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-- Saskatoon Diocese Communiqués and Annual Reports can be found HERE 


See Saskatoon CWL Clothing Depot HERE.




Holy Spirit Council, Saskatoon, Hosts IWIN Backpack Presentation and Hope Restored

Submitted by Adele Giblin, June 2022


On June 1, 2022 Holy Spirit CWL hosted the presentation of IWIN (I'm Worth It Now) backpacks from Calgary headquarters to Saskatoon's Hope Restored organization. These backpacks are filled with a change of clothes, personal care products, a prayer bracelet and a note card, to survivors of human trafficking. These women have been rescued by police service and were welcomed by the eight bed Hope Restored safe shelter and rehab center, which was established in Saskatoon in Nov. 2019.


12 CWL members attended the presentation. Left to right: Diane Cote, St. John Bosco, CWL Liaison with Hope Restored, Camille Rochon and Shannon Granger Holy Spirit, Connie Crichton St. Mary’s, Maureen Smith-Windsor Holy Spirit, Mikayla P. a staff member of Hope Restored to accept backpacks,  Dennis, delivered backpacks from Calgary IWIN,  Margaret Schwab Holy Spirit, Corinne Harms St. Augustine. Not in photo, Shirley Sander St. Augustine, Melissa Schubert, Yvonne Rogers, Diane Hergott and Adele Giblin from Holy Spirit.


Following the formal presentation, CWL members sang the CWL Blessing over the backpacks.  Prayer bracelets were handed out to members who accepted to be a silent prayer sister to the recipient of a backpack.


June 14, we hosted Joeline Magill, Executive Director of Hope Restored, to inform us more about the facility.  We presented her with pajamas, socks and cash to help with some of the Hope Restored needs.  


Adele Giblin and Maureen Taylor from Holy Spirit CWL presenting honorarium and gifts to Joeline.










  Saskatoon Diocese 86th Annual Convention 2022



Members of the Saskatoon Diocese gathered at St. Mary's Parish Hall in Macklin, SK on Monday April 25th, for the 86th Annual Saskatoon Diocesan Convention. It was a faith-filled day led by Diocesan President Audrey Zimmerman. Guest speakers included Cathy Bouchard - National Spiritual Development Chair and Myron Rogal - diocesan coordinator of Justice and Peace. The day was concluded with Mass celebrated by Bishop Mark Hagemoen (photo submitted by a member).


For a more detailed report and many more wonderful photos, please see the article by Kiply Lukan Yaworski on Catholic Saskatoon News.



HAPPY 70th ANNIVERSARY - St. Mary’s CWL, Fox Valley, SK

     Submitted by Kendra Volk, CWL Past President & Organization, Fox Valley , SK


On December15, 1951, thirty five ladies met for the purposes of organizing the first St. Mary's Fox Valley CWL, Diocese of Saskatoon, previously the Diocese of Gravelbourg (taken from the Fox Valley 2004 history book, page 114 volume 1).




On December 5, 2021, Father Francis Appiah Kubi blessed our members with a special Mass.  CWL members stood to recite a renewal prayer led by President, Shirley Greenwald and also celebrated members who served 10 - 40 years “for God and Canada.



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15-year Service Pin Presentation


Helen Belsher received her 15 year service pin, December, 2021. Also in the picture are Organization chairperson, Andrea Willenborg, and Co-President, Mary Kehrig (right side)





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60th Anniversary of Tramping Lake CWL




The 60th Anniversary of ST. Michael's CWL of Tramping Lake, SK was celebrated on September 29th, 2021. Mass was said by their Pastor, Fr.Gregory Roth. CWL members and families and parishioners, invited guests
and members of the Saskatoon Diocesan CWL and the Provincial/Life member CWL attended.



Diocesan President Audrey Zimmerman presented a certificate of Congratulations to St. Michael's CWL president Christine Lang (left). Susan Melchiorre presented the certificate commemorating their 60th anniversary to  St. Michael's CWL president Christine Lang on behalf of CWL provincial president Chantal Divine. 



Following Mass we proceeded to the Cemetery and FR. Greg blest the graves. Due to covid-19 lunch was not served.



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70th anniversary celebration of Holy Family Cathedral CWL, Saskatoon



Co-presidents Margo de la Gorgendiere (left) and Mary Kehrig (right)

flank Saskatoon Diocesan President, Audrey Zimmerman (middle),

at the council’s 70th anniversary celebration in September, 2021.



Father Cooper welcomed us, explained the role of Mary, and  wished us well. 



Holy Family Cathedral CWL Council shared the celebration of their 70th anniversary

by giving out cupcakes to parishioners after a Sunday Mass in October.





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Maple Leaf pin presentation to Wendy Dale, for outstanding service


Wendy Dale, Andrea Wallenborg, and Mary Kehrig (co-president of the council).



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Holy Family Cathedral CWL give donations to Haven Kids’ House


Members of Holy Family Cathedral CWL provided many donations

for Haven Kids’ House (formerly Crisis Nursery) in December 2021




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Eileen Schneider received the Maple Leaf Award for 2020


Eileen Schneider received the Maple Leaf Award for 2020 from Andrea Willenborg (Holy Family Cathedral Dec. 2021).  Mary Kehrig, co-president, is holding the microphone.



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Saskatoon Diocesan CWL Annual Meeting of Members, 2021

  Submitted by: Yvonne Wiesner, Communications


The Saskatoon Diocesan CWL held their Meeting of Members/AGM on May 3, 2021 at Queen’s House of Retreats in Saskatoon. Some members attended in order to have a quorum and the rest attended virtually.


President Ingrid Eggerman opened the meeting and the prayers to Our Lady of Good Counsel and the League Prayer were said.  


Bishop Mark extended his greetings and his sincere appreciation and gratitude for the life of the CWL and their ongoing work and mission.  He is so grateful for indirect support of parish ministries, support of Catholic Schools and Pastors, support of marriages and family life, for their work in reverence for life, justice and witness, for their care and stewardship of creation and the environment, for their witness to Christian unity and ecumenism, and extended great thanks for their voice around the safeguarding action plan and the CCB to make churches safe and honorable places of worship.  Bishop Mark also discussed the 6 components of the diocesan pastoral plan:


1. Draw people into a deeper intimacy with the Lord 2. Make every Sunday matter 3. Embrace God’s call to live your vocation 4. Promote a healing journey and service in the Church 5. Build and support family and community 6. Move from maintenance to mission.


Highlights from annual reports:


President: Sad that the 100th Anniversary celebration had to be cancelled due to covid; tree planting extended; discussion for constitution amendments and membership fee increase to be extended to August, 2022; check national website for updates to the strategic plan; postcards to be  sent out lobbying government re: pornography and palliative care. Suggestions for letters are on provincial and national websites.  9 councils are celebrating major anniversaries this year. St. Michael’s CWL in Calgary started the IWIN program.


Spiritual Advisor Claire Heron: spoke on spiritual eastering (inner transformation) and decreasing grieving. We need to trust the resurrection of the spirit within us.


Provincial President Chantal Divine: memberships declining and costs escalating. Main income is from memberships so we either increase membership fees or increase memberships


Treasurer Connie Crichton:  2193 members in 2020, as of May 3, 2021 there are 1569 paid members;  33 of 42 councils paid. Connie leads a virtual Rosary on Monday and Wednesday evenings and a Lady of Good Counsel Rosary was presented to her.


Organization and Spiritual Development, Audrey Zimmerman:  Only 1/3 of councils sent in annual reports, social media has attracted 2 new members. A crest is available for creative projects. CWL to have Masses read to end the pandemic.


Christian Family Life and community Life, Flaviana Rodulfa-Loken:  spoke on the Year of St. Joseph, WUCWO, exploitation and human trafficking, CNEE, Development and Peace. She quoted:  When we pray God listens, when we listen God talks, when we believe God works. So when we have a problem Pray.


Resolutions, Margo de la Gorgendiere: Unfortunately Bill C7 (on MAID ) passed, but this will not change the convictions of those working for sanctity of life.  Need to work on a resolution for preparedness for the next pandemic. MP Kelly Block has put forward a private members bill, Bill C-268 for the protection of freedom of conscience.


Education & Health, Mary Kehrig (read by Marlene Van Dresser) info. on human Trafficking Awareness, IWIN program, and Hope Restored. There are 117 reserves on a boiled water advisory.

Our Lady of Grace, Vina Edwards: Twilight Retreats were cancelled and they became a Go To online Lenten Retreat given by Fr. Ken Forrester OMI on three consecutive Tuesdays with the topic of Stepping into the Heart of Lent. The sessions were on 1. Heart of Gratitude 2. Heart Centered on the Poor 3. Heart of Mercy.

Clothing Depot, Marlene Kooch:  with safety guidelines we have been able to continue operating the depot in between closures due to the pandemic. During the winter months winter clothing was left outside. It is such a needed venue and is so appreciated. $34,000 was donated to charitable organizations.

Archives, Past President Marlene van Dresser : We need to preserve history, share our life stories, and answer the call to Holiness.


Spiritual Advisor, We especially welcome Fr. John Annan-Bonsu as our newly installed Spiritual Advisor: He is from Ghana, has 6 siblings, in August will be a Priest for 12 years, and has been in Canada 3 years. He started as assistant at Holy Spirit and is now in the “Holy Land”.  He has 4 parishes, Eston, Eatonia, Marengo, and Kindersley. Ingrid presented him with a Mass kit from the CWL.


On Monday April 25, 2022, Macklin will be hosting the next Annual Meeting.


Our new President is Audrey Zimmerman, a warm and bubbly farm girl who has 2 boys and 2 girls and 11 grandchildren. She is a 45 year member of the CWL and has held numerous executive positions.


The meeting closed with the Year of St. Joseph Prayer.


A formal thank you was given to Marlene van Dresser and she was presented with the Maple Leaf Service pin for her 12 years of very dedicated service and commitment to the League and Canada.


Holy Mass followed with Fr. John Annan-Bonsu presiding.  Today is the Feast of St. Philip and St. James and in his homily Fr. John talked about their association with and belief in Jesus, he asked “what is your soul desiring?” St. Augustine said “We are restless until we rest in Him”.  Fr. said prayer is conversation with God and Jesus says “I am the way, the Truth and the Life”. Jesus is enough for us. As members of the CWL we are here because of Jesus, he is the source and the summit and with him we can work and bear fruit. God is always with us. We are witnesses to Jesus Christ and others should see the image of Christ in us. Prayer is very important and as Mother Theresa says:  Pray. Pray. Pray.


The new executive for 2021-2023 were installed virtually before the closing of Mass. President Audrey Zimmerman, Past President/Archives Ingrid Eggerman, President Elect/Organization Margot de la Gorgendiere, Secretary Florence Sirman,  Treasurer  Connie Crichton, Spiritual Advisor Fr. John Annan-Bonsu,  Chairpersons Mary Kehrig, Flaviano Rodulfa-Loken, Marion Laroque, Mary Jacobi, Yvonne Wiesner, Beatrice Wacholtz, Avis Hardy. Also  Wendy de Sa, Our Lady of Grace Region rep and Louise Kowalski Clothing Depot Chairperson.


A link will be made available thru the provincial website to watch the total meeting and Mass.


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      Farewell to Fr. Derye from Holy Family CWL, Saskatoon, SK


Presenting a rose bouquet and then singing a blessing over their spiritual advisor Fr. Deyre.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021, Holy Family CWL presented Fr. Deyre with a rose bouquet thanking him for being our spiritual advisor for the last 5 years.  June 23 was his 9th year of ordination and he will soon be returning to the Philippines to continue his work there.  He blessed our CWL tree, a Starlite Flowering Crab, which was planted a year ago to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CWL in Canada.  


Father Deyre blessing the CWL tree while CWL members watch. Co-president,  

Margo de la Gorgendiere, thanks Father for his guidance and wishes him well in his future calling.



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      Holy Spirit Food Drive ― Provincial Theme: Inclusion: Acts of Kindness

Submitted by: Adele Giblin, Co-President Holy Spirit CWL


    Holy Spirit Saskatoon CWL and parishioners responded so generously to the May 1, 2021 Food Drive.    




We drove three vehicles full of non-perishable food to Guadalupe House where there was a pantry needing food for those in need in the community.   


photo:  Executive ready to accept food.

Left to right, front to back: Marlene Kuch, Member at Large; Diane Hergott, Community Life; Margaret Schwab, Co-President; Barb Blom, Spiritual; Melina Palendat, Christian Family LIfe.

Taking photos: Adele Giblin, Co-President and Past President




Fr. Graham and Deacon Paul both shared BIG THANK YOU’S for our time and effort to provide the “outstanding generosity”.  





We gathered food, renewed friendships, and met new friends outdoors while wearing our masks and social distancing.

photo: Diane Hergott & Elaine visiting. Other ladies are going to unload another car of food donations.


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      St. John Bosco Saskatoon – Lenten Plastic Bag Bed Mat Project


COVID has impacted the functioning of parish councils throughout the pandemic.  Our St. John Bosco council continued to meet monthly through Zoom meetings, carrying out our commitments as much as possible.  But as the Lenten season approached this year, one of our members suggested a project that we decided to pursue – the making of plastic bag bed mats.  Choosing to commit to this project connected us in a common goal, prompted us to reach out to the wider parish community and resulted in creating something usable to those who find themselves living on the street in our city.


The call went out for the donation of plastic grocery bags to our parishioners, the school communities attached to our parish and to friends and family.  Some of our members cut the grocery bags into loops, others tied the loops together to make balls of plarn, and six members committed to crocheting the mats.  Each bed mat measure six feet long by three feet wide and requires 500 to 750 plastic bags depending on the size of the stitch and thickness of the plarn.  All members worked from their homes but we did make contact by dropping off on the door step plastic bags for cutting and tying and rolled plarn for the next phase of the making.


Our efforts resulted in the completion of 11 bed mats which exceeded our initial goal.  The Clothing Depot in Saskatoon has agreed to distribute to those in need.  We were blessed with the idea, the willingness of many members to participate and the donation of so many bags!  A cost free project!





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      Two Reasons to Celebrate:  CWL’s 100th Anniversary and St. Theresa Council’s 95th Anniversary




On May 12, 2021 members of St. Theresa’s CWL Council, Rosetown, SK planted a Gladiator Rosybloom Crabapple Tree in commemoration of the !00th anniversary of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.  We are please to be part of this project in helping the environment and celebrating the national theme “Care for Our Common Home”.


St. Theresa’s Council in Rosetown is celebrating its 95th Anniversary this year 2021; we chose to also make the tree planting project part of our anniversary recognition.




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      Catholic Girls League –- a First in Saskatchewan


The first Catholic Girls League in Saskatchewan was started at Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon in October 2019. Their focus in the first year was on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Two of their activities were providing mittens to schools and sending cards and letters to shut-ins.



Members of the Holy Spirit Catholic Girls League join the ladies from the Holy Spirit CWL

in the parish hall at Holy Spirit Church in Saskatoon. 



Donations from parishioners at Holy Spirit Church for the CGL project

of collecting mittens/gloves for less fortunate children in our schools.




Packing mittens for school children by CGL members, working from home during the pandemic.



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  Diocese of Saskatoon Chrism Mass



Margot de la Gorgendiere, Chantal Devine, Connie Crichton, and Mary Kehrig 

represented the Catholic Women's League at the Chrism Mass held at

Holy Family Cathedral  in Saskatoon on April 1, 2021.



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  Saskatoon Diocesan CWL Lenten Retreat 





May His Spirit help us to come to know the heart of the Father.


TUESDAY,  FEB 23 @ 7:00 P.M.         “A HEART OF GRATITUDE”






Each session will be approximately 1 hour.


Fr. Ken Forster OMI is a Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate. His ministry has been in British Columbia and Alberta, in parish ministry as well as with First Nations on reserves and in Downtown East side Vancouver. He was superior of the Oblate Mission in Kenya for nine years. He completed a term of six years in leadership of the Lacombe Oblate Province as Provincial before coming to assist in Saskatoon in St. Philip Neri Parish and in the Mission Office at Queen’s House.


Log in to the meeting site below by clicking on the link at least five minutes before the start time. No pre-registration required.


Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. See details below.  
You can also dial in using your phone.
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9373
Access Code: 916-437-061

If you have inquiries call Ingrid Eggerman, Saskatoon Diocesan President at 306-287-3780 or email



Details for joining the conference call are in the pdf download below:  


IMPORTANT: Set this up well before the meeting:


Click here: Details-for-conference-call.pdf



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  Wilkie CWL Spread the Joy  





The ladies of the St. James CWL were given a challenge by their spiritual leader, Fr. Santhosh. He asked them to find a way to bring a spirit of hope and positivity to their community of Wilkie, Saskatchewan; especially to those who were living alone or experiencing depression because of the limitations due to the pandemic.


The CWL ladies started a special project they called "Spread the Joy". Starting in December, 2020, they began selling vouchers that allowed the buyers to enter the names of 3 people who they would like to be the recipient of a beautiful floral arrangement to brighten their day. Over 700 names were entered. The floral arrangements really are bringing Joy to the lucky recipients.






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  St. Mary’s Parish CWL, Fox Valley, contributes to New Community Hall  



The St. Mary's Parish CWL a Fox Valley committed to raising $5,000.00 for the new hall project.


The first event we participated in was the Home Town Heroes Event, at which we catered a Ham and Knefla supper (German noodles). With the supper proceeds and the sale of the extra noodles we were off to a good start, raising the first $3,000.00.  


We moved on to participate in the Chase the Ace evenings (until COVID-19 hit) preparing and selling light suppers or snacks which helped raise the remainder of the money.


So proud of our CWL ladies!



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  Phyllis Kary, 50 year pin  


Congratulations to Phyllis Kary, member of St. Augustine CWL Council in Saskatoon, who recently received her 50 year pin.  A pandemic doesn't stop us from acknowledging our valued members!








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  Saskatoon Pro-Life Chain, October, 2020 



Provincial President, Chantal Devine standing up for life at the Pro-Life Chain In downtown Saskatoon on Sunday, October 4, 2020.  Joining her is Joe Sikora, a fervent pro-life supporter from St. Patrick’s Parish, Saskatoon.








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  Saskatoon Holy Spirit CWL Out and About, August/September, 2020 


Seven Holy Spirit CWL members ventured out to our traditional golf and/or lunch social outing on August 4.  It was a lovely day to be at Greenbrier Golf Course. 


We met at Holy Spirit Church parking lot, bringing our own bagged lunch, drink, and lawn chair so we could physically distance in our covid world.


After-golf picnic


Five other members joined us for lunch and we all thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company since we have not seen each other for so long.




On August 23 and September 12 our CWL executive met in the same parking lot and had two executive meetings. Our plans for the foreseeable future were organized without having meetings planned due to the pandemic.  We will be communicating and educating more as time passes.  We will be a vibrant council despite many restrictions. 

Executive meetings



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  St. Anne CWL Council, Saskatoon SK, Centenary Project May, 2020 



St. Anne CWL Council recently completed a tree planting project to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Catholic Women’s League in Canada.  A Thunder Child Decorative Cherry Tree was donated by a council member and planted on the church grounds by the parish custodian, assisted by council members.  A plague will be added to signify the tree was planted this year in celebration of the milestone anniversary and, in keeping with our National theme “Care for Our Common Home”, as a way to help the environment.  The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, read about the project in the Winter, 2020, issue of The League magazine, page 2, and decided this was a way she could assist her council in marking this memorable occasion.      



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  A Successful Towel Drive for the Clothing Depot Feb/March, 2020 


St. Augustine CWL council in Saskatoon held a towel drive from February 15 to March 11, 2020 to support the CWL Clothing Depot located in the Friendship Inn in the inner city of Saskatoon.  A total of 221 towels and facecloths were donated by the generous parishioners.  That’s a mountain of towels!


Back row left to right:  Eileen Levasseur, Helen Antonishyn, Ev Devon, Maria Wourms, Angie Wollbaum, Sharon Jorgenson, Marcella Pilsner, Sharon Sacher, Iona Stites, Lynn Gorecki, Caroline Wilkinson, Marlene VanDresar, Shirley Sander, Fran Fennig
Front row left to right:  Mary Saskiw, Zoria Herman



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REPORT: Cathedral of the Holy Family Workshop, Feb. 29, 2020&

      Submitted by Connie McGrath, Saskatoon Diocesan CWL Communications Chairperson


Cathedral of the Holy Family CWL, Saskatoon, hosted a workshop on Saturday, February 29, for Our Lady of Grace Region.  Nine of the 10 Saskatoon councils were represented, plus St. Mary’s, Lanigan, and St. Michael’s, Tramping Lake.   









Ingrid Eggerman, president of Saskatoon Diocesan CWL and Audrey Zimmerman, president-elect, welcomed members.







Marlene VanDresar, past president, guided members through spiritual and social justice reflections.  She said Pope Francis encourages us to create a culture of care by embracing social love.  Others know this is social justice.  He calls us to intervene in the concerns for the planet and “Care for Our Common Home”.  We can join heaven and earth by connecting to God in the Eucharist.  It is a privilege to do so.





Mary Nordick, co-president of St. Philip Neri CWL and Life Member, was introduced.  Being a Life Member is an honour that gives her a permanent place on the national council, voting privileges, a voice in affairs, and eligibility for a national appointment.   With privilege comes responsibility.  A Life Member is expected to provide support and active service in her own parish council and be available to serve as facilitator/mentor at all League levels when requested.  Thank you to Mary for her resolve to continue to be actively involved in CWL. 




Connie Crichton and Margo de la Gorgendiere explained the 5 year Strategic Plan which started two years ago and aims to revamp the CWL organization.  The 8 standing committees (and 35 subcommittees) are being merged into 3 strong foundational pillars:  Faith, Service, and Social Justice.  Councils are free to prioritize but are encouraged to be as active as time and energy allow. 

Follow the progress at





The workshop closed with the Prayer of Renewal.  With God’s guidance and grace, we pray the Catholic Women’s League will remain vibrant for the next 100 years.



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  St. Patrick’s CWL Council's Hawaiian Event, Feb. 12, 2020 







On February 12, 2020, St. Patrick’s CWL Council in Saskatoon hosted a Hawaiian-themed event, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere and featuring a delicious Hawaiian chicken and vegetable lunch. Saskatchewan Provincial President, Chantal Devine, brought greetings to St. Patrick’s CWL Council. St. Patrick CWL Council President, Flaviana Rodulfa- Loken extended a warm welcome to everyone, and Father David Tumback, pastor of St. Patrick Church, shared an inspirational message.




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  Cathedral of the Holy Family Presentation, Feb. 1, 2020 




Saturday, February 1, 2020

Cathedral of the Holy Family

123 Nelson Road

Saskatoon SK

Theme:  Care of Our Common Home

Beginning with mass at 9:30 am followed by our meeting.  Lunch is a free will offering.

All are welcome

All Council Presidents or their designate and Core Executive Members are members of the executive. 

We encourage all councils to be represented and bring as many of your members who are able to attend.  We would love to see as many members as possible in attendance.

Guest speaker - Albert Brown, Director of Justice Programs for The Salvation Army and Saskatoon Community Services. He will give a presentation on human trafficking and pornography addiction in Saskatchewan.

Your Diocesan Executive needs your input. Any inquiries?

Call Ingrid Eggerman, Saskatoon Diocesan President at 306-287-3780 or email



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  Saskatoon CWL Diocesan Council Winter Gathering, Sat. Feb. 1, 2020 



You can find the agenda HERE.





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  Guadalupe Parish hosting a KAIROS BLANKET EXERCISE (KBE) on Saturday, January 11, 2020 



Guadalupe Parish will be hosting a


on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 12:00 noon

at St. Mary’s in the upper hall.


KBE is a teaching tool that is designed to raise awareness of the nation-to-nation relationship between indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. The –participants represent Indigenous peoples and are joined by Europeans or newcomers as the script traces the history of the interaction between Europeans and indigenous Nations in Canada.


The exercise helps to deepen understanding of how First Nations, Inuit and later Métis peoples lost access to their land and what impact this loss had had on their communities, both in the past and today. The KBE includes an opportunity for participants to share their response to the experience.



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    St. Mary's Council, Saskatoon, Christmas Tea and Bake Sale

December 7, 2019 


St. Mary's CWL Council in Saskatoon recently held their annual Christmas Tea and Bake Sale. Admission to the tea, raffles, a 50/50 draw, and of course, baking proceeds, contributed to over $3,000 being raised, making this the most profitable year for this event.





More people attended the Tea and Bake sale than ever before, making the event a huge success. Thanks to Astrid Alas and other members of St. Mary's youth group for helping with the serving.











Jean Shirley, a long-time member who has helped with many Tea and Bake Sales, helped with the clean-up when everything was over. 











Much of the proceeds for this event go to supporting spiritual care at St. Paul's hospital in Saskatoon. This is the only hospital in the province that has around-the-clock paid staff for spiritual care. The provincial government ceased to fund spiritual care in Saskatchewan hospitals in September, 2017. Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that does not fund spiritual care in their hospitals and nursing homes.


St. Mary's council also holds an Easter Tea and Bake Sale that helps to fund other needs in the community as well as sponsoring several televised Masses that so many of their members who are shut-ins watch daily.


These Tea and Bake Sales have been held at St. Mary's for over 40 years and provide an opportunity for many in the area to get together for socializing and stocking up on their holiday baking.



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    Minutes from the Saskatoon CWL Core Executive Meeting

November 23, 2019 


 Saskatoon CWL Core Executive met at Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre on Saturday November 23, 2019. The minutes and Standing Committee reports are available HERE.



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    Holy Family Cathedral CWL donated 25 back packs - December, 2019 


Saskatoon Holy Family Cathedral CWL donated 25 back packs to men at the Correctional Centre for our Christmas project. Restorative Ministry suggested including either a) pyjamas, stuffy, and an appropriate book for their children, or b) toiletries and snacks for the men. We collected these at our December 11, 2019, meeting/party.





    Maple Leaf pin presentation, Holy Family Cathedral CWL - December  



The Maple Leaf pin is given to a member who demonstrates an exceptional amount of service over many years. The worthy recipient  at Holy Family Cathedral CWL this year is long-time member Doris Smith who has held many executive positions (including president), was on the Clothing Depot executive for 6 years, is on the Refugee committee, arts and environment committee and is in the Resurrection choir. Her willing and eager but humble style is an inspiration to all of us. Co-presidents Mary Kehrig and Margot de la Gorgendiere presented Doris with the pin at the annual Christmas meeting/party.


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    Indigenous Awareness Presentation  - St Mary’s Parish - November 26  





  Praying for intentions, Holy Family Cathedral, Saskatoon 


Marina Preciado and Sally Woytowich are placing their personal intentions. Every meeting we have the prayer bowl out for members to deposit their intentions.


A  member volunteers takes home the bag of intentions and pray the accompanying prayer over them every day for the month between council meetings.


Prayer to accompany Prayer Bowl Intentions

Lord Jesus, thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon us. I come to You today and thank you for the privilege of praying for others. I ask You first to cleanse my heart and show me if there is any unconfessed sin in my own life so that my prayers for others will not be hindered. I thank you, that through Your name, I can come boldly before You and pray with confidence according to Your will, and know that You hear me.

Lord Jesus, I lift up these prayers of my CWL sisters to You. I ask You to intercede for them, fulfilling their needs according to Your will. I commit these prayers to You in Jesus’ name.  Amen.




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   Unity Workshop, October 26, 2019 




Saturday, October 26, 2019

St Peter Catholic Women’s Council

St Peter’s Church

201 Fifth Avenue West

Unity, Sask.


St Joseph Regional Council Presents:


“Care of Our Common Home”


 Registration: 9:30


Workshop:  10 AM to 3 PM


St Joseph Regional Council, CWL invites you to join them for a presentation from members of the Saskatoon Diocesan Council. 


Come and learn.  All are welcome. Lunch provided


This will be an interactive and fun workshop/retreat to invigorate you and bring you closer to your League sisters.


We encourage your councils to be represented and bring as many of your members who are able to attend. We would love to see as many members as possible in attendance. For information or to register call Kim Ducherer, St Peter Council President at 306-228-9664 or email



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   Cudworth Workshop, October 5, 2019 



Saturday, October 5, 2019

St Michael Catholic Women’s Council

St Michael Church

503 Main Street

Cudworth, Sask.


St Peter Region Council Presents:


“Care of Our Common Home”


Registration : 9:30


Workshop:  10 AM to 3 PM


St Peter Regional Council, CWL invites you to join them for a presentation from members of the Saskatoon Diocesan Council. 


Come and learn.  All are welcome. Lunch provided


This will be an interactive and fun workshop/retreat to invigorate you and bring you closer to your League sisters.


We encourage your councils to be represented and bring as many of your members who are able to attend. We would love to see as many members as possible in attendance. For information or to register call Ida Rose Wilde, St Michael Council President at 306-233-7390 or email



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  Saskatoon Diocesan Executive Meeting 

Ingrid Eggerman





Monday, September 9, 2019

Holy Spirit Parish 

114 Kingsmere Place

Saskatoon SK

Theme:  Care of Our Common Home


Beginning with mass at 9:30 a.m. followed by our meeting.  Lunch is a free will offering.


All are welcome.


All Council Presidents or their designate and Core Executive Members are members of the executive. 


We encourage all councils to be represented and bring as many of your members who are able to attend. We would love to see as many members as possible in attendance.


Guest speakers – Fr. Dennis Phaneuf will talk on The Mental and Physical Health for the Vitality of Christians


Your Diocesan executive needs your input. Any inquiries?

Call Ingrid Eggerman, Saskatoon Diocesan President at 306-287-3780 or email


Saskatoon Diocesan Catholic Women’s League

Fall Gathering Tentative Agenda

Monday September 9, 2019

Holy Spirit Parish, 114 Kingsmere Place, Saskatoon SK


9:30 AM                  Opening Mass – Father Daryl Millette

10:00 - 10:30 AM    Registration/Coffee/ Muffins

10:30 AM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Opening prayer – Audrey Zimmerman
  3. Host Council Greetings – Andrea Gelleta, President of Holy Spirit Council
  4. Call for any additions to Agenda
  5. Approval of minutes of February Executive meeting at St Philip Neri, Saskatoon
  6. Roll Call – Susan Melchiorre
  7. Correspondence – Susan Melchiorre
  8. Treasurer’s report – Connie Crichton
  9. President’s Report – Ingrid Eggerman
  10. Spiritual Advisor’s report/ foundation – Claire Heron


10:45 AM              Standing Committee Reports:.

  • Organization – Edna Hodgson
  • Spiritual – Audrey Zimmerman
  • Christian Family Life – Flaviana Rodulfa-Loken
  • Education and Health – Mary Kehrig
  • Community Life – June Gorgchuck
  • Resolutions and Legislation – Margot de la Gorgendière
  • Communications – Connie McGrath
  • Past president/archives – Marlene VanDressar
  • Regional Chair – Vina Edwards
  • Clothing Depot Report – Marlene Kuch


11:15 AM           Speaker: Fr Dennis Phaneuf : Mental and Physical Health for the Vitality of Christians

Introduction – June Gorgchuck / Appreciation – Edna Hodgson


12:15 PM           Lunch – Grace: Claire Heron or Fr Darryl Millette


1:00 PM             Reconvening Prayer – Audrey Zimmerman


1:05 PM             Continuation of standing committee reports


2:00 PM             Guest Speaker

Introduction – Connie McGrath / Appreciation - Mary Kehrig


2:20 PM             Continuation of standing Committee reports


Report on National Convention

Keynote speakers – Edna Hodgson

Business sessions – Ingrid Eggerman

Liturgies – Claire Heron


3:00 PM            New Business:

  • What is happening in your council/parish
  • Winter meeting Saturday February 2/19 2020 Please mark your calendars.


Thank You to our hosting council.


Closing prayer: Audrey Zimmerman


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  St. Michael’s CWL, Cudworth, HUG Project 


Everyday around our country women and children are seeking refuge in shelters.  They often arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs.  Providing items of toiletries and clothes can make a huge difference to these families and help them to recover. (CWL National Office)


Members of St. Michael’s Catholic Women’s League (Cudworth) participated in the National CWL HUG ( Helping, Understanding, Giving) Project.  We collected/ purchased personal hygiene products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, Kleenex, brushes, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, soap, deodorant, and sanitary pads.  Diapers, pull-ups and baby wipes, clothing, books,games, puzzles, travel bags, small backpacks and purses were also collected.


Kathleen Kolla and Kim Hauber loading donations for delivery to Safe Shelter


The CWL would like to thank all who donated products and/ or money to make our HUG Project such a success.  Thank you to the following businesses: Bigway Foods, Heritage Sales & Services, Sweet Deals, Buryniuk Insurance, all of Cudworth, SK.  As well we thank E. Miazga & co-workers, St Michael’s CWL and several anonymous donors who dropped off products or gave a monetary donation. The Safe Shelter that received the donation expressed their appreciation to our CWL Council. 


The Mission Statement of the Safe Shelter for Woman seeks to serve the needs of woman and children who require safety and support due to an abusive relationship.


As the CWL National Office celebrates its 100th Anniversary we send warm greetings and a big thank-you for putting forward such a worthwhile project to commemorate this milestone. We believe this project has met all four of the CWL’s goals.


  1. For CWL members to grow in faith by sharing, witnessing and developing leadership skills to create positive change.
  2. The CWL supports Catholic social teaching through advocacy.
  3. To provide outreach and services recognizing all life is valued with dignity and respect.
  4. The CWL addresses critical issues.


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   Report from the CWL Saskatoon Diocesan Convention May 11, 2019 


Written by Kiply Lukan Yaworski

Catholic Saskatoon News,


For the minutes and reports from the meeting go HERE.


An Annual Diocesan Catholic Women’s League convention was held May 11 at Watson, hosted by the CWL councils of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Watson and Holy Guardian Angels Parish in Englefeld.




President and committee reports, a resolution addressing semi-truck driving safety, and guest speakers were part of the day.







Jim Anderson, Dominique Skuban, and Kaitlyn Deck of St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission at Bruno, SK gave an address in the morning.













Bishop Mark Hagemoen of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon spoke about the papal document Laudato Si’ and the call to care for creation.








The theme of the diocesan convention was “Care for Our Common Home,” which is also the theme of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada for the year.  



Delegates at the convention


The annual convention also included a Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Watson, with a recommitment ceremony for the diocesan CWL executive, followed by a banquet.



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  CWL Cathedral of the Holy Family Spiritual Adoption  


CWL at Holy Family Cathedral celebrated our Spiritual Adoption baby with a baby shower. Baby items were donated to the Pregnancy Option Centre. For further information on Spiritual Adoptions, go HERE.


Back: Angie Bilodeau, Diane Walbillig, Cathy LaFleshe, Mary Kehrig, Cecilia Gursky, Helen Belsher, Alice Denis-Daley,

Marleen Van Dresser, Marina Preciado, Val Wilson, Donna Braun, Amy, Margot De la Gorgendiere.
Sitting: Sally Woytowich, Eileen Schneider, Janice Blatz, Vera Duncan.



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  St. John Bosco Saskatoon Council 60th Anniversary  



On Monday June 3, 2019 St. John Bosco CWL in Saskatoon celebrated their 60th Anniversary.  It began with mass being celebrated with Fr. Marvin Lishchynsky, Fr. Emile April, Fr. Dennis Phaneuf and Fr. Gerard Cooper, and Fr. Ron Beechinor in attendance as well. Some of these were past priests in our parish.  


Kay Vaughan (CWL server) with Fr. Marvin Lishchynsky, Fr. Gerard Cooper, Fr. Dennis Phaneuf and Fr Emil April


Following the mass, a reception and short program, with entertainment, was held. The history of St. John Bosco CWL was read, and members were recognized for their years of service. 


Chantal Devine helped to present the pins.


Margaret Schwab presented the Anniversary Certificate for the province.


June Gorgchuck presented the Anniversary Certificate for the Saskatoon Diocese.  As well, Archive items for guests to look at and enjoy were on display. It was an evening of much fellowship and celebration of our St. John Bosco CWL.



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  CWL Cathedral of the Holy Family Rosary pamphlets distributed 

May is the month of Mary. The Cathedral of the Holy Family CWL, Saskatoon, gave out 700 Pray the Rosary Daily pamphlets and  10 rosaries at the 3 masses May 5. The Rosary is prayed every Sunday in the chapel at 8:30 am.m More free pamphlets are available during May.


Back row, L-R: Avis Hardy, Eileen Schneider, Wendy Dale, Arlene Ostertag, Donna Dube, Andrea Willenborg, Helen Belsher
Front L-R: Margot de la Gorgendiere, Mary Kehrig, Willie Gasman, Marie Reinboldt. Photographer: Connie McGrath



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  Holy Family Cathedral CWL serves at New Evangelization Summit May 5 


CWL members worked all day in the kitchen providing coffee/tea and refreshments and constant clean-up for 160 attendees at the New Evangelization Summit at Holy Family Cathedral May 4. Pope Francis has called us to a New Evangelization and CWL members were happy to serve, like Christ, during the event live-streamed from Ottawa to 40 Canadian centres, 16 US centres, Guatemala City and London England. Fr. James Mallon author of Divine Renovation was an inspirational speaker.


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   CWL at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Saskatoon gave Bibles and New Testaments to Restorative Ministry 


Back L-R: Val Pitka, Cecilia Gursky, Doris Smith, Shirley Ostertag,Willie Glasman, Linda Braun,

Irene Fahlman, Mary Kehrig, Marlene van Dresser,  Linda Bohn, Val Wilson, Avis Hardy

Front: Helen Belsher, Sally Woytowich, Eileen Schneider, Angie Biladeau, Nicole Pyle, Margot dela Gorgendiere

Photographer: Connie McGrath




CWL at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Saskatoon, gave 10 Bibles, 32 New Testaments and 1 Psalms to Dianne Anderson for her work in Restorative (prison) Ministry.





Mary Kehrig (our co-president) sewed 15 bags  that Restorative Ministry uses for a project involving inmate fathers with their children at home.





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   Wilkie St. James CWL Celebrates 75 Years of Service - April 24, 2019 


On the evening of April 24th, St. James Catholic Women's League members and guests gathered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Wilkie Council. Provincial president Margaret Schwab presented Wilkie CWL president Pat Exley with a certificate for 75th Anniversary as a council. 

Individual years of service awards were also given out recognizing brand new members all the way up to milestones of 60 and 65 years of dedicated service.   As well a special award was presented from the Saskatoon Diocesan CWL to Lois Weber from Wilkie for her exceptional service to the League. Diocesan president Ingrid Eggerman presented Lois with the Bellelle Guerin Award. Both Eggerman and Margaret Schwab, the Provincial CWL president, were in Wilkie to join in the celebration and bring greetings on the occasion of Wilkie's 75th Anniversary.


The evening started at 5 pm with a beautiful mass honoring Blessed Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel.  Following mass a delicious banquet and a beautiful anniversary cake was enjoyed by all.  After the banquet a short history and some interesting facts about Wilkie CWL's past 75 years were shared with the guests. Wilkie CWL hosted their first diocesan convention in 1948, just 4 years after the council was formed. They had 92 enthusiastic members that year. The Wilkie ladies most recently hosted the diocesan convention in 2016 with many of their 82 members helping out. It was noted that the early members of St. James CWL set a great example and a solid groundwork for today's members in serving their parish as well as the community of Wilkie and beyond.  One example that was given was in its early years, the St. James CWL furnished a private ward in the new hospital being built in Wilkie.  This spirit of support for healthcare has carried on to today.  This small town council is proud of having raised over $40,000.00 with their annual "Pink Night" the last 17 years, to help the fight against cancer. Wilkie CWL president, Pat Exley, thanked all the special guests for bringing greetings and being part of the celebration.  She closed by thanking the dedicated ladies, past and present, who have made the CWL such an important and vital part of St. James Parish and the community of Wilkie and beyond.



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   The CWL Saskatoon Diocesan Convention May 11, 2019 



The CWL 84th Annual Saskatoon Diocesan Convention is on

Saturday May 11, 2019 in the Watson Civic Centre, Watson, SK.

It is hosted by Holy Guardian Angels, Englefeld and Sacred Heart of Jesus Watson.




   Holy Spirit CWL Stations of the Cross. April 2019 


The 14 devotions of the Stations of the Cross commemorate the specific events of Jesus Christ's last day on Earth as a man. 


Holy Spirit CWL members, Eileen Hebert, Barbara Blom and Elaine Easton participate in the Stations of the Cross held Friday April 5, 2019 at Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon.  



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   St. Mary's, Saskatoon, needs help with their Back Door Project project 



From Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon:
Help needed – Every day at St. Mary’s parish, located in the inner city of Saskatoon, individuals in need knock at the Back Door. The parish responds with love and hospitality, sharing sandwiches, and giving out cups of coffee or cocoa. Others come to the parish's Front Door, where some 25 emergency food hampers per week are given out. 

The parish needs help to keep this outreach going! Donations of food (smooth peanut butter, jam, coffee, cocoa) or cash donations would be MOST appreciated: St. Mary’s parish, 211 Avenue O South, Saskatoon SK, S7M 2R6.


Watch the video for more information.




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   St. Augustine, Saskatoon, HUG project 


Women from St. Augustine, Saskatoon with some of the many items donated to their HUG (Helping Understanding Giving) project.  The donated items were delivered to Interval House, a woman's shelter in Saskatoon.





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  Saskatoon Diocesan Executive Meeting 

Ingrid Eggerman





Saturday, February 23, 2019

St Philip Neri Parish

1902 Munroe Avenue

Saskatoon SK

New Theme:  Care of Our Common Home


Beginning with mass at 9:30 am followed by our meeting.  Lunch is a free will offering.


All are welcome


All Council Presidents or their designate and Core Executive Members are members of the executive. 


We encourage all councils to be represented and bring as many of your members who are able to attend. We would love to see as many members as possible in attendance.


Guest speakers – Diane Anderson, Coordinator, Restorative Ministry Office, Diocese of Saskatoon and Rob Gents, Saskatchewan Hospice and Palliative Care Association


Your Diocesan executive needs your input. Any inquiries?

Contact Ingrid Eggerman, Saskatoon Diocesan President

at email:




Saskatoon Diocesan Catholic Women’s League

Winter Gathering Tentative Agenda

Saturday February 23, 2019

St Philip Neri Parish, 1902 Monroe Ave,

Saskatoon Sk.


9:30 AM        Opening Mass – Father Michael Dechant

10:00 AM      Registration and Health Break

  • Call to order – Ingrid Eggerman
  • Opening prayer – Audrey Zimmerman
  • Host Council greetings – Mary Nordick and Susan Melchiorre, Co-Presidents
  • Any additions to the agenda and approval of Agenda
  • Approval of the minutes from the September 10, 2018 meeting
  • Treasurer's Report – Connie Crichton
  • Correspondence – Susan Melchiorre
  • Spiritual Advisors report – Claire Heron
  • Foundation report – Claire Heron
  • President’s Report- Ingrid Eggerman


                     Standing Committee Reports

  • Organization – Edna Hodgson
  • Spiritual – Audrey Zimmerman
  • Christian Family Life –
  • Education and Health – Mary Kehrig
  • Community Life – June Gorgchuck
  • Legislation- Margot de la Gorgendière
  • Resolutions – Margot de la Gorgendière
  • Communications- Paula Haubrich
  • Past President/Archives  - Marlene VanDresar
  • Regional Report – Our Lady of Grace – Arlene Rey
  • Clothing Depot Report – Pat Fortosky


11:00 AM       Speaker - Diane Anderson, Coordinator of Restorative Ministry Office, Diocese of Saskatoon.

                      Introduction by Audrey Zimmerman   Appreciation by Paula Haubrich


12:00 Noon   Grace/Lunch – Father or Claire Heron

1:00 PM        Reconvening prayer – Audrey Zimmerman

1:00 PM        Standing Committee Reports – continued


2:00 PM       Guest Speaker - Rob Gents of Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Association

                     With Power Point Presentation – introduction by June Gorgchuck

                     Appreciation by Margot de la Gorgendière


  Saskatoon Diocesan Convention – May 11, 2019

  What is happening at your council?

  Fall gathering – Date and place to be announced

  Thank you to our hosting council


  Closing prayer



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  Coffee Party at St. Ann's Place 

Adele Giblin


For the last 15 years, Saskatoon Holy Spirit CWL members provide a yearly short meeting and Coffee Party at St. Ann's Place.  We inform them of current information about our CWL.  We are available to collect memberships.  We  provide entertainment.







Diana Robstad, organization chairperson, and Adele Giblin President, presented  55 year CWL pin to Barbara Rolheiser.

Congratulations, Barbara. 










This year we played a great game called Right Left.  Every person received the little gift after the game was finished.   We had a singalong with familiar songs accompanied by our CWL member pianist Rosalie.







Coffee and tea and dainties were always a hit. Guests and CWL members all left with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face.










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