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Saskatoon Diocesan Council News


January 2024


St. Patrick CWL Council Hosts Backpack Presentation


Once again IWIN (I Am Worth It Now) from Calgary has provided Hope Restored Canada with twelve backpacks to be given to women who are seeking assistance in leaving the world of human trafficking behind. The backpacks are assembled in Calgary by IWIN volunteers and contain a complete set of clothing donated by Zyia and an assortment of necessary toiletry items. Sue Ens, Program Director from Hope Restored was present to receive the backpacks from members of St. Patrick’s CWL Council. St. Patrick’s Council also presented a cheque to Hope Restored for $1700, proceeds from a parish bake sale.  Apparently many baking items were sold more than once! Thank you St. Pat’s for your generous donation and the work that made that possible. Father David Tumback was on hand to bless the backpacks. 




  November 2023

From Left to right Avis Hardy, Resolutions Standing Committee Past chairperson, Donna Aldous, St. Anne’s council, Diane Cote, Social Justice Standing Committee Chairperson, and Marion Laroque, Saskatoon Diocesan President.



    On Saturday, October 14 members of the Saskatoon Diocesan CWL spoke to the Western Conference of Social Justice regarding the work being done by the CWL on human trafficking awareness.  Donna Aldous spoke on the work by St Anne’s council to declare February 22 Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Saskatoon.  Diane Cote of St John Bosco council spoke about the ongoing IWIN backpack program and Marion Laroque of St. Augustine parish told of her experience facilitating the Working Towards Freedom study on human trafficking.




Saskatoon Diocesan Council 2023 - 2025


A new executive for the Saskatoon Diocesan Council was installed at the 87th Annual Saskatoon Diocesan Convention held in Foam Lake, SK on April 29th, 2023.



Back Row: Yvonne Wiesner, Louise Kowalski, Wendy DeSa.

Front Row: Audrey Zimmerman, Marion Laroque, Florence Sirman, Dianne Cote, Kathy Jones.

Missing: Fr. John Abban-Bonsu

     President – Marion Laroque                       

     Past President – Audrey Zimmerman

     Secretary – Florence Sirman

     Treasurer – Yvonne Wiesner

     Standing Chairperson of Faith – Wendy DeSa

     Standing Chairperson of Service – Kathy Jones

     Standing Chairperson of Social justice – Diane Cote

     Clothing Depot Chairperson – Louise Kowalski

     Spiritual Advisor – Fr. John Abban-Bonsu              








Saskatoon Diocesan Council News

Audrey Zimmerman - President

April 2023


Our Lady of Good Counsel’s feast day remains a time of faith and fun for many of our councils as mass or prayers and teas or potlucks are celebrated to remember our patroness.


Our councils have been working and learning as we walk with our indigenous sisters to learn and understand their culture and heritage.

Other councils are learning about human trafficking, following the study guide “Working Towards Freedom”, which was written in response to the CCCB Pastoral letter on human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Canada. St Anne’s council in Saskatoon asked the Saskatoon city council to proclaim February 22, 2023, as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Their request was granted, and a ceremony was held outside city hall on a bitterly cold day. Attending and speaking at the flag raising were Bishop Mark Hagemoen Bishop of Saskatoon, Myron Rogal Justice and Peace coordinator for the Saskatoon Diocese, Ashley Peter, Program Coordinator for Hope Restored, Randy Danauer, city councillor and Deputy Chief of Po-lice Mitch Yuzdepski.


Sacred Heart of Jesus council in Watson has been learning about the culture of Transgenderism and the impact it has had on children in society. They recommend the DVD purchased from EWTN called “The Transgender Movement, What Catholics Should Know.”


This Easter season found many of our members happily gathering and working together at their usual teas, bake sales, conventions, and church duties free of all health restrictions!


This is just a sample of what is happening in our CWL parish councils.


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  April 2023


Marion Laroque, Saskatoon Diocesan President-Elect, carries the cross to Station five (Photo by Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News, with permission)



  Saskatoon CWL members participated in the Outdoor Justice and Peace
  Way of the Cross, Good Friday, 2023.  After a few years’ interruption due
  to the pandemic, hundreds of people made their way through downtown
  Saskatoon to reflect and pray.  Members of the CWL led a reflection and
  prayer at Station Five on Human trafficking written by the diocesan CWL

Station Five Jesus is Judged by Pilate

  Every day innocent people are denied their freedom and inherent human
  dignity through the evil that is human trafficking.  Children become
  slaves. Women, children and men become sexual commodities. Forced
  labour satisfies our demand for cheap coffee, tea, sugar, garments and
  many other items we use daily.   Exploiters make billions in profit. 
  Children exposed to pornography grow to become the next generation of
  purchasers of sex.  This happens in our country and right here in our city,
  on these very streets.

Let us pray:  Lord, open our eyes to the selfish desires that fuel the demand for the services of our fellow humans.  Restore dignity to the victims of human trafficking.  Give us the courage to speak out against this evil, the courage to create an economy without human trafficking.  Amen  










Yvonne Powell, CWL St. Augustine, Saskatoon reads the reflection on human trafficking while Marion Laroque holds the cross.  Also participating but not shown in picture Diane Cote, CWL St. John Bosco. (Photo by Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News, with permission)

CWL members leading the reflection from left to right  (backs to camera at the cross) Marion Laroque, Yvonne Powell, Diane Cote. (Photo by Kiply Lukan Yaworski, Catholic Saskatoon News, with permission)


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IWIN Signature Bracelet

March 2023


IWIN has made a decision to create a special Signature Bracelet in honour of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day for those who may want to support the work of IWIN and survivors of human trafficking.

This bracelet will use consistent colouring to keep it distinct from the bracelets currently distributed to victims and prayer partners.


For details on how to purchase a bracelet, please visit



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Saskatoon Diocesan CWL - President's Update

Audrey Zimmerman

February 2023


Many of our parish councils became active last fall and have resumed activities in a slightly changed manner that Covid or health concerns dictate.


We are pleased that the IWIN (I’m Worth It Now) project continues to be a source of help to the human trafficking victims at Hope Restored. Our CWL councils provide prayer partners and financial assistance to help cover the cost of the filled backpacks delivered to the victims.


The Saskatoon Diocesan Council is happy to report the refurbishment of the grotto at Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre in Saskatoon. The grotto and altar area was donated by the council in 1965 and needed cleaning and repair. The hands on repair was done by the Denis Mahoney council of the Knights of Columbus in Saskatoon. Diocesan executive members in charge of this project were Mary Kehrig and Yvonne Wiesner. We thank all who made the grotto beautiful again.


The CWL Clothing Depot continues to be a source of affordable clothing and household items in Saskatoon and a vital source of donations for charities that help the poor. The volunteers there make all this possible and are a valued and valuable resource.


Our Diocesan convention will be held in Foam Lake this year hosted by Christ the King Council on Saturday April 29, 2023. Our day will be shorter this year as we will finish the day at 3:00 PM with mass and installation of officers. It is always a day filled with joy at seeing our CWL sisters and renewing friendships.


This is just a bit about what is happening in our CWL councils in the Saskatoon Diocese.


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