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Regina President's Report - October 2011

Regina President's Report - November 2012

Saskatoon President's Report - March 2013

Regina President's Report - March 2013

Provincial President's Report #1 - June 2015

Provincial President's Report

Jean Reader, Saskatchewan Provincial President
June 2015

Here we go starting out in a new session of League activities. If you are a president you are the leader but as we all know we are only as good as the people we have around us and I can assure you that I have wonderful supportive group of women who are looking at the future of Our League.

When it came to making up a new executive the Holy Spirit inspired many women to step forward and use their special gifts to make this a wonderful faith filled endeavour and as a result we have a filled every position. At our Provincial convention you could see the excitement in everyone as we renewed old friendships and made new ones. The message from our National President, Barb Dowding was so inspiring, she was speaking from the heart and you could tell. Now it is our turn to take that enthusiasm and make it work at every level of our League.

Please call if you have any enquiries or needs. We have many new things happening so please keep in touch.

I am excited about our next couple of years and I hope that you are too. Please include the executive and your new President in your prayers.

Your Sister in Christ
Jean Reader
Saskatchewan Provincial President
Regina, SK
Home: 306-791-0925
Cell: 306-540-4339

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Regina President's Report - March 2013

Since our last provincial meeting in Lumsden, in early November, most of my time has been spent on preparing for the Regina Diocesan Convention. The convention will take place in Estevan on Sunday, April 21st and Monday, April 22nd. Our guest speaker for the banquet and our guest presenter for the business session is Father Denis Phaneuf. I heard him speak at a CWL Retreat in Sturgis last October and was so moved by his insightful, faith filled message that I wanted to share his talents with everyone at our convention. I welcome all of you to attend as we know it will be a rewarding experience.

The month of December was rather quiet as far as CWL responsibilities so my time was spent preparing for my family who all came home for Christmas. In January and February, I wrote and sent out many invitations to special guests for the convention. Archbishop Daniel Bohan has once again agreed to be our celebrant at the opening Mass. Also, I helped St. Ann CWL Council in Kennedy fill out the application forms necessary to nominate Theresa Istace for the Bellelle Guerin Award.

The month of February was busy with writing reports and preparing for the Regina Diocesan CWL Executive meeting on February 23. At this meeting we finalized many details for the annual convention. We also discussed the amalgamation of three parishes in Regina and how that will affect our CWL councils. In early February I spoke at the Christ the King CWL Dinner in Shaunavon, on the objects of the League. During the last week of February I did my final mailing to the 79 CWL Councils in the Regina Diocese.

These past two years as president, have flown by so quickly! I’ve gained a lot from this wonderful experience. I’m sorry I’m unable to be with you today so I could thank all of you for your friendship and support. A big bouquet of appreciation to Tillie Aessie, Marge Szabo and Marge Appell, for always being there for me in my many times of need! God bless all of you and have a very productive meeting.

This concludes my report.

Chantal Devine, President
Regina Diocesan CWL Council

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Saskatoon President's Report - March 2013

Catch the Fire workshop is scheduled for Our Lady of Gracy Region at Holy Spirit for April 13 and St. Peters Region in Lanigan is looking at April or May. Hopefully the spring will be better for all to attend.

I extend an invitation for all to attend the Diocesan convention in Humboldt on April 29th. Bishop Don Bolan will be our celebrant at mass. The guest speaker is our National President. A resolution "Uphold Status Quo of Saskatchewan: A Province with out a High level waste repository" will be brought before the delegates. Invitations have gone out and a few replies have come back.

At our February meeting, dispite the snow, we had a good meeting. We looked at ways to utilize the transportation fund from provincial to assist attending the national convention. As guest speaker we had Fr. Gregory Roth speak on the theme "We Have Seen the Lord" He spoke on Mary Madgeline and then tied it in with the Year of Faith. The ladies were most appreciative of his talk.

This first year is going very quickly and is a learning curve. One never stops learning and I appreciate everyones friendship and help along the way.

This concludes my report.

Ruth Hiebert
Saskatoon Diocesan President

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Regina President's Report - November 2012

St. Therese of Lisieux believed in doing little things with great love. She followed the “little way, the way of humility”, said Father Phaneuf in his talk at the one day retreat in Sturgis, Sk. sponsored by the Yorkton/Melville Regional CWL Council. He went on to say,” Humility is freedom from pride and arrogance, an honest estimation of “who you are”. Humble people have no trouble asking others for help, are careful not to hurt others and are peace makers. Out of living a life based on the virtue of humility comes a sense of peace and joy as one is in communion with God and with our neighbour. In his homily at the 92nd National Convention, Most Reverent Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton said, ”There is no room for division in the body of Christ”, just as there is no room for division in the CWL. We must be humble and forgiving women, as we work with one another in our CWL activities. Fr. Phaneuf continued by saying that “People are attracted by your joy and love and it is those qualities that will attract women to the Catholic Women’s League.” In this year of faith, let us follow the example of St, Therese, The Little Flower of Jesus, and commit our lives to doing little things with great love, and with humility pray “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

On October 27th, St. Paul’s CWL Council in Vibank, hosted the first “Catch the Fire” workshop for the Weyburn Regional CWL Council. It was an educational, motivational and faith/fun filled experience. I would like to encourage all Regional Councils to invite the diocesan team to present this interesting workshop in your area in the coming year. Please contact Marge Appell, Organization Chairperson, for further information. There is funding available from National to host this workshop,. Also, National has launched a “Catch the Fire” Participation Contest, where 12 lucky parish councils will have their members’ national per capita fees waived for 2014. The winning councils will have encouraged a high level of participation by their members in the “Catch the Fire” workshops. Regional Councils are encouraged to have more than one workshop per year and members may attend as many workshops as they are able. The greater the attendance by members of one council the greater their chances of winning the contest! Please take note of the Participation Form in this mailing and make photo copies of it, so you may enter the contest again and again!

November is election month for all councils! You will recall that last year at this time I asked all councils to hold their elections in November. The form for noting changes of your executive is in this mailing and should be mailed by December 15th to my correspondence secretary, Vicki Mayer, her address is printed on the form. This will allow Vicki to make the changes necessary to our new Regina Diocesan Directory so that it will be available to all councils at the Diocesan Convention on April 21 & 22, 2013 in Estevan. I again encourage all councils to hold elections in November or to at least rotate positions within your council to revitalize it!

The new CWL theme for the next 2 years, beginning January 1st 2013 is “We Have Seen the Lord”. Vivian Bosch. Honorary Life Member, has put together a workshop on that theme with 3 sub titles;

  1. Seeking His Face
  2. Encountering Jesus in Scripture
  3. Sharing His Mission

Please keep this workshop in mind when planning your CWL council activities for 2013-2014.

This fall, the Regina Diocesan Council Executive formulated and passed a brand new funding application to cover expenses for a guest speaker at one mini convention per year hosted by a Regional Council. Please take note of the application form in this mailing and I hope all Regional Councils will take advantage of it.

In this mailing you will find a new insurance form from the CWL national office. Please note that the premium is now only 60 cents per member rather than $1.00 per member as it was in past years. I encourage all councils who host public functions to take out insurance to protect your selves against the unexpected. Submissions must be sent by December 1st, 2012.

As I mentioned earlier, the Regina Diocesan Convention will be held on Sunday, April 21 st and Monday, April 22nd, 2013 in Estevan. The Estevan Regional Council is already hard at work to make this a successful and rewarding convention for all of you. Also, as I’m sure you are aware, August 10-14th, 2013, Regina will host the National CWL Convention! Please, mark your calendars now and plan to attend! Have some fund raisers to help set off the cost for those attending. In this year of “Catch the Fire”, let’s support both conventions by being there and showing our support for the League!

So, as we continue our journey as Catholic women, convinced that the gifts we receive by being members of this wonderful organization , will, in turn, spur us on to offer the gift of the League to every Catholic woman we meet. In so doing, we will be helping ourselves as well as other Catholic women achieve the ultimate goal, of eternal happiness in heaven. In the words of St. Therese of Lisieux,” Let us go forward in peace, our eyes upon heaven, the only one goal of our labors.”

This concludes my report,
Chantal Devine
Regina Diocesan President

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Regina President's Report - October 2011

In Matthew 5.14-16 we hear Jesus telling His people, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket, it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

After attending the Fall Leadership Workshop at Jack Fish Lake, I couldn’t help but think of this bible passage. Our Creator has blessed us with so many gifts and He expects us to use them to serve others and in so doing glorify His Holy Name! What better way to use our talents than by accepting an executive position on our CWL council. November is election month, so I encourage you to take a position of leadership in your council. Whether we’re on the executive or not, each of us as members of the CWL, has a responsibility to share the gift of the CWL with others in our community. Work with your spiritual advisor to become more visible in your parish by designating not just one Sunday per year as CWL Sunday, but several Sundays a year. Wear your CWL sashes on these Sundays and have one of your members speak to the congregation about the workings of the League and invite new members to join so that they may also enjoy “Fun, faith and fulfilment.” At the National Convention, our National Spiritual Advisor, Most Reverent Martin Currie reminded us “to go back to our roots and welcome immigrants and refugees to the League.” Another suggestion made at the convention was that we write letters to the Catholic Schools in our diocese and invite the teachers and administrators to take a membership in the League.

Thank you to all councils who’ve invited me to attend their Regional Fall Gatherings, Mini Conventions or special anniversary celebrations. I am so impressed with your commitment to the League and the countless hours of devoted service you give to God and Canada!

In this mailing I’ve enclosed the Annual Report Forms (not on website) ( for all standing committees. Please note I’ve asked that you return your completed forms to Marge Appell by December 15th. This is earlier than in past years, because we want to make sure all forms are received in plenty of time so that each diocesan convener can make up their annual report and send it to their provincial counterpart. Please take some time at your November or December meeting, to complete the forms and mail them by December15th.

Also, if there are any changes to your executive, please inform Christa Lapointe, Correspondence Secretary, of these changes as soon as possible so we can keep our CWL Council Directory up to date. Please find enclosed a recently revised list of the Regina Diocesan Executive 2011-2013. Please destroy any old lists you may have and remember these lists are not to be distributed.

This year my husband and I will be celebrating Christmas with our daughter and her family in the US, and in January, we will be in Mazatlan, Mexico. So from December 13th to February1st, I’ve asked Marge Appell, President Elect and Organizational Chairperson to take your calls during my absence. In closing, may I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and may our Lady of Good Council continue to guide us in our quest for Faith and Justice.

This concludes my report,
Chantal Devine

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