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Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2010

Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2011

Past President / Archives Communiqué - February 2012

Past President / Archives Directive - June 2012

Past President / Archives Report - March 2013

Past President / Archives Communiqué - #1 June 2013

Past President / Archives Directive - June 2014


Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2014


Tillie Aessie, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


Past President - The role of the past president is consultative and advisory. Others will draw on her experience when trying to make the best decisions for the council.


Duties of the Past President:
The past president shall:

  • Serve the council and president in a consultative capacity.
  • Be responsible for the archives and history of the council.
  • Facilitate and encourage the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws.
  • File with the recording secretary a copy of monthly and annual reports.

The past president should:

  • Advise the president when called upon
  • To encourage members to become knowledgeable about the Constitution & Bylaws.
  • Respond to questions related to the interpretation of the Constitution & Bylaws.
  • Help prepare and/or update a Provincial policy & procedure manual.
  • Prepare nomination letters and run the election of officers in an election year, normally in the odd years i.e.) 2013, 2015, 2017..........

Archival Tips - The passing on of history and tradition gives members a sense of pride and importance in belonging to the League.


The past president should:

  • Prepare an archival index of all materials.
  • Arrange for the safe storage of archival material
  • Preserve the council history through scrapbooks, photo albums and minutes, memory sticks, pictures on CD’s etc.

This concludes my report.


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Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2013


Tillie Aessie, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


Past-presidents are responsible to keep accurate records of their council, diocese and provincial activities and record their history. We as Archivists must promote the importance of preserving historical matter, from which valuable information, inspiration and enthusiasm for the League will be taken. There has been an increased awareness of the importance of maintaining such archives/history of the province’s activities - and keeping it up to date. – in particular when preparing for a major anniversary or another history book. The last history book was completed five years ago in June 2008 at our 60th annual Provincial convention. Hopefully the next one will be our 75th in 2023 God willing.


There are a couple of points that I would like to stress, mainly that archives represent the history of your council, so they need to be documented by

  1. To use archival paper (paper that will not turn yellow), photo copying newspaper clippings and remembering to put a date on everything, to name people in photos and preserve and display them appropriately.
  2. This then allows us to browse through the archives, celebrating our past achievements, recognizing friends of long ago and refueling our commitment to serve God and Canada as we proclaim “We have seen the Lord”.

The provincial archives are stored at Saskatchewan Archives (phone 787-0425), Treena Gillis, 3303 Hillsdale Ave., Regina, SK.


The other role we play is that of mentor and support for our presidents by helping them in any way we can so that our councils will remain strong, promoting and contributing to the life and vitality of the church, family and community.


This concludes my report.


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Past President / Archives Communiqué - March 2013


Gerri Holmes, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


My deepest regrets that I am not able to be with you AGAIN this weekend. Once again God’s blessings on a great meeting. 2013 has not been great year so far for so many of my relatives - I am attending a funeral for a 52 year old cousin.


Things are quiet in this role though I have been busy sorting out my past presidents items – just getting ready Tillie.


I am still waiting on past president reports so I can compile the info and send on my report to my national counterpart.


One of my duties as past president is to co-ordinate the election process in an election year, which this is. Where in the world did the last 2 years go. The letters have been sent out and some positive responses have been received but negatives replies have to date outnumbered them but the deadline isn’t until the 15th so …… please include an intention at your Mass for candidates to prayerfully consider serving at this level of the league.


This concludes my report


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Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2012


Gerri Holmes, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


Archives are the permanent history of your council, and should be a priority for every past president to maintain and preserve! It would be to your councils benefit to appoint someone if this is not of interest to you.


All archives should be kept in a locked filing cabinet on church property or in a secure facility. Your archives should be updated and reviewed every two years.


National Office Recommendation for filing:

  • Binders (large three-ring) and acid free file folders or large envelopes are usually the best manner in which to preserve historical information.
  • Photograph albums, with names, dates, location and occasion noted, are invaluable. Use of an acid free pen on acid free paper or typewritten information placed near the picture will give information about the people in the photograph when memories fail!
  • All information (especially newspaper clippings) should include names, publication and date.
  • Computer discs can be utilized for preservation of written information, but members need the visual history so all information stored on discs should also be committed to paper (acid free paper, where possible).
  • Treasurers’ books (ledgers only) are retained and may be placed in archives after five years. Cheques and receipts are kept for five years and then destroyed.

Minutes: Past minutes are archived after six years. They should be retained in dated binders or files. These minutes are a permanent record of council activities and must be kept forever! (Council minutes are kept by the secretary for the current president’s term and the previous two terms for a total of six years before being archived.)


Annual Reports & Motions Books: should be kept in an active file by the secretary for six years and then placed into an archival motions binder for historical purposes. Standing motions are retained in the active file until a motion is made to rescind that particular standing motion when it will be placed into the archival motions binder. Standing motions may be amended and as amended are kept in the current motions book.


Resolutions: Resolutions initiated or adopted by the council are kept until the resolution has been acted upon and resolved. The resolution and brief only then will be placed in the archives.


Miscellaneous Archives:

  • list of presidents, spiritual advisors, addresses, terms in office, dates
  • list of the council’s executive for each year
  • list of recipients of awards, maple leaf service pins, other League pins, with date of presentation
  • list of life members, honorary life members, addresses and year awarded
  • correspondence of historical interest, i.e., letters from/to church, political or community leaders, congratulations, plaques, documents for anniversaries, special services, etc.
  • special projects, including financial statements of the project
  • copies of council newsletters (one per year, unless several were outstanding!)
  • a record of the charter, dates, names of charter members.

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Past President / Archives Communiqué - February 2012


Gerri Holmes, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


As I write this communiqué, it is storming – one of the very very few we have had during this mild winter. We have also entered into the season of Lent – a season of repentance and conversion. As we journey in prayer and reflection, may we be honestly open with ourselves and each other, so that we can genuinely and joyfully sing on Easter morning – Alleluia He is Risen!!!


As we strive to preserve our past in our role, we also need to be looking ahead as to what our future holds. Guiding and encouraging where possible to bring out the leadership qualities of those around us to ensure there is someone to move forward to keep our organization viable. How available have we been?


A duty of most past presidents is chairing the election. Past National President, Danielle McNeill Hessian made some excellent points in her last communiqué and they are well worth repeating. I am going to put one part of it in this communiqué.


I quote: “The National Manual of Policy and Procedure ARTICLE XV ELIGIBILITY, NOMINATIONS and ELECTIONS clearly outlines the election process. It is critical that all of the steps from the eligibility list to the process for nominations are followed in order for the election to be successful. In my experience, councils often skip steps in the nomination process and private or “parking lot discussions” among the members determine who stands for office and in what position. These conversations may result in capable women removing their name from a position and could result in the loss of the best person for the position and a member who loses interest in serving. At every level, the League needs the best person in the position and not necessarily “the last woman standing”. A small point that needs mentioning is the distinction between the national, provincial and diocesan executive and national, provincial and diocesan council. The national executive refers to table officers, chairpersons and presidents at the level concerned while national, provincial, and diocesan council refers to voting and accredited delegates assembled in convention. The council includes life members while the executive does not,” end of quote.


Archives as always need to be preserved and I repeat leave NOTHING to memory. Mark the items right away as with the passage of time, names and details are forgotten. I am speaking from experience, at the time you think you’ll never forget that but six months to a year later the old memory doesn’t kick in like you thought it would and you end up kicking yourself.


May your Lenten journey be your best ever, and your Easter blessings abundant.


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Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2011


Gerri Holmes, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


Smiling to myself as I walked out of that convention room 21 days ago thinking ‘aw job complete.’ Now to begin my journey into this relaxing role as past president. I welcome the experienced that have already completed a year and the new just beginning as we strive to record and keep all things that will make up the history of our councils. Leave NOTHING to memory – as time passes the details get forgotten, so keep on top of things. Your archives need to kept on good quality material and copy your newspaper clippings as they yellow with age.


Things we will need to make our archives complete are:

  • Annual Reports
  • Written histories, scrapbooks, photo albums
  • Yearly executive and membership lists
  • List of parish presidents, advisors their addresses and terms of office
  • List of members who have received League pins /certificates with date of presentations
  • Photos of special events, with NAMES OF PEOPLE AND DATES

Since you have done such a good job of maintaining them show them off at every opportunity. Our past history has made us what we are today – be proud of it.


Your duties as past president also include serving in a consultative capacity to the new president as she begins her term in her way. Be available.


May your summer be relaxing and may we generate a renewed vigour during our relaxation to live our lives “Centered in Faith & Justice.’


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Past President / Archives Communiqué - June 2010


Yvonne Colleaux, Provincial Past President / Archives Standing Committee Chair


Welcome to the Archives Standing Committee in which we are privileged to record and keep all the materials pertaining to the history of our councils. These include:

  • Annual reports

  • Yearly executive and membership lists

  • List of parish presidents/spiritual advisors with names/addresses and term of office

  • List of recipients of League pins/certificates with date of presentations

  • Photos of special events, milestones, etc. including dates and names of persons in photos

  • Written histories, scrapbooks/albums, etc.

A reminder to update archives on a timely basis – otherwise, too much may be forgotten.


Your archives are to last a long time. By using archival quality materials and photocopying newspaper clippings you will ensure durability.


Take every opportunity to display your archives so your members can enjoy your past history and accomplishments and be renewed in their commitment to serve God and Canada as members of the League.


As past president you

  1. serve in a consultative capacity
  2. are responsible for archives and history
  3. facilitate the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws
  4. perform other duties as assigned by the president. (C&B – p.20)

Is your council having an anniversary celebration or a special project in 2010? In addition to including these events in archives, please remember our annual newsletter and forward write - ups and photos to Provincial Communications Chairperson Helen Kayfish as soon as possible after the event.


I wish you all a relaxing and fulfilling summer!


In keeping with our theme ‘Women of Peace and Hope’ may we always be ready to give the reason for the hope we have.


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