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St. Joseph's CWL, Moose Jaw, SK plant tree and flower garden


On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the CWL in Canada,  St Joseph’s CWL, Moose Jaw, along with the newly formed Catholic Girl's League members, planted  a hardy, long-living Burr Oak tree to provide shade to the Memorial Bench for the Unborn and Infant loss at Sunset Cemetery.  


We were fortunate to have member Sarah Wist Regent, also the city horticulturalist, to assist us with her expertise. CWL members had not gathered in person since November, so it was a wonderful opportunity to get together. The Catholic Girl's League members were very involved in the planting, volunteering to do most of the heavy work of moving soil.




Following the tree planting, we proceeded to a nearby park where we presented the members of the Girl's League with recognition of their participation in the first term of the St. Joseph's Catholic Girl's League.



Another worthwhile project is the Girl's League planting and helping to look after the flower beds by St. Joseph’s Church this year.


During a Zoom meeting with CWL member and city horticulturalist, Sarah Wist Regent, the St. Joseph's Catholic Girl's League members learned about flowers that could be planted. They went to the greenhouse with the adult leaders to choose the plants, and planted the flower beds. The girls will take turns weeding and watering the flowers. The photo below includes Deacon Lamont Dyck, who prayed a blessing for the garden after it was planted.






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St. Patrick’s Parish CWL in Sturgis, SK - Preeceville branch - plant tree June, 2021


lt to rt: Father Michal Pajak, President Nellie Knihniski, Bea Sekel, Lorraine Strijak, Arlene Lingl,

Kathleen Pitt, Donna Balawyder, Norma Appel , Zita Serhan


The Preeceville branch of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada planted a spruce tree sapling at the Roman Catholic cemetery in Preeceville, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the League, June 17, 2020.  Due to COVID-19 shutdowns, the celebration was extended into 2021, and this sapling was planted in June, 2021. 



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Regina Diocesan meeting September 26, 2020


Regina Diocesan CWL held a meeting Sept. 26. The  meeting was online due to the pandemic. 



Left to right, Top Row: Janette Rieger, President-Elect and Organization; Sharon Mayor, Spiritual Development;

Linda Maddaford, First VP and Community Life; Rachelle Johnson, Southwest Regional Chairperson;

Agnes Smith, Christian Family Life.
2nd Row: Donna Sugden, Esterhazy Regional Chairperson; Viola Joel, Treasurer; Blanche Bellerive, Legislation and Resolutions;

Fr. Thomas Mutavanattu, Spiritual Advisor; Marilyn Schuck, Past-President and Archives.
3rd Row: Camille Goski, Weyburn Regional Chairperson, Joan Popoff, Recording Secretary, Yvonne Bachelu, President,

Judie Williams, Our Lady of Good Counsel Regional Chairperson.
Bottom Row: Connie Gibson, Estevan Regional Chairperson.


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Weyburn St. Vincent de Paul CWL Tree Planting, August 2020




In honour of the CWL's 100th Anniversary, St. Vincent de Paul CWL, Weyburn, has donated towards a deciduous tree that will be planted in the City of Weyburn. The plaque reads “In Honour of the 100th Anniversary of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada June 2020”. This plaque, acknowledging the donation, will be on display in the City Hall in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.





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Regina Holy Family Parish 2020 Centenary Project August 2020



Members of Holy Family Parish (Regina SK) participated in the 2020 Centenary Project by planting a Mountain Ash tree to commemorate the League’s 100th anniversary.  The tree was planted next door to the parish, at Michael A. Riffel High School.  Members socially distanced for the planting and a special prayer and blessing was given by Father Wilfred Calinawan.



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Regina Archdiocesan Luncheon, March 11, 2020

    Submitted by Janette Reiger, President elect of Regina Diocesan CWL Council




The Archdiocese of Regina hosted a lunch with Papal Nuncio Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi, Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen, and representatives of Emmanuel Care, the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association, the Knights of Columbus, and the Regina Diocesan CWL.   Janette Rieger, Regina Diocesan President-Elect, was representing President Yvonne Bachelu who was unable to attend. His Grace Archbishop Bonazzi listened to each delegation talk about their organization, its strengths and its challenges.


Janette told Archbishop Bonazzi that one of our biggest challenges is membership numbers. Archbishop Bonazzi looked at our Archbishop and to Janette and said, “I tell all the bishops to tell their priests that it is up to each priest to ‘find’ their own replacement “. Good advice for the CWL too!



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St. Vincent de Paul CWL, Spreading Some Christmas Joy.

    Submitted by Pat Wolensky



Christmas time each year has a group of ladies from the St. Vincent de Paul CWL dig out their hidden talent, their costumes, and their props, and get together to bring some Christmas cheer to the nursing homes in Weyburn.
















Under the direction of president, Fran Messer, and with the accompaniment of Vic Messer, her very good-natured husband, this group share songs, skits, and fellowship with the residents.  













After a short program which finishes with the Christmas story, the members share dainties, baked by our members, and coffee with the residents.  CWL members brought a cake to celebrate the birthday of one resident, Jeanne, who is a long time CWL member.








It is often difficult to tell who enjoys these afternoons more, the residents or our CWL members!  


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St. Mary CWL, Tribune, celebrate their 60th anniversary on October 23, 2019.



  Diocesan President Yvonne Bachelu presenting 60 year certificate to members of Tribune council.  


St. Mary CWL, Tribune, celebrated their 60th council anniversary on October 23, 2019 with a mass concelebrated by Archbishop Don Bolen and Fr. Francis Plaparampil, pastor.  At the mass, three certificates for long term service were presented to members.  What made the celebration special was that Marion Shorthouse, who received a charter member certificate, also played the organ as she has done for years, and presented a history of the council.



Front Row l to r: Rita Zackrisson, Betty Herlick, Janice Ashworth, Marion Shorthouse, Marie Tytlandsvik, Bernice Ernst,

Ryan McKenzie. Back Row l to r: Archbishop Bolen, Fr. Francis Plaparampil.



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St. John the Evangelist CWL, Marquis, celebrate their 90th Anniversary, June 22, 2019.


l to r: Chantal Devine, Noreen Buettner, Bev Waldenberger, Lynda Thul, Evelyn Kuntz, Marvel Coghlin


On June 22, 2019, St. John the Evangelist CWL Council in Marquis, celebrated their 90th anniversary. Newly elected Provincial President, Chantal Devine, was the guest speaker. As a member of the Marquis council, it was so appropriate that she was there celebrating this important milestone with her council sisters. She congratulated everyone on their dedicated service to God and Canada and encouraged them to continue building on the strong

foundation established by their foremothers.  







Provincial CWL President, Chantal Devine presented a 90th

Anniversary certificate to Council President, Bev Waldenberger.












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75th Anniversary Celebration of Christ the King CWL in Shaunavon, SK



Christ the King CWL in Shaunavon celebrated their 75th Anniversary at Evergreen Villa Seniors Home on Saturday, October 5th, 2019, from 2-4 pm.  This location made it easier for our special long-serving members to attend.  Irene Cadieux was the MC.  She opened by asking all present to join in prayer for Beth Lewans, a long-time active member, who passed away the day prior to the celebration.  Irene then shared memories from past years recorded in the archive books. 


Seven past-Presidents were at the celebration.



Past Presidents (from left to right):   Elaine McNabb, Linda Lewans, Laurette Tetrault,

Joe-Ann Ruetz, Irene Cadieux, Helen Girodat, Karen Lewans.


Members from Shaunavon and two out-of-town guests that were former members attended. Messages and greetings were read.  Father Melchor gave a special blessing then anniversary cake was enjoyed by all.




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Regina Diocesan CWL elects new executive for 2019 – 2020 in Weyburn, SK. May 2019


The 2019 Regina Diocesan Catholic Women`s League Convention took place at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Weyburn on May 5-6 with over 180 in attendance including members, dignitaries and guests.  The Weyburn Regional CWL headed by Camille Goski planned and hosted the convention.


The convention began on Sunday with registration and refreshments, rosary in the church and the Opening Mass at 4:30 pm.  The celebrant was Fr. John Weckend, Regina along with Fr. Thomas Mutavanattu, Regina; Fr. Valentine Emobi, Raymore; and Fr. Francis Hengen, Indian Head concelebrating.







Following the mass, the banquet was held in McKenna Hall.    




Greetings were extended by Aime Isabey, Weyburn Knights of Columbus; Marcel Roy, Mayor of Weyburn; and Dr. Robert Kitchen, M.P Souris-Moose Mountain.  The keynote address was given by Tashia Toupin, Social Justice Co-ordinator for Regina Archdiocese on the new CWL theme, “Care for Our Common Home”, based on Pope Francis` encyclical, “Laudato Si”.  She spoke, referring to St. Francis of Assisi, that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.  Creation is God`s gift to us.  She also spoke on the issue of water that we in the global north over-consume.  Water poverty is affecting the poorest countries and the most vulnerable people.  Because our world is interconnected, we need to be aware of how our actions affect other people and systems.  While we have many problems regarding the environment, there is hope and signs of resurrection, e.g. reforestation of the Sahara desert, solar farms in the desert, municipal recycling and composting.


The evening entertainment was Variations Choir conducted by Colleen Weimer, offering a variety of Broadway hits for an enthusiastic crowd.


The Monday business agenda included greetings from Margaret Schwab, Saskatoon, who is the Provincial CWL president as well as Helen Kayfish, North Battleford, the Prince Albert Diocesan President and Ingrid Eggerman, Watson, the Saskatoon Diocesan President.  Marilyn Schuck, Regina Diocesan President, reported on a successful year for the Diocesan CWL.  The Regina Diocesan council members gave reports on diverse topics, such as Family Catechesis, the annulment process, Save the Children launching a National Reconciliation Program, the euthanasia issue related to children and mature minors, the difficult problem of balancing environmental issues with economic health of our communities, and changes coming to the structure and operation of the Catholic Women`s League across Canada.


The second keynote speaker was Denise Mountenay, from the Edmonton area, and founder of Canada Silent No More and Together for Life Ministries.  Denise gave a personal testimony of her experience of abortion and how abortion harms women, men, families and the nation.  She showed a trailer of the video, “ HUSH”, a documentary that shows there is a breast cancer link to abortion; that there is cervical-uterine damage (from abortions) that is linked to pre-mature births in subsequent pregnancies; and that mental health studies show that 81% of women who have had abortions will experience depression, anxiety and have suicidal ideation.




The convention heard a short message from Carl Hetu, executive director of Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) about the work his organization does in the Holy Land to protect and assist Christians who are under great stress because of the situation in the Middle East.


A new executive was elected for a two-year term and includes:

President: Yvonne Bachelu, Regina

President-Elect: Janette Rieger, Emerald Park

First Vice-President: Linda Maddaford, Yorkton

Treasurer: Viola Joes, Regina

Secretaries: Joan Popoff, Moose Jaw and Cynthia Schultz, Regina

Standing Committee Chairpersons:  Sharon Mayor, Emerald Park; Agnes Smith, Lafleche;

Blanche Bellerive, Regina; Laura Dubois, Regina; Lynda Thul, Marquis

Past-President: Marilyn Schuck, Weyburn



The new Regina Diocesan Executive:

Front row, left to right: Lynda Thul, Communications; Joan Popoff, Recording Secretary; Janette Rieger, President-Elect & Organization; Yvonne Bachelu, President; Linda Maddaford, 1st Vice-president & Community Life; Marilyn Schuck, Past President; Blanche Bellerive, Legislation & Resolutions; Sharon Mayor, Spiritual Development; Agnes Smith, Christian Family Life; Viola Joel, Treasurer. Missing is Laura Dubois, Educ. & Health.
Back row, left to right:  Fr. Wilfred Calinawan, Fr. Thomas Mutavanattu, Archbishop Don Bolen, Fr. Francis Hengen, Cynthia Schultz, Corresponding Secretary







At the closing mass celebrated by Archbishop Don Bolen of Regina, a new spiritual advisor was installed, Fr. Thomas Mutavanuttu of Regina, for a 5 year term.  The new executive was also installed to carry on the work of the Regina Diocesan CWL Council for the next two years.





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Charter certificate for Indian Head CWL








Marilyn Schuck, Regina Diocesan President, presents Mary Tiebler a charter certificate at the celebration of St. Joseph CWL 65th Anniversary on April 28, 2019 in Indian Head.









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Lorraine Beler from St. Joseph's Council, Moose Jaw Celebrates 100th Birthday.



Lorraine Beler, from St. Joseph's Council, Moose Jaw, celebrated her 100th birthday in February. She has been a CWL member for 63 years. St. Joseph's council honored her at our November meeting when we reminisced over photo albums and scrapbooks. She was also acknowledged when she attended the CWL/K of C Winter Social. Lorraine lives in her own apartment, and walks a block to the Cosmo Seniors Centre most days to participate in the activities. Thank you, Lorraine, for being an inspiration.


       Lorraine with President, Joan Murphy,   

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Holy Angels CWL, Pangman, congratulate centenarian, Edith Bernard.






Edith Bernard of Holy Angels CWL, Pangman celebrated her 100th birthday in January, 2019.  Edith has been a member of CWL for over 60 years, first belonging to Khedive CWL, and then Pangman CWL.  She has held office of president at various times and is still active with her council in Pangman.  Congratulations, Edith, from your diocesan CWL sisters!








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Holy Family Parish Council fill wish list items for Marian Centre


 Ginette Chicoine, Leona Streifel, Jean Boyko, Helene Marceau, Cecilia Lipoth


Members of Holy Family Parish Council (Regina, Saskatchewan) chose filling wish list items for the “Marian

Centre Men’s Clothing Room” as the charity to support at their 2018 Christmas social.  The Marian Centre provides meals and used clothing for men in need.   




Three grade eleven students from Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School also participated as part of their Christian Ethics service project. 











  Students Ariana Smith, Brady Streifel, missing Bailey Mattern


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The Southwest Region, Swift Current has a New Banner



Susan Pridmore presides at the meeting in Swift Current of the newly formed Southwest Region created by amalgamating two adjacent regions. October 20, 2018.  


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Holy Family reinstated CWL in Radville, SaskOctober 18, 2018



 The first organization meeting for the reinstated Holy Family CWL in Radville, Sask.

In the center is Fr. Thuy Nguyen, Spiritual Advisor and Geraldine Woitas, President.


The Holy Family CWL council was disbanded in 1996 but with help from Fr. Thuy Nguyen and Regina Diocesan President, Marilyn Schuck, and Weyburn Regional president, Camille Goski, 13 new members were inducted.



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Regina Diocesan Executive members at the National CWL ConventionAugust 14, 2018


 From left to right:  Sharon Mayor, Marilyn Schuck, Donna Sugden, Yvonne Bachelu


At the National CWL Convention in Winnipeg  in August, Regina Diocese executive members took advantage of a photo op depicting the history of the fur traders interaction with indigenous people.



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Palliative Care Comfort Cart - Holy Family, Regina, Saskatchewan

   Leona Streifel, President, Holy Family CWL 


Members of Holy Family Parish Council, Regina chose the "Palliative Care Comfort Cart" as the charity to support at their spring windup.  Over 300 items for patients and their family members were donated as well as $500.00 to be used for the food program on the palliative care ward at the Pasqua Hospital.  Volunteers make cinnamon buns, cookies, and soup on the ward on a regular basis.  


Comfort cart and items





Leona Streifel presents comfort cart items and money to Marlene Jackson, Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator of Palliative Care Services at Pasqua Hospital in Regina. 










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Pampered Purses - Holy Family, Regina, Saskatchewan

 Leona Streifel, President, Holy Family CWL   



Members of Holy Family Parish Council (Regina, Saskatchewan) chose the “Pampered Purses” as the charity to support at their Christmas Social.  Over 40 purses were donated and filled with items every woman needs and donated to a local women’s shelter.



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Report from the 95th Annual Regina Diocesan Convention--2018

 Lynn Jones, Regina Diocesan Communications Chair              





The 2018 Regina Diocesan CWL Convention took place at St. Gerard’s Parish in Yorkton on Apr 29-30th with over 200 in attendance including members, dignitaries and guests.


The convention began on Sunday at 2 pm with registration and refreshments, rosary in the Church and the Opening Mass at 4:30 pm.  Our celebrant was Archbishop Donald Bolen, with our Spiritual Advisor Rev. Ed Hengen and attending priests concelebrating. 


Following mass, the banquet was held in the parish hall.  Guest Speaker was Rev. Rene Mangahas on the topic of “Inspired by the Spirit, Women Respond to God’s Call” which is our current CWL theme. ­­­­­­­­­­­­Rev. Rene used his love of music to get his message across starting with an Amen Clap to music from Sister Act, Sound of Music and ABBA.  His energetic speech had everyone captivated until his final bible quote of the evening.  Matthew 28: 18 to 20. 


The entertainment for the evening was the quartet singing group called BAABA.  They entertained the crowd with music from ABBA.  Their costumes and lip syncing were a wonderful continuation from the earlier speaker and had everyone from young to old singing along with them.





Monday morning began with a morning devotion, followed by the Presentation of Colours, Notice of Calling of Convention which commenced the business sessions of the day. 


Margaret Schwab our Provincial President, Shirley Lamoureux, Prince Albert Diocesan President and Marlene VanDresar (on behalf of Ingrid Eggerman), Saskatoon Diocesan President all brought greetings.


Dr. Mary Deutscher provided our members with her talk on “Protection of Conscience for Health Care Professionals.  Mary took us through the Canadian Landscape of what is happening in the courts, understanding what conscience means (Legal or Philosophical) and what are the next steps.


Margaret Ann Jacobs our CWL National President brought greetings from National and conducted a workshop with all members present allowing members to voice their opinions on the future of our CWL in Canada.  The topics ranged from how to increase membership, lack of engagement, marketing of the League, use of technology just to name a few. 


The diocesan executive presented their oral reports with diverse topics such as palliative care, future of our CWL, Theodore School Board decision, Pornography Hurts and other areas of concerns.


The Executive for 2018-2019 were reaffirmed as follows:

President – Marilyn Schuck

Past President & Archivist – Lynn Rogers

President Elect & Organization Chair – Yvonne Bachelu

First Vice- President & Resolutions/Legislation Chair – Janette Rieger

Recording Secretary – Marilyn Mudry Lautsch

Corresponding Secretary – Wendy Pitre

Treasurer – Donna Seebach

Spiritual Development – Denise Soroka

Christian Family Life – Bernice Gobeil

Communications – Lynn Jones

Community Life – Marjorie Butel

Education & Health – Sharon Mayer

Rev. Ed Hengen – Spiritual Advisor


Following tradition, the Travelling Madonna was passed on from the Southwest Regional Councils to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Yorkton/Melville Regional Councils. 


The convention ended with the retiring of colours and a closing mass celebrated by Rev Ed. Hengen with other priests in attendance concelebrating.  Reaffirmation of the executive was done at the closing mass. 



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50-year celebration of Holy Trinity Parish and Holy Trinity CWL


Back row, left to right: Velma Harasen, Past National President; Marilyn Schuck, Diocesan President, 

Margaret Schwab, Provincial President; Debbie Bulych, Holy Trinity CWL President, and Sharon Mayor, Regina Regional President 

Front row,  left to right: Jean Reader, Past Provincial President and Resurrection CWL member Corinne Edworthy 


September 9th, 2017 marked the 50th anniversary celebration for Holy Trinity Parish, Regina as well as Holy Trinity CWL Council.  We were blessed to have Archbishop Donald Bolen preside at all weekend masses as well as attend our supper held after the 5 p.m. mass on Saturday.  

Holy Trinity CWL members were in evidence, wearing their traditional shoulder sashes.  Several former CWL and parish members came back to the church to attend the celebration.  

The program after supper consisted of words from Archbishop Donald Bolen, Archbishop Emeritus James Weisgerber, Velma Harrison on behalf of our CWL National Council as well as others.  There were a few charter members present who received certificates and corsages.  Also present were many CWL past presidents as well as Jean Reader, Saskatchewan Past Provincial President.  

A lovely roast beef meal was enjoyed by all as we filled the house!



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Preeceville—Sturgis CWL Activities


We are fortunate to have two councils, and members from both Preeceville and Sturgis councils were photographed in front of the altar after CWL Sunday mass in April. With them is Father Marcin Mironiuk, who has now moved to another parish.


Preeceville and Sturgis CWL


Front row, left  to right: Anne Sopel, Gladys Walowski, Father Marcin Mironiuk OMI, Marion Milette, Nathasia Lingl, Nellie Knihniski.

Second row, left to right: Viola Skogen, Amelita Vargas, Bernice Schmidt, Shirley Woytas, Marcia Yagelnesky, Arlene Beatty.

Third row, left to right: Anita Desroches, Delores Orban, Arlene Lingl, Lillian Smith, Geraldine Galiz, Brittany Halkyard, Kathleen Pitt, Laurie Decker, Barbara Biccum, Beatrice Sekel, Carole Haubert .

Top row: Donna Balawyder, Marie Ann Suknasky, Amy Galiz, Leona Kowalchuk, Jeanette Budnick, Barbara Wagar, Lisa Serdachny.

• • • •


We are so fortunate to have two young girls in our council, and one has graduated this year. During Sunday mass in April, a graduation presentation was given by CWL President Donna Balawyder to Sydney Giddings.


Sydney Giddings and CWL President Donna Balawyder


In the first week in August, St. Patrick’s Preeceville branch R-092 participated in a parade in the town of Preeceville for the 150 Canada Day celebration. Photos by Brittany Halkyard.


  Nathasia Lingl and Arlene Lingl



Left to right: Arlene Lingl, Nathasia Lingl, Marion Milette, Nellie Long, Bea Sekel, Kathleen Pitt.




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Regina Diocesan CWL Convention 2017


The 2017 Regina Diocesan CWL Convention took place at Christ the King Parish in Shaunavon on April 23 & 24 with 169 members, dignitaries and guests attending. Activities began on Sunday at 1:30 pm with registration, the rosary and Opening Mass at 4 pm. Mass was celebrated by Diocesan Spiritual Advisor, Rev. Ed Hengen, with all attending priests concelebrating. Following the mass, fellowship and the banquet was enjoyed in the parish hall. Guest speaker, Carla Carlson, author, lawyer and CWL member from Swift Current spoke on her book “Everyday Grace: Finding Your Extraordinary in Ordinary Everyday Life”. Her book formed the basis for her presentation as she challenged us to discover our everyday grace and live a life incorporating daily acts of mercy. Carla’s stories inspire us to start our works of service from a foundation of love. Staying Alive, a local entertainment group capped off the evening with old familiar tunes and some musical theater.


The Catholic Women’s League will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2020 and in response to the centenary challenge, many colourful lap quilts had been made by individuals or councils throughout the diocese, and these were on display in the church. These quilts will be donated to various palliative/hospice care homes, nursing homes or individuals in the province.


Quilts Quilts Quilts





Monday began with Morning Devotion, followed by Presentation of Colors. Notice of Calling of Convention commenced the business session of the convention. Provincial President, Jean Reader, was present and updated the members on Provincial business. Prince Albert Diocesan President Shirley Lamoureux and Saskatoon Diocesan President Marlene VanDresar brought greetings. Greetings were read from National CWL President, Margaret Ann Jacobs, MP David Anderson, and MLA Doug Steele.


The Diocesan Executive delivered their reports mentioning the 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care, Euthanasia and Doctor Assisted Death, the Theodore School Board decision, and many other areas of concern. Lynn Rogers, outgoing President, was presented with the Maple Leaf Service Pin.  


This year was an election year. The following is the Diocesan Executive for 2017-2019:


  • President - Marilyn Schuck
  • Past President and Archivist – Lynn Rogers
  • President-Elect and Organization Chair - Yvonne Bachelu
  • 1st Vice-President and Resolutions Chair - Janette Rieger
  • Recording Secretary – Marilyn Mudry Lautsch
  • Corresponding Secretary - Wendy Pitre
  • Treasurer - Donna Seebach
  • Spiritual Development - Denise Soroka
  • Christian Family Life – Bernice Gobeil
  • Communications - Lynn Jones
  • Community Life - Marjorie Butel
  • Education & Health - Sharon Mayor
  • Legislation - Vicki Mayer


Father Ed Hengen remains as Spiritual Advisor.


Following tradition, the Travelling Madonna was passed on from the Regina Regional Council to Our Lady of the Prairies and Our Lady of the Fields Regional Councils, co-hosts of the 2017 convention.


Regina Archbishop, Donald Bolen, theme speaker for the afternoon, spoke on “Beyond the Year of Mercy”. He shared four central points with regard to Mercy: Mercy is here to stay - it is the heart of the gospel; Mercy is a kind of love - God loves us and cares for us with joy despite our sinfulness; Mercy gives rise to internal virtues of faith, hope and love; and Mercy gives rise to external virtues such as justice, compassion and reaching out to others, especially the poor. He encouraged us to carry forward the Year of Mercy by being people of profound hope.


The Convention ended with the retiring of colours, and the Closing Mass at 3 p.m. The main celebrant was Archbishop Donald Bolen with priests in attendance concelebrating. The new Executive was installed at the mass. A blessing of the lap quilts and commissioning prayer was celebrated following the installation.


The 2018 Diocesan Convention will be held in the Yorkton/Melville Region on April 29 & 30.


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