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Community Life Communiqué - January 2015

Community Life Communiqué #1- June 2015

Community Life Communiqué #3- June 2016

Community Life Communiqué - January 2017



Community Life Communiqué - January 2017

 June Gorgchuck, Provincial Community Life Chairperson


Happy New Year to All.


As we begin this new year we see there is still a lot of violence in the world. There is violence everywhere, in our country, province community and even in our families.


What can we do?  Anything? How can respect and good relations be promoted in order to build peace? Members must be an example to others when promoting peace and justice and bring hope to those less fortunate, the sick, the disabled, the elderly and the poor.  Do not forget the immigrants that have risked there lives hoping for a better future.  Lets open our hearts and minds to others. In our busy everyday lives it is easy to overlook the simple ways of making others feel welcome in our communities. We must make them feel that they are a part of the family of God.


The Canadian Catholic Organization For Development and Peace 1% program will support two new programs this year in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan while still supporting programs in Haiti. This was inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical  Laudato Si.  New brochures are available from the National Office at no charge. This is a wonderful tool for members to learn about the 1% program.


In a news release dated Dec. 13,2016, Alberta Senator, Betty Unger states “It is extremely unfortunate that the government did not allow the Task Force on Cannabis Legislation and Regulation to investigate whether marijuana should be legalized. We are clearly heading in the wrong direction and our young people will be most victimized due to the damage that marijuana caused to a young person's brain development”.

She continues; “The health impacts of marijuana are worse than tobacco, and yet the Minister of Health, whose department is responsible for helping the people of Canada maintain and improve their health, is leading the charge on this dreadful policy”. Senator Unger stated “I'm appalled that our nation is moving in this direction”.


We must get on the band wagon and continue to write, phone, e-mail,etc. Our Members of Parliament and the Members of the Legislation that this is not acceptable. Write letters to Justice Minister Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Health Minister Hon. Jane Philpott and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Hon, Ralph Goodale . The health of our future leaders is in jeopardy.


May God bless you and yours with good health and happiness in this 2017.



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Community Life Communiqué #3 - June 2016

 June Gorgchuck, Provincial Community Life Chairperson


Summer is upon us and the lazy days of summer are here. I wish you all a very enjoyable season with gardening, picnicking, and just enjoying our families and the warm weather. 


Welcome to the newly elected members to the Community Life Chair and I hope you will find this a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 


I have taken over the Provincial Community Life Chair since March of 2016. I am a long time member of St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Saskatoon and am active in the Catholic Women's League having served on many convenorships. 


Dignity and Rights Of Persons


Bill C14 Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide has just been passed in the House of Commons. But just because it is the law does not mean we have to participate. We must find ways to make end of life options open for everyone. Essential to making our own communities safer for the vulnerable is work to make more palliative care available for more Canadians. Palliative care can go a great distance in relieving fears about physical suffering, being abandoned, and being a burden. When these fears are gone, so is the desire for suicide.


Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia - Think About It: Parliament passed a motion in 2014 calling for a pan-Canadian palliative and end-of-life care strategy “ensuring all Canadians have access to high quality home-based and hospice palliative end-of-life care.” Our nation needs to act on this so that all Canadians have timely access to quality palliative care. Find information at: or contact the diocesan Office of Justice and Peace. 


Sanctum Survivor is a 36 hour challenge for 10 leaders in our community, including our Bishop, Don Bolen, to experience homelessness, poverty, and chronic illness. They lived on the streets of Saskatoon for 36 hours to raise money for Sanctum & Sanctum 1.5. Sanctum is a HIV Transitional Care Home and Hospice which opened in 2015. Sanctum 1.5 will be Saskatchewan's first HIV pre-natal home, which will provide supportive services to pregnant women living with HIV. Personal donations are always needed. This could be another way for the CWL to help those in need of this service.


Development and Peace


Development and Peace is the international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada. D&P is a membership led organization supported by parish contributions and government grants. In its 40 years, D&P has supported 15,200 projects in agriculture, education, community action and advocacy for human rights in 70 countries. They rely on our help. Does you CWL give their 1% of all their funds raised to D&P?


Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship.


The need continues. As the crisis in the Middle East continues, many more people leave their homes for a better life often with dire consequences. We only have to watch the news to see how desperate these people are. We must open our hearts and wallets to support them, not only financially, but also with compassion and prayers. 


Have a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

God Bless.



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Community Life Communiqué #1 - June 2015


Thérèse Synkiw, Provincial Community Life Chairperson
June 2015


Welcome to all of you that accepted to sit as chairpersons for Community Life for the next two years. Summer is finally here, the sun is shining and the birds are signing, life is good. I am an active CWL member and parishioner at St. Anne’s Parish in Saskatoon. I am the newly elected chairperson of Community Life. This committee focuses on the dignity and rights of persons; on social and economic justice; on immigration, refugees and citizenship; on the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCOPD); and developing countries.


Dignity and Rights of Persons:


May 22, 23and 24 2015, the Second International Conference on Women was held. The title of the conference is “Women and the Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”.


Approximately 100 women from around the world gathered in Rome to attend this conference. The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO) was a co-sponsor. The discussions were on the areas of poverty, human trafficking, gender equality, empowerment of women and girls, sustainable management of water and sanitation, productive employment and decent work for all, inclusive and equitable quality education for all, and climate change.


Pope Francis sent a message to this conference, a portion of it follows:
“I encourage you, who are engaged in defending the dignity of women and promoting their rights, to allow yourselves to be constantly guided by the spirit of humanity and compassion in the service of your neighbour. May your work be marked first and foremost by professional competence, without self-interest or superficial activism, but with generous dedication. In this way you will manifest the countless God-given gifts which women have to offer, encouraging others to promote sensitivity, understanding and dialogue in settling conflicts big and small, in healing wounds, in nurturing all life at every level of society, and in embodying the mercy and tenderness which bring reconciliation and unity to our world. All this is part of the “feminine genius” of which our society stands in such great need”.


Visit the National website to read more about the conference.


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is still a major concern and all Canadians have the right to be protected from those issues. We should continue to write to Justice Minister Peter Mackay to invoke the notwithstanding clause regarding the Supreme Court’s decision and to give the government more time to deal with the consequences that this decision will have on our healthcare and legal system.


Social and Economic Justice:


Joyce Green from National Sub-Committee Chairperson of Community Life wrote in the winter 2015 of the League Magazine about child poverty and asked the question “How can we help Canadian women living in poverty”. The article goes on to mention that when a mother lives in poverty her child also suffers. She mentions the new “Keep the Promise” campaign that runs from January 2014 to December 2015. For more information on this campaign, visit


There will be an election in the fall; we should be ready to ask the candidates questions on social and security issues for seniors:

  • what would you do to make sure veterans are treated with dignity in their senior years?
  • what do you feel is the most important thing you can do to help the environment?
  • do you believe the Federal Government has a role to play with regard to senior abuse? If so, what are you prepared to do to safeguard against senior abuse?
  • protection for pension provisions is imperative for seniors. What can be done to support this?

These are some of the questions taken from “Engaging Candidates for the next Federal Election” brochure printed by the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism. Visit their website:


Visit the National CWL website for information on the Cultivating and Caring for Creation. It is twelve new videos and lesson plans and is intended to assist with Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and includes material from several religious communities.


Refugees, Immigration and Citizenship:


The number of refugees continues to grow. The conflict in Syria is spreading and the desperation by many Citizens in the area is profound. Every effort should be made to assist in reducing this situation.


Canadian Catholic Organization and Peace (CCODP):


CCOPD has an initiative called “1% can make a difference”. There is an updated power-point presentation on the National websites. Here are some of the questions that every council should ask their members: CWL ACTION PLAN

  • Do you as a CWL member donate 1% of the cost of ALL luxury and personal items that you purchase towards the CWL 1% program?
  • Does your CWL parish council donate 1% of ALL funds raised to the 1% program? As a CWL member, will you ask your parish council to donate 1% of ALL funds raised to the 1% program?
  • Now that you see the importance of the 1% program will you ask your CWL parish council or community life chair to have a bowl, or a jar at each CWL meeting for the members to donate to the 1% program?
  • On an annual basis each parish council treasurer is to send their 1% donation to the National Office marked 1% program for Development and Peace!

Have a great summer!


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Community Life Communiqué - January 2015


Monica Beavis, Provincial Community Life Chairperson


We are now into 2015 and hoping winter will not be too severe. The New Year also introduces us to the new theme for the next two years
“ ONE HEART, -filled with mercy, ONE VOICE –united in harmony to speak with one voice, ONE MISSION-witnessing to the good news of the gospel through personal encounter and joyful service “as out lined by our National President Barb Dowding. Now as Community Life Conveners we must contemplate how we apply this theme in our community and in our own personal life.


Dignity and Rights of Persons


Doreen Gowan National CWL Community Life Chairperson has sent several E-Mails pertaining to Human Trafficking and Human Slavery.


Joy Smith –MP from British Columbia is fighting against Modern day Slavery .Her goal is get Legislation to assist the survivors of human trafficking. Her aim is to have available support systems in place so that they can rely on the frontline service providers, NGO, and the law enforcement .For more information view her web site @

2013 Walk Free is a movement of people fighting to end one of the world’s greatest evils: MODERN SLAVERY Information about their work can be found on

Currently Biram Dah Abeid is in captivity because he is an anti slavery activist jailed in Mauritania which is noted for having the highest rate of slavery. People are working to support him in any way they can.


Examples of prayers and Meditation concerning the topic of Human Trafficking is posted on both the CWL website and CWL Face book


Social and Economic Justice


Child Poverty continues to be a challenge in the world. The goal is to educate the children and get them involved in the process because they know what the deficiencies are. Agencies are attempting to teach them to be self sufficient with the help of funds collected through our donations. They are the adults of tomorrow. Please remember the military and other members of the justice system who have been killed or under attack recently in our country Let us pray for peace, understanding and compassion in this broken world.


Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship


World day of Migrants and Refugees was celebrated on Sunday January 18/15 Pope Francis stated “churches are without frontiers –we are mother to all” he calls us to share our resources and especially show support for the church in the Holy Land As CWL members we must pray for mercy, compassion and justice in the Middle East. There is hardship particularly for the Christians in Iraq The Islamist Extremist are intent on eliminating any trace of Christianity Their numbers have dropped from one million to one hundred fifty thousand.


Catholic ORG. For Development and Peace (CCODP)


They continue to monitor the progress of rebuilding in the Philippines after the flood 5 years ago they are also concerned with the trade deals for grain in the third world countries. The large grain companies are monopolizing the control of the grain that the farmers are growing they are supporting them in fighting for their rights.


Lent is a time when CWL look to organizing projects with in the parish to give to D&P. Please be generous in contributions.


We will soon be greeted with the task of compiling annual reports for the year 2014. Mark that on your calendar.


Enjoy 2015.


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