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Provincial President’s Annual Report - 2015

Saskatchewan Provincial President  - Communique #1 - June 2016


Saskatchewan Provincial President Communique #1 - June 2016 


Wow a whole year has passed and so much has happened in our Province. It is time for a break and to look forward to the National Convention in Halifax.  This year we will have a new President, Margaret Ann Jacobs and Executive, what will the new theme be?


As all members and presidents know we will soon have to gather our people together and start a new year.  We also must take time to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our upcoming events.  The women we have gathered around us are so important to our success and we must let them know how valuable they are to us.  Everyone in our parishes works so hard to make the CWL the wonderful organization that it is and sometimes we don’t give them a pat on the back or words of praise.  To each and every CWL member in the province “God Bless You One And All” without you we wouldn’t exist.


Once again we struggle with our membership; we have to ask women if they want to join and if we have a happy, pleasant group of women who wouldn’t want to join.  One of our biggest hurdles is the young people … if they are not going to church we can’t get them to join.  It is the endless struggle.  Praying and good example are our best tools.


I look forward to working with all of you this year.  If you have any questions or needs please call me.  Also remember to keep me and the Provincial Executive in your prayers.


Your Sister in Christ

Jean Reader

Saskatchewan Provincial President



Provincial President’s Annual Report



Looking back over the last year it has had many highs and lows.  The lows of course were: our northern fires where 18,000 people were forced to leave their homes; La Loche where the world watched as the small community dealt with a horrible tragedy, we sent our sympathies and our prayers not only to Our Lady of the Visitation church but to the entire community; then came the arrival of the Syrian refugees where they met with cold weather but were welcomed with warm hearts.


There were many wonderful, happy and fun filled moments when we celebrated Anniversaries, years of service awards plus other awards.  I think the most fun has to be celebrating an Anniversary with the various parishes.

50th Anniversary Our Lady of Sorrows, Fort Qu’Appelle, September 15th. 

60th Anniversary St. Louis Parish, St. Louis, September 19th.

Sisters Legacy Recognition Unveiling and Mass, Wascana in Regina, October 1st.

90th Anniversary St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral, Saskatoon, November 21st.

75th Anniversary St. Mary’s, Macklin, November 22nd. 


Each and every parish spent a lot of time and energy preparing for these events.


April was the month for Diocesan Conventions, a gathering of the parishes, where old friends gathered and new friends were made.

Regina Diocesan Convention, in Regina, April 17th and 18th.

Prince Albert Diocesan Convention in Goodsoil, April 23rd.

Saskatoon Diocesan Convention in Wilkie, April 25th.

Here was a chance for all Parishes to learn and hear what was happening in their Diocese and what the Executive was doing.


I attended the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada on behalf of our CWL members in the Province.  It was very interesting and informative, and yes, they have the same issues that we do, falling membership and dealing with Euthanasia plus other secular problems.


The winner of our 2015 Social Justice Award of one thousand dollars went to Melaine Fauchoux of Saskatoon, the daughter of Margaret Schwab, our Provincial President Elect.


With Pope Francis declaring this the “Year of Mercy”, each and every parish was organizing their people to help celebrate.  Big or small events were happening and are still happening; the Holy Spirit is guiding our hearts and minds as we spread our Mercy.


This year as well Marlene Schnell was awarded the Bellelle Guerin award for outstanding service to not only her CWL and parish but also her community.  We were very pleased to have our National President Barb Dowding make the presentation.  To make the evening more special Marlene’s three daughters joined the CWL and received their CWL pins from their Mother that evening.


I have written more reports than I care to count this year, some for Provincial CWL and then some for National.  I attended National Executive meetings on your behalf where I have not only got to meet the National Executive but also the Provincial presidents what an experience.


I want to thank you all for your support during the past year, prayers were appreciated and those who stood by me as I forged ahead.  Of course I depended on my two pillars for support and guidance namely Tillie Aessie and Marge Szabo.


Respectfully submitted.

Jean Reader, Provincial President