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Regina - Marilyn Schuck

Saskatoon - Marlene VanDresar



Organization – Chantal Devine  

Spiritual Development – Connie Crichton 

Education & Health – Marian Zsombor 

Christian Family Life – Marge Appell 

Community Life – Lorraine Thibeault

Communications – Adele Giblin

Resolutions – Susan Melchiorre

Legislation – Susan Melchiorre

Saskatchewan Past-President / Archives Jean Reader  



Saskatchewan President’s Annual Report 2017
Margaret Schwab
, Provincial President



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Regina Diocesan President’s Annual Report for 2017
Marilyn Schuck – Regina Diocesan President


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Saskatoon Diocesan President’s Annual Report 2017

 Marlene VanDresar – Saskatoon Diocesan President




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Saskatchewan Provincial Organization Annual Report – 2017

 Chantal Devine – Provincial Organization Chairperson



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Saskatchewan Provincial Spiritual Development Annual Report - 2017

Connie Crichton – Provincial Spiritual Development Chairperson




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Saskatchewan Provincial Council Education and Health Annual Report - 2017 

Marian Zsombor - Provincial Education and Health Chairperson




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Saskatchewan Provincial Christian Family Life Annual Report – 2017

Marge Appell  – Provincial Christian Family Life Chairperson



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Saskatchewan Provincial Community Life Annual Report - 2017

Lorraine Thibeault – Provincial Community Life Chairperson




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Saskatchewan Provincial Communications Annual Report – 2017

Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Saskatchewan had 53 replies to National survey requested, so 39%, from Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina diocese.  My comments will be from those who replied. 


66% have Communications chair are filled.  20% of those filled this report in themselves.


The Canadian League Magazine


Usefulness of the magazine to our members varied form good to very good in relation to its resource for advocacy/action, new ideas, spiritual and education tools.


The article in the winter magazine that spoke to our members was the 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care.  Our President’s and Spiritual advisor’s messages tied for second. 


The article in the spring magazine that spoke to our members was the Palliative Care.  The President’s message was second and the Spiritual advisor’s message and the Joy of Service tied for third. 


Media for Evangelization


More councils used Faith-Orientated programs in their programs. Very few promoted World Communications Day.


Prairie Messenger was the most subscribed and promoted Catholic subscriptions, “Other” was second and Salt and Light channel on TV was third.


The most watched live feed from National Convention was Becoming a Living Thank You by Ken Yasinski and second was Town Hall by Donna Dunn. The rest were minimal.


Media to Promote the League


A majority of our executives use for current information.  Using local media to advertise council events and phoning committee were used to invite members to events were both second method. 


Types of media to promote events


Church bulletins boards is the most popular used to promote CWL events.  Church bulletin inserts was second method used.


Rating videos produced to promote the League were very minimally used. Salt and Light Woman on the Mission had a couple more views than CWL’s testimonial video.


Media Evaluation and promotion of Good Content


Mary Kills People series on Global TV had many people voice objection. A little less than that was members encouraging members to monitor media content. 


Media: Newsletters and Bulletins. 


Less than one quarter of councils produced a newsletter.  The communications chair or appointed member prepared the newsletters.  The majority of councils published newsletters twice yearly. 


How is newsletter distributed was by “other” and mail as second choice.


Media relations


The majority of councils did not work with media and close second had councils submitting material for publication. 




The steps members used to be informed about pornography and how it affected children and adults were mostly through newsletter article. 


The majority of the councils chose not to participate with pornography postcards. 


In March, a high majority of councils did not view and hold information sessions on the Over 18 documentary.


Resolution 2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification for Adult pornography websites were being educated on internet safely and responsible and appropriate technology.  A close second of councils make members aware of lack of age verification controls on adult websites. 


Summary and final thoughts: Common thoughts shared were that councils are too small, with no chair for this committee but they do the best they can. They felt they should thank members in bulletin for supporting CWL events.   Members are made aware of many issues and encouraged to write letters. Only actions were taken by individual members.  Some topics were presented by Social Justice Committee. The Annual Report was viewed as a good review for things we can do in our council.  Some members never received information about some items in this survey. Some addresses were correct for League magazines but did not receive them. Nearly half of Saskatoon and Regina diocesan councils responded to the survey and small number of Prince Albert replied. 


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Saskatchewan Provincial Resolution Annual Report 2017 

Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Resolutions Chairperson  



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Saskatchewan Provincial Legislation Annual Report, 2017
Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Legislation Chairperson




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Saskatchewan Past President / Archives Annual Report 2017

  Jean Reader  – Provincial Past President/Archives Chairperson




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