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Resolutions Communiqué #1 - June 2019

  Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Resolutions Chairperson



I suggest you read the national Resolution Communique #2 for a complete description of the changes that are coming to the Resolution process.  A new Resolution Supplement to the Executive Handbook (2019/01) has been written. It looks to improve various areas particularly when members debate “wordsmithing” rather than content of a resolution. The hope is to streamline the process and focus on the issue addressed in the resolution.  These new rules will be tested and used for the 2019 national convention.


At provincial annual convention we unanimously passed a resolution entitled “Regulating and Enforcing the Use of Electronic Logging Devices in the Commercial Trucking Industry” which had been gifted to us by the Council of the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Saskatoon.  Although we were looking forward to presenting it on the convention floor at national convention, Transport Canada has passed a rule that Electronic Logging Devices will be mandatory in all commercial trucks and buses by June 12, 2021.  So now we have no need to pursue this resolution any farther. And we are really pleased it is now law.


 Now is the time to start thinking and working on resolutions for 2020.  Your diocesan council needs to be aware of any resolutions by the end of November and the resolution needs to be presented to them prior to their February meeting so it can be prepared for convention.


I am looking forward to working on the National Resolutions Committee with the resolutions that will be presented at our national convention this coming August.


We need to be aware of the power and influence of our resolutions and follow up needs to reflect change in our province, country and beyond.


This concludes my report.



Past Resolutions Communiques





Resolutions Communiqué #2 - October 2017

  Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Resolutions Chairperson


At the 2017 annual national convention recently held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, four resolutions were adopted which can be found in their entirety on the national website The PDF download HERE entitled Resolutions At-A-Glance highlights key components of the resolution titles with the related standing committee’s responsibility, the resolved clause and accompanying action plans. 


2017.01 Full Implementation of the Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Gladue for Indigenous Offenders 


  • Urge the federal government to fully implement the R. v. Gladue decision by directing the courts of Canada to ensure that Gladue reports are provided to all judges before sentencing Indigenous offenders.  


2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites


  • Urge the federal government to enact laws requiring mandatory age verification mechanisms for adult pornographic websites.


2017.03 Zero-Rated Status Under the Goods and Services Tax Provisions of the Excise Tax Act for Child Safety Products


  • Urge the federal government to grant zero-rated status for regulated child safety products under the goods and services tax provisions of the Excise Tax Act.


2017.04 Protection from Coercion of Conscience for Healthcare Professionals  


  • Urge the federal government to amend the Criminal Code of Canada to be consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by making it an offence to coerce healthcare professionals into referring for, or performing procedures that are in opposition to their charter rights of freedom of conscience and religion.


Meetings with federal government representatives regarding the 2017 and other resolutions are currently being arranged by national office,


Diocesan and provincial councils are encouraged to host resolutions dialogue. The results would assist members in understanding the resolutions process at the local Level.  If any council is considering a resolution now is the time to inform your diocesan council of your intention.  Resolutions must be presented to your diocesan council by January.


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Resolutions/Legislation Communiqué #1 - July 2017

  Susan Melchiorre, Provincial Resolutions Chairperson


Now is the time for parish councils to begin their resolutions process. Supporting their endeavours may require organization, knowledge, and the skills to align resolutions with those requirements outlined in League resources.  I am also attaching a time line for the resolution process in Saskatchewan.  If you wish your resolution to be presented at next year’s conventions it is best to get started now.


Resolutions may be targeted for national consideration. Resolutions may be local, diocesan or provincial in nature.  Has it already been considered at some level? Use the National Manual of Policy and Procedure for step-by-step procedures,  and national/provincial/diocesan websites. Parish councils should be encouraged to engage the assistance of other members who may have a common interest in their topic.


Please remember media (newspapers, television, magazines) and internet blogs are not always reliable sources, but may reference a study or research. Government documents and scientific journals are examples of reliable sources.


Use the checklist properly when receiving submitted resolutions:


  • A completed resolution checklist. (Pages 22 and 23)
  • A completed action plan (Page 8)
  • Cited works in MLA format. (Page 7)
  • Flagged, numbered and highlighted all citations in the accompanying research material.
  • Send research and support material in a duo tang folder instead of a binder. It will make things easier for mailing and transportation.


Keep in mind that at each level where the resolution is examined, presented, debated and adopted, a thorough examination of all documents should be completed.


Resolution packages received at national office will be verified. Any resolutions forwarded without completed “Documentation/Citations” and “Other Information/Materials Required” sections will be returned. Refer to pages 20 and 21 of the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook, which outlines the criteria for acceptance by the national resolutions committee.


Once resolutions have been adopted at your provincial convention, it is then forwarded to National Office. Please contact me if you need assistance.


Please pray for all members who give life and service to the issues that may affect us directly or indirectly. 


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