Catholic Women's League of Saskatchewan



CWL Implementation Committee


Do you have a passion for action and organization?

Consider appointment to the Implementation Committee, entrusted to bring to life The Catholic Women’s League of Canada 2018-2022 Strategic Plan! The future is bright; the goals are set; the objectives are waiting to be achieved! Through implementation of the strategies adopted by the national executive at the 98th annual national convention assembled, the League will move toward its envisioned future as an inclusive and engaged community of Catholic women inspired by faith.

What is the role?

If chosen, you will become one of four appointed members on the seven person committee. Working collectively in committee, you will provide coordination and oversight to a series of working groups, each established on a staggered basis, to design and implement an action plan for one strategy. As a committee, you will also report progress towards the objectives and recommend action plans to the national executive for consideration. You will be specifically assigned to manage working groups set up under one of four goals.

The goals?


  1. Members grow in faith by sharing, witnessing and developing leadership skills to create positive change.
  2. The League addresses and supports Catholic social teaching through advocacy.
  3. Through outreach and service, members foster a culture where all life is valued with dignity and respect.
  4. The League addresses critical issues identified by parish councils as obstacles to growth.

What gifts would I share with the committee?

You will be a leader with experience in project management, a commitment to planning, experience in organization and have strong attention to detail.

What would be expected of me?

The commitment is for a five year term. It is expected there will 1-2 two-day in person meetings annually, as well as regular teleconference calls. We anticipate the time commitment to be 260 hours per year, the commitment varying depending on the season, with spring and fall being the busiest seasons.

I want to be involved! How do I apply?


  1. Complete the attached application outlining your education, professional and volunteer experience.
  2. Prepare a two page essay describing outlining the importance of the League in each of the four following areas: the formation of members; shaping the future of Canada; performing corporal works of mercy; and using members’ time and talents wisely.
  3. Choose three references and ask them to submit a letter. The named references should be prepared to provide a letter explaining their relationship to you and describing their experience working with you on a project or series of projects, either professionally or through volunteerism.



Download the application here: Implementation Committee Appointment Form

(Right-click (control-click on a Mac) and choose “Save Link As...” to save the application to your computer.)


Submit all information to Kim Scammell at on or before September 30, 2018.

If you require more information, please contact Kim Scammell at the above e-mail address.