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Christian Family Life Communiqué #1- June 2015

Christian Family Life Communiqué #2- November 2015

Christian Family Life Communiqué #3- June 2016



Christian Family Life Communiqué #3

Marian Zsombor, Provincial Christian Family Life
June 2016



Pope Francis during this Year of Mercy is focusing on the Holy Family and Families as a whole. In today's world there are many demands on the family unit.  Families vary in structure: 2 parent families, blended families, single parent families. To quote Pope Francis: "In an ideal family, parents, grandparents and children feel at home.  No one is excluded."  However, in reality this is not always the case.  Many families are threatened by:  domestic violence, alcoholism, sexism, drug addiction, unemployment, urban unrest, the abandonment of the elderly, and children left in the streets.  God is unknown to many.


There are so many demands on our time.  Building a strong family unit requires work and commitment.  We need to strive to find time to spend quality time with the members of our families, be it meal time, play time, prayer time.  The world we live in places serious strains on family life.  Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated.

We can set goals for ourselves in order to make this happen.  These may include: praying together.  If you are not accustomed to doing this start with a simple grace before meals, or the Our Father before bedtime.  Express our love to each other and do our part to make our home more peaceful, show mercy and be forgiving of each other, as our Heavenly Father shows Mercy and Forgiveness towards us,


 We as CWL members can offer programs that support and enrich all aspects of home and family life such as:

  • encounter weekends for engaged couples
  • marriage preparation courses
  • marriage encounter weekends
  • programs for single parent families
  • parenting workshops
  • stress workshops


A saying that I came across and that I would like to share:

Beauty leads us to God

Beauty and Truth lead us to God

Witness to service makes us good persons

It's worth being a family.



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Christian Family Life Communiqué #2


Marian Zsombor, Provincial Christian Family Life
November 2015


I hope everyone had a good summer and everyone is now set in their fall routine.


This is a busy time of year with the arrival of the Advent season and the preparation for Christmas. During this Advent season let us take time to ponder God's gifts and graces to us, we have so much to be thankful for in our country!


This is also the beginning of a new Liturgical year which is being designated by the Pope as The Holy Year of Mercy. Advent began on Sunday November 29. The year of Mercy begins on December 08 Feast of the Immaculate Conception which will mark the 50th. Anniversary of Vatican ll Council. It will end on November 20, 2016-the feast day of Christ the King. Pope Frances's quote" Be Merciful just as your father is Merciful."


We can use this year to make amends with people that we need to forgive or we may need someone to forgive us. No grievance is too big or too small as our Heavenly Father is a very forgiving Father ready to shower us with his mercy and we need to find it in our hearts to do the same.


Sanctity of Life

Let us continue to write letters to all levels of government on the topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide, we cannot remain silent on this issue. Our end of life should not be determined by a medical team, but by our Creator. We must encourage End of Life Care or Palliative Care, this care should to be available to everyone that requires it.


Marriage and Family

Encouragement and support is sometimes needed to be given to young families trying to balance busy lives. Many homes today do not feel that prayer is necessary in their lives. Encourage them to pray as a family beginning with a prayer before meals, offer some written handouts with examples of prayers.


Family members can share their gifts and talents in their church and community being good stewards with their God given gifts.


Ministry to Seniors

Many communities have seniors that are no longer able to attend church services on their own due to no way of transportation to get there. If possible offer someone to pick them up for Mass and try including them in events; if not possible arrangements can be made to have someone visit them in their place of residence. We must not forget about them.


If you would like more ideas regarding activities in the different areas of this convenorship please go to Judy Lewis's Communique #06 on the National CWL website.


A reminder that this is the time to start compiling our annual reports. It is important to get them done in a timely manner.

  • Parish Chairperson to Diocesan Chairperson by December 15, 2015
  • Diocesan Chairperson to Provincial


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Christian Family Life Communiqué #1


Marian Zsombor, Provincial Christian Family Life
June 2015


I have been a CWL member for 36 years. I have been president of St. Agnes CWL in Pilot Butte for 12 years. We are a small council and do not have all the different convenorships that larger councils have, but we are visible in our church community.


My husband and I have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. We have lived in Pilot Butte since 1981.


I am honored to be part of the Provincial Executive and I look forward to making new friends with our sisters in the league and serving on the executive.


Assisted Suicide Legislation:

From conception to natural death, life is sacred. God gives us breath and sustains our lives, we need to be respectful of that. There are many curves and challenges that we are faced with. With support from those around us: family, friends, community we gain strength and wisdom in our most trying and challenging times.


Many times someone may feel like their life no longer has any purpose. Failing heath may come into play, mobility may be an issue. Loneliness becomes the reality, little or no desire to continue living. We must not allow our government to take advantage of these kinds of situations by passing legislation on assisted suicide.


Judy Lewis, our National chairperson of Christian Family Life encourages that "each CWL member contact their members of parliament, the minister of justice the attorney general of Canada and the prime minister to state legislation must protect the most vulnerable members of our families. We need to say we are gravely concerned about the implications of any new legislation of each member of the family". Judy states" we cannot wait till fall and for a possible election to express our concern."


"The most effective way to get action from parliament is for each member to write a personal letter with one request and to ask for a reply to that letter. Each letter represents 50 to 500 taxpayers who do not write.


Write your name, address, the member of parliament's name and address and state your concern in very polite and respectful language. Be brief and concise. Close with a question that requires an answer. The letter writing guide is on the national website ( under resources, and Handbook for Secretaries-Personal letter writing guide. Please take the time to review this guide."



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