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Education and Health Communiqué - March 2016

Education and Health Communiqué - July 2016



Education and Health Communiqué - July, 2016 


Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Education and Health


As we are aware Bill C-14 has now been passed in Parliament.  Already there are challenges to it.  Some wanting the scope of those requesting assisted suicide to be broader and other still are campaigning to have the bill negated.  We as Catholic women must remain vigilant and pray that the law is struck down.  Also write letters stating your wish to have the right to assisted suicide rescinded. 


Also fight for substantially more palliative and hospice care.  We are definitely lacking in these services.  Palliative care and hospice services are lacking in Saskatchewan with only four palliative care doctors in the province.  There are nine acute palliative care beds and 10 hospice beds in Regina and just 14 palliative care beds and no hospice beds in Saskatoon.   A sad situation especially for those patients and their families who are facing the end of life.  All of us will be in this situation at one time.  Let us hope the services are there when we need them.


Children and Youth Mental Health 


Resolution 2015.01: Increased Early Access and Intervention to Children and Youth Mental Health Services outlines the need for increased early intervention and access to children and youth mental health programs which are shared federal and provincial/territorial responsibility. 


Enclosed in the spring parish mailing were six copies of a postcard stressing the need for governments to take action on this issue.  Please encourage your counterparts to promote this issue and councils can print further copies and have members mail the postcards to their members of the legislative assembly, provincial ministers of health and premiers. Postcards should also be mailed to members of parliament, federal minister of health and the prime minister. Remember no postage is required when mailing to the federal government.


The Environment


Resolution 2015.03: The Banning of Neonicotinoid Pesticides

The environment also is part of the Education and Health Committee and I want to bring your attention to your yard and garden.  Please be aware of the fertilizers and plants you are buying.  Check to make sure your plants, shrubs, etc have not been treated with Neonicotinoid or other chemicals that kill pollinators.  Our bees and other pollinators are in a survival crisis and we need to bring them back.  So many of our crops and plants depend on these creatures for pollination and they will not produce without the assistance of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. We have lost many of the flowers and habitats that pollinators frequent.  I encourage you plant flowers and shrubs that attract pollinators. Our food chain can not survive without pollinating insects.  Our rural attendees can truly attest to the need for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.  It is our duty to protect all God’s creatures and protect our environment.


Our Provincial Government has made a deep cut in the money it flows to school boards.  Every day we read in the newspaper that various school boards are making drastic cuts to their educational programs and staffing levels.  Talk or write to the government on the need to fund education.  Our children’s education needs to be kept at a high level for them to succeed it the world.  It may save a few dollars now but we need to give our children a great education for them to succeed.



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Education and Health Communiqué - March 12, 2016 


Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Education and Health


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide  

Please contact elected officials to protest recommendations issued Feb. 25 by the Special Joint Committee of the Government of Canada on “Physician-Assisted Dying” 


Unacceptable recommendations that threaten vulnerable persons and/or which violate conscience rights include: 

  • Making assisted suicide available to those with psychiatric conditions (#3). • Including psychological suffering among the criteria making an individual eligible for assisted suicide (#4). 
  • Asking that serious consideration be given to making assisted suicide available to “mature minors” (#6). 
  • Requiring all health-care professionals to provide an “effective referral” (#10) 
  • Requiring all publicly-funded health care institutions in Canada to provide assisted suicide – including faith based hospitals and care homes (#11). 


Please contact your elected MP and your political leaders and urge them to work for protection of the lives of vulnerable persons, such as the mentally ill, the elderly, or those with disabilities. Please ask them to also ensure that no one will be forced to provide Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia against their conscience, including all health care providers as well as Catholic hospitals and seniors’ homes. (Providing a formal referral makes one morally complicit in the action.) 


Contact info: 

(NOTE: Mail may be sent postage-free to any MP)


Physician-Assisted Dying 

Most importantly, members must continue to pray that wise counsel will guide those on the PDAM to prepare recommendations that will be respectful of all people and the sacred gift of life. 


External Panel on Options for a Legislative Response to Carter vs. Canada 

The final report of the independent panel’s consultations urges Canada to strengthen its palliative care framework and to ensure safeguards are in place for all Canadians. You can find the final report at


Hospice Palliative Care Pledge Cards 

Parish councils should have received the individual and council hospice palliative care pledge cards along with the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy brochure and a letter from National President Barbara Dowding. Remind your diocesan counterparts to encourage councils to complete these cards and return to national office to be included in the spiritual and corporal works of mercy bouquet that will be sent to our Holy Father. 


Resolution 2015.02 Ban Microbeads in Personal Care Products 

A copy of a letter was sent to chairpersons regarding action that could be taken on Resolution 2015.02 through an on-line letter. The letter to the Hon. Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate change, requests a ban on microbeads in Canada. If you have not yet sent out this information, I encourage you to do so. The letter can be found at Write a point or two at the beginning of the letter to personalize it. 



Our Prime Minister and Premiers have been meeting.  On their agenda was a discussion on Green house Gases and the reduction of our carbon footprint.  They have reached a tentative agreement to study enacting a carbon tax.  They hope to future discuss at their fall meeting.  We will need to watch for the results of these discussions.

Saskatchewan will be holding a general election on April 4, 2016.  I encourage you to quiz your candidates on their views on euthanasia, palliative care, long term senior care, environmental issues and education.  Be an informed voter.  And please vote.



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