights issues as designated by Amnesty International.


It seems that all reporting councils take a sincere interest in government activities and its effect on Education and Health.  They have sincere interests in the social and educational activities in their communities and province.


This concludes my report.


Susan Melchiorre


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Saskatchewan Provincial Christian Family Life Annual Report – 2015

Marian Zsombor – Provincial Christian Family Life Chairperson


 Ninety four Councils reported out of a possible 132 from  the Archdiocese of Regina and Diocese of Saskatoon.  Prince Albert Diocese did not indicate how many councils filed reports.


 Councils are involved in Christian Family Life in the following ways:


Marriage and Family Life:

  • World Marriage Day in February was observed  with a blessing of couples at Mass that day.
  • One Council facilitated Momnipotent (Catholic guide to Motherhood). 
  • Several Councils present a crucifix to couples who are married in the parish.
  • The sacraments are observed by most Councils by giving gifts, cards,  or  prayer shawls.  Teaching the classes, serving a meal following the mass, teaching children’s liturgy, marriage enrichment, giving baptismal bibs and stoles.
  • Some  members teach confirmation, marriage and baptism preparation.
  • Several councils give farewell gifts, some acknowledge significant wedding anniversaries with Mass or gifts., some give rosaries to RCIA. 
  • Councils are supportive of: Serna (natural birth control planning), Pornography Hurts Campaign, Development and Peace, and the Spiritual Baby Adoption Program.
  • Financial aid is given to women’s shelters, Christmas Child, Sisters of legacy Project. 
  • Community involvement includes Christmas supper for the community, Parish picnics.
  • Councils organize or help organize World Day of Prayer.


Sanctity of Life

  • Most Councils support Pro Life financially and  promote awareness.
  • Councils pray the Rosary before mass to end abortion, euthanasia.
  • Many councils are reading & taking action on  Communiqués & directives.
  • Birth right is supported by several Councils, and some Councils raises money for Birthright Campaign.
  • Some attended the Pro Life March in Regina last Fall. Some participate in the Chain of Life.
  • A few wrote letters to MPs and MLAs on Euthanasia, wear ribbons against abortion.
  • Watch Salt and Light TV, Read the Prairie Messenger.
  • Financially support Velma`s Dream.



  • Councils are dedicated to praying for Vocations, and several have had Mass for Vocations. 
  • A few give financial assistance to Seminarians and gifts to Priests.
  • Several  councils attended celebrations for consecrated life, one attended  ‘Called to Serve’ monument unveiling.
  • A few councils invite their parish priest for an evening meal. 


Ministry to youth 

  • Helped at MYGEN Youth Rally as Prayer partners. 
  • Donate to Camp Monahan, Camp Lemieux, Missoula Theatre, Teen Aid, Christian Ethics School programs, CCO, Altar Servers.
  • One council sponsored 2 children to camp who couldn`t afford to go.
  • Teach Catechism, help with Youth Groups, youth Masses, playing music at Mass.
  • A few councils attended gender identity discussion at Campion College.
  • Some councils support youth with Christian Ethics  Awards, and some support Anti Bullying school programs.
  • Try to involve Youth in parish events like Fall Suppers, picnics etc.



  • Donate to Hopes Home, Covenant House, Visitation House, Marian Centre. 
  • A few deliver meals on wheels, provide baking at Christmas or other occasions.  
  • Some help with Mass, Prayers, Visits, cards, phone calls, rides as needed.  
  • Several take Communion, Several Councils involved with Birthday Parties. 
  • One is a Member of CHAS. 



  • Take Communion, visit, cards, provide transportation, help with Mass at Care Homes. 
  • Pay fees for those unable to afford.     Gifts of Living Faith booklets or religious calendars to residents of Care Homes or individuals. Take food to shut ins, help as needed. 
  • Birthday and Christmas parties.  Give baking trays at Christmas, at Care Homes and individuals at home. 
  • One council delivers flowers to shut-ins on the Feast of our Lady of Good Council. 


Widowed, Separated, Divorced 

  • Most parishes involved in : prayers, phone calls, visits, taking Communion, providing hampers, rides to mass and other places as needed. 
  • A few Councils encourage involvement in Church and Community.  
  • Group “Women on their Own” meet once a month in one parish 


This concludes my report. 



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Saskatchewan Provincial Community Life Annual Report - 2015

June Gorgchuck – Provincial Community Life Chairperson


I received two out of three annual reports from my Diocesan counterparts. I will give my report from these reports. We have very busy councils in the parish and community. Not all councils have this convenorship, some are done as a group effort.


Dignity and Rights of Persons:


  • Financial support for Pro-Life, Birthrite, and many local charities, help centers and missions.
  • Entertain, volunteer, visit and serve lunch at local care homes, senior facillities, hospitals and serve funeral lunches.
  • Sponsored speakers, wrote letters and signed pitions regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  • Attend andd promote Pro-life events.
  • Have knitting bees and rummage sales with proceeds going to local and world wide charities.
  • Knit and crochet Prayer Shawls to be given to the  physically or emotionally sick, and to family members who have loved ones that have recently died.
  • Monetary assistance given to families and communities after a tragedy that affected personal and community.
  • Help witha Bullying Breakfast at local school.
  • Assist people in our community who are sick and travel for medical aid.
  • Contribute to Crisis Centre and donated to Ronald McDonald house as well as collect toys for use of visitors.
  • Collected backpacks filled with clothes, toiletries etc.


Social and Economic Justice:


  • Donate to different Catholic Missions in Canada,
  • Active in Social Justice Committee.
  • Give Christmas hampers to the needy in the community.
  • Host and assist in the World Day of Prayer.
  • Donate to the Food Band and members cooked meals for Soup Kitchen.
  • Started an Education Fund for a Samali Family sponsored by parish.
  • Provided lunch for Habitat For Humanity Workers.
  • Donated blankets to palliative care and senior care homes.
  • Made quilts for victims of the northern fires and transitional homes for youth.
  • The Regional CWL Members made and donated quilts to the CWL Clothing Depot.
  • Many CWL members volunteer at the CWL Clothing Depot.
  • Councils help support disaster, medical, and famine relief and missions through council or through the church.


Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship


  • Assist newcomers with furniture, clothing and other needs.
  • Attended a “Citizen Ceremony” at the RCMP Baracks in Regina.
  • Wrote letters to government regarding refugees.
  • Donated clothing an new mitts, scarves, and toques for Syrian Frfugees comming into the community.
  • Helped at a Community Connection event that brought together all different ethnic groups.
  • Had food and clothing drives for the forest fire victims.


Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace:


  • Support CCODP financially.
  • Have a Poor Man's Lunch and Soup Suppers with donations going to Development and Peace.
  • Held an auction, proceed for D&P.


Developing Countries:


  • Sponsor a girl through Chalice.
  • Participate in “Save a Family” in different countries.
  • Particicpate in “Operation Christmas Child” project through Samaritans Purse.
  • Contribute to “Velma's Dream”
  • Support Coody Institute and many others such as Mater Care, and Scarborough Mission.
  • One member has visited Ochima Ohei Healing Lodge every Sunday for 15 years.[Federal prison for Aboriginal Women]
  • Armella Sonntag Provincial Animator for D&P gave a workshop on helping developing countries and environment issues.


This concludes my report.



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Saskatchewan Provincial Communications Annual Report – 2015

Helen Kayfish, Provincial Communications


Many councils are informing their councils of upcoming CWL events using many forms of communications. Digital as well as church bulletins and posters making sure all are able to access the events. Many councils do celebrate CWL Sunday in their parishes where the members are more visible as a group serving in the ministries. Members are also active in their communities with varying activities, such as visiting seniors, helping at functions in the community, serving at funerals, teas and luncheons. Preparing and serving meals and helping in the Eucharist celebrations when the Nuncio was visiting our province. All are proud to wear our pins and scarves to show we are part of a great organization.


Many councils are involved in the World Day of Prayer, either hosting or by participating in it. Others are involved in preparing Eucharist celebrations. Many councils have members who have access to religious TV, mainly Vision Channel.


Many councils in the larger centers report working with the Catholic Schools in their communities. Helping with sacramental prep, giving bursaries to graduates, helping by listening to the younger children practice their reading skills. Many members attend the shrines in their area. Others encourage their members to check out the CWL website and the diocesan websites.


The councils in our province are active and are keeping informed about the happenings in the league. I find that even in some of the rural areas that at least one member is on-line and is willing to bring back the information to share with others in her council. Please continue to share information as you receive it.


One other item I wish to share was reported at the Prince Albert Diocesan Convention this spring. There are some members who winter in North Dakota who get together with other women and make boys shirts and girls sundresses for the children in Africa out of new or gently used pillow cases. In three years they have made 2700 sundresses! Wow! Way to go ladies. Little items like this are nice to share.


The provincial website has a new webmaster and her and I are working on getting everything up to par. Clearing and archiving older items, and adding new items. Check this out and email me if you would like to see something. Everything is approved for inclusion by the provincial president. My email is on the website.



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Saskatchewan Provincial Resolution Annual Report 2015 

Rita Hengen, Provincial Resolutions Chairperson  


Of the 84 annual reports received from two dioceses, 27 reported having a chairperson. One council reports the chairperson position vacant for over 10 years.  


Research and Preparation of Resolutions and Briefs


A resolution and brief was prepared – Labeling of Over the Counter Medication.


Possible resolution topics include: treat the religious symbol issue as Freedom of Speech, climate change, euthanasia, pro-life, abortion/abortion drug RU486, financial and personal care burden on grandparents caring for grandchildren.


Several members provided assistance by researching how to formulate a resolution.


Study and Implementation of Resolutions Adopted by Other Levels


Many councils reviewed and studied resolutions passed at the national convention as well as wrote letters to politicians and businesses, particularly on euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide.


Members also wrote about the abortion drug RU 486, parental consent for minors seeking abortion, pornography, housing situation of Aboriginals, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, protesting removal of religious symbols, banning microbeads, closed stance Liberal Party has to pro-life candidates, and sex-workers rights. One council wrote a letter on behalf of Rev. Fr. Ly who is imprisoned in Vietnam.


A few members attended resolution workshops and learned about resolutions from the Catch the Fire module.


One council attended a Leadership Debate on pro-life and euthanasia, another receives information from a former resolutions/legislation chairperson.


At Provincial and National Levels, Presentation of Resolutions to Government


There was no response to this heading.


Resources and References


A considerable number of councils replied that they have read/taken action on chairperson’s directives/communiqués and the League magazine.


Additional comments


Improvise – share responsibility- group effort- words used to describe council’s commitment to study and learn about the resolutions. Two issues mentioned most frequently: physician-assisted suicide and pro-life.



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Saskatchewan Provincial Legislation Annual Report, 2015
Rita Hengen, Provincial Legislation Chairperson


Two diocesan annual reports were received. The statistics provided by one diocesan council indicates that out of 39 annual reports received from 49 councils, 24 do not have a chairperson and one council’s report is a group effort.


Monitor and Study Legislation at all Levels of Government 


The reports reveal that councils:

  • Reviewed legislation at all levels of government.
  • Made members aware of MP’s and MLA’s listings on the Internet.
  • Followed bills tabled in the House of Commons.
  • Wrote letters to politicians and local businesses regarding euthanasia, palliative care, abortion and pro-life issues.
  • Arranged for presentations from speakers on subjects raised as a result of government activities as in “We Need a Law” – minors having abortion procedures must have parental consent.
  • Discuss topics at meetings for interest, information and education.


Preparation of Briefs and Position Papers on Proposed Legislation


Two parish councils researched and prepared policy/position papers on legislative issues.


Resources and References


Reference was made to councils

  • Reading or acting on chairperson communiqués/directives.
  • Using the Prairie Messenger, Pro-Life Directives, Choose Life News, The League Magazine and the Personal Letter Writing Guide from national.



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Saskatchewan Past President / Archives Annual Report 2015

  Marge Szabo – Provincial Past President/Archives Chairperson

Thank you to Regina and Saskatoon Past Diocesan Presidents who have sent in their annual reports. Regretfully, Prince Albert Diocese did not submit a report.


 As past president, it is important to know that you should have a consultative role. Remind your council to use the CWL resources, the Manual of Policy and Procedure and the Constitution and Bylaws booklet. Reports indicated that many use this resource while others said they just follow tradition or a survival mode for their small council.  Some of the councils have asked for recommendations from another council or diocesan level of CWL. 

Archives are generally well maintained. Some councils have a member with this special interest in archives, be assigned to this position. A reminder to archivists is to have all files and pictures carefully labelled, with the date and occasion. Photo albums are a source of pride showing the council’s activities. Storage has been an issue for some of councils, so keep aware of where the archives should be stored.


Past president also is on the nominating committee for elections. Many of the councils are struggling to find new members for executive positions. Some of the councils are too small so they just exchange chairs. Each council has to adapt a method that works for them. Past president can often use gentle persuasion to introduce a new executive member.


Past presidents are important members of your council. Their continued actions and service to their councils show the importance of their council and their church community. Thank you for your contributions you have made in the past and your continued loyalty is appreciated.


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