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Social Justice Award




68th Annual Saskatchewan Provincial Convention

Submitted by Helen Kayfish

Chairperson of Communications,

Saskatchewan Provincial Council

June 2016


Monday June 6, 2016


The 68th Annual Saskatchewan Provincial Convention at The Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatchewan opened at 1:00 pm with the presentation of colors piped in by two young girls.



Honorary Life Member Velma Harrison led the procession, followed by Provincial President Jean Reader and President Elect Margaret Schwab. Following the flags were the delegates to the convention as well as the provincial executive members. Chantal Devine, Chairperson of Spiritual Development led us in the opening convention prayer. Greetings of welcome were then heard by the Provincial President; Jean Reader, hosting council, Our Lady of Grace President, Marion Laroque, Saskatoon Diocesan President, Marlene VanDresar, hosting council Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Gregory Smith-Windsor and Mayor Donald Atchison, Mayor of Saskatoon.  


Mary Deutscher

The afternoon began with a presentation from Mary Deutscher on Euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. Mary introduced by Marge Szabo, past Saskatchewan provincial president, asked; “What is happening in Canada with euthanasia and assisted suicide”? Mary gave some history and explanations on euthanasia and assisted suicide and asked if we knew if the Catholic Church was for or against euthanasia and assisted suicide? The Catholic Church is against it and why is this so?  Mary gave the definition of euthanasia. It is “the deliberate killing of someone with or without that person’s consent. It does not respect a person’s refusal of treatment or request to discontinue treatment. It is not letting someone die naturally. It is not the administration of drugs appropriate for the relief of pain and suffering. Assisted suicide is a 3rd person who has the means to help the person kill him/herself.” Mary also referred to several issues that are or have been before the courts. Chantal Devine gave the appreciation.





Following Mary’s presentation, we heard from Dr. Lawrence Clein on Palliative Care. Dr. Clein introduced by Susan Melchiorre, told us what palliative care is and how it is related to euthanasia. He explained of the shortage of palliative care beds in Saskatchewan hospitals which then leads to the fact that there is not enough palliative care for those who need it in. These patients are then suffering because pain medications cannot and are not being administered properly. Margaret Schwab gave the appreciation. 




The business session of the convention opened at 3:15 pm with the call to convention. The rules of order were given and our parliamentarian was introduced. The minutes of the 67th annual provincial convention were accepted and the correspondence was read.


Presidents Report  


This was followed by the Provincial President Jean Reader’s report. Jean told us that sharing, serving and praying as well as being passionate about the league make people feel welcomed. She told us to brag about the league! Jean’s report was followed by the three diocesan president’s reports. These reports told us of the happenings in each diocese. 


The convention opening Eucharist Celebration was then held, starting with a procession.




The main celebrant was Bishop Albert Thevenot, Bishop of Prince Albert, with spiritual advisors as con-celebrants. Bishop Albert thanked the members of the league for all the work and the many hours of volunteerism that helps the church in so many ways.


Opening Eucharist Celebration


The banquet followed with greetings from Marlene Bodnar the Catholic Women’s Council President of the Saskatoon Eparchy. Greetings were also brought from Denis Carignan District Deputy of the Knights of Columbus who shared news from the over 10,000 knights across Saskatchewan. The meal was then enjoyed by all.


Banquet head table


L-R: Convention Parliamentarian & Honorary Life Member Velma Harasen; Bishop Albert Thevenot, Bishop of Prince Albert; Provincial President Jean Reader; her husband Bill Reader. Marlene Bodnar, President of the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League Council Eparchial Executive; Connie Carignan wife of Denis Carignan;  Denis Carignan, State Deputy of the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus.


President Jean Reader presented certificates and gifts of appreciation:

to hosting council president Marlene Laroque;

to Marlene VanDresar Saskatoon Diocesan President;

and to Velma Harasen.



The entertainment was provided by The Mariachi Show, Kiela and Claudia, two beautiful young mothers from Mexico who shared their songs and dance with us. 










  Tuesday June 7, 2016

Father Gerald Cooper



Tuesday’s session began bright and early with a continental breakfast enjoyed by most. Fr. Gerard Cooper provincial spiritual advisor and Chantal Devine chairperson of spiritual development led the opening prayer service, followed by Fr. Gerard Cooper giving his oral report to the convention attendees








We then began the business of the day with the treasurer’s report. Followed by the remainder of the standing committee reports.


Standing Committees Report



The 2015 social justice award winner Melanie Fauchoux presented a power point on her trip to India. She told us about the projects they worked on while there. This was very interesting to see what Melanie did while she was there, especially the part about helping to build the latrines for the girls so they can attend school all day as well as for more years. The 2016 social justice award winners were announced and they are Jessica Froehlich, Moose Jaw ($500.), Desiree Nelson, Saskatoon ($250), Chibeze Philomena Ojukwu, Saskatoon, ($250). 



An invitation to the 69th Annual Saskatchewan Provincial Convention was presented. This will be June 5 & 6 in North Battleford at St. Joseph Calasanctius Parish. 


The convention came to a close with the Eucharist Celebration presided by Bishop Don Bolen with Spiritual Advisors as con-celebrants.



St. Joseph's High School Choir did an amazing job of leading us in song 


Opening procession





Bishop Bolen raising the Blood of Christ during the Eucharist Celebration


Fr. Gerard Cooper was installed as the Provincial Spiritual Advisor by Bishop Donald Bolen

and given the Spiritual Advisors pin by Provincial President Jean Reader.


The installation of Fr. Gerard Cooper as the new Saskatchewan Provincial Spiritual Advisor was completed by Bishop Bolen. Fr. Gerard than reaffirmed the provincial executive. Lunch was served and followed by a post convention meeting for the provincial executive. 


Thank you to all who attended it is always great to see everyone and to renew friendships.