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69th Annual Saskatchewan Provincial Convention, June  5-6, 2017

at St. Joseph Calasanctius Parish, North Battleford, Saskatchewan


The 69th Annual Provincial Convention was held in North Battleford June 5 & 6, 2017.  The convention opened with the presentation of colours, followed by the prayer service.  Welcome greetings were given by Provincial President Jean Reader; Kelli Hawtin, councillor for the city of North Battleford, brought greetings to all on the behalf of the City.  Betty Stone, hosting Council President, brought her greetings and a welcome to all.  Fr. Anthony Afan, hosting council spiritual advisor, brought his greetings and said “He feels honored that we have chosen his parish to host the 69th Annual Convention.  He prays that the Holy Spirit will guide us.  The League is a strong voice for all women.”  Father then thanked St. Joseph’s council for their hard work and for their assistance to him.  Shirley Lamoureux, Prince Albert CWL Diocesan President, brought greetings and a welcoming on behalf of the 900 plus members of the Catholic Women’s League in the Prince Albert  Diocese.  Fr. Greg Elder, Co-Spiritual advisor for Prince Albert diocese, brought his greetings and welcome on behalf of Bishop Albert Thévenot and the clergy. “Welcoming the profound gift of the CWL, we love you and your Holy support of our Lady, the Mother of our Church.”


Following the greetings, President Jean Reader introduced and welcomed our National President Margaret Anne Jacobs.  She was our first presenter.  Margaret Anne spoke on the theme, “Inspired by the Spirit.   Women respond to God’s Call.”


Margaret Anne touched on the following points:

  1. Spirit of the Living God, Emphasis on Love.  The gift of Love is the greatest gift we can give one another. 
  2. We only give what we have been given.
  3. We must seek the Holy Spirit in prayer.
  4. Who has given you unconditional love?
  5. We are all children of God and God loves us all.
  6. How can we recognize the the unconditional love of God?
  7. God calls us to use our gifts.  We have all been gifted by God.  All our gifts are precious.
  8. We are chosen by God for a particular purpose.
  9. Use your gifts to the service of one another.
  10. A spiritual gift is expressed as serving one another as good servants.
  11. Let go and let God work through us.
  12. We need to recognize the gifts we have been given.
  13. We have a responsibility to grow in God’s love.
  14. We ask the Holy Spirit to shower our gifts upon us, to help us to grow in understanding, to have the courage to “stand up” for what we believe in, to be more reverent and prayerful.  We were challenged to see where we need to have the courage to do our work in the League.  We need to develop Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Knowledge, Reverence, Wonder and Awe, the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We are expected to have Joy, Patience, Peace, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  It is challenging to work with so many.  Be the good news to all.  We are challenged to be loving joyful women.   


Father Doug Jeffrey OMI was the second presenter.  Father’s presentation was “Mary, shedding light on our Journey.”  He started by expressing his gratitude to the League.  His “go to source” is sacred scripture.  The name Mary is taken from the Hebrew word Mariamme meaning wise woman. 

Mary is an example to us on how we should live our discipleship.  Mary wants us to engage the world.  Mary sees the needs of the people. Mary invites us to show up and to stay with whatever is happening in our lives.  We cannot fix everything.  A reminder to us that Mary is a prayerful person.


Jean Reader, our Provincial President, gave her report.  Jean told us we are called to use our gifts from God.  We must embrace these gifts.  We have seen the power of prayer.  We must make our feelings on Euthanasia known in a loud voice.   CWL Mission statement is:  “The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.”


Shirley Lamoureux, Prince Albert Diocesan President, told us there are over 900 members in the P.A. Diocese.  She has reconnected with some past members. 


Marlene VanDresar, Saskatoon Diocesan President, said they now have 2669 members in their diocese. 


Marilyn Schuck, Regina Diocesan President, says there is 3186 members which is down 91 members.  


Mary Nordick gave an update of the 2016 Social Justice Award winners: Chibeze Philomena Ojukwa, Jessie Froehlich and Desiree Nelson.  She also announced the two winners of the 2017 Social Justice winners.  $300.00 to Anna Meckleborg to study co-operatives in Santa Fe, Panama and $700.00 to CWL member Dawn Kellington to assist her in attending the Development and Peace youth forum in Ottawa later this month.


During the banquet, greetings were brought to us from the Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan State Council.  The Ukrainian CWL thanked us for the invitation and greeted us with their greeting “Glory be forever inviting us to never forget to pass on our faith.” 


Provincial President Jean presented Certificates of Merit to the presidents of St. Joseph’s, Notre Dame and St. Vital councils as well as a presentation to Betty Stone, convention chairperson. She presented a thank you gift to Velma Harrison for acting as Parliamentarian and to Shirley Lamoureux as Banquet M/C.  The Belle Guerin awards were presented by National President, Margaret Ann Jacobs to: Marcella Pederson, Anne Kosokowsky and Rita Hengen.  Margaret Ann then presented Jean Reader with her Life Member pin.


Tuesday, June 6th, began with morning liturgy at 8:30, led by Fr. Gerard Cooper, Saskatchewan Provincial Spiritual Advisor and Chantal Devine, Spiritual Development chairperson. 


The Treasurer’s report was then given by Connie Crichton.  Fr. Gerard gave a brief message, summing it up that “We have encountered the Living God.  HE has chosen us.  We have learned to be one Heart, one Voice, and one Mission.”


President elect, and chairperson organization, Margaret Schwab, told us, “We need to learn how to move forward.”  During the National Convention on Tuesday August 8 at 8:00 am, the live stream from the convention will begin.  She also said “Our experience in the league needs to be passed on.”  Next year’s provincial convention will be June 3 & 4 in Regina. 


Spiritual Development Chairperson, Chantal Devine, told us that “: Our theme is profound and will launch us to new heights.”  She told us that “we are increasingly supporting the role of women in the church.  We help to promote unity in all Christians.”  We need to be sure the names of our deceased members are submitted in a timely manner.  183 members passed away in Saskatchewan in 2016. 


Christian Family Life Chairperson, Marian Zsombor, reminded us to write letters to cease funding for abortions.  There are many demands on today’s families.  We must continue to be merciful and to love unconditionally. 


Community Life Chairperson, June Gorgchuck, said we are approaching the 150 birthday of Canada.  There were people who have welcomed us long ago before the Europeans arrived in Canada.  This year is the 50 Anniversary of Development and Peace and she encouraged everyone to write a letter to congratulate them. 


Education and Health chairperson, Susan Melchiorre, spoke on Bill 277 to define services to be covered in Palliative Care.  June 8 at 1:00pm take one minute to pray for peace. 


Resolutions and Legislation chairperson, Rita Hengen, asks us “Why do so many members find this chair so daunting?” 


Archives Chairperson, Marge Szabo, reminded us “to pass on the legacy of the league, to pass on the baton.”


Life member liaison, Tillie Aessie, explained that a life membership is not given to a long standing member.


The Regina Archdiocese presented their invitation to the 70th Annual Provincial Convention June 3 & 4, 2018. 


The registration report was given.  There were 1 Bishop, 12 Spiritual Advisors, 4 Honorary Life members, 2 Life Members, and CWL members for a total of 204 convention attendees. 


Elections were held and the new executive was installed during the closing mass. 


A thank you was extended to Tim and MaryAnne Harroun of North Battleford for the loan of Our Lady of Fatima statue.