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Once a year, there is a Membership Drive  when we have the privilege of speaking to our Holy Spirit parishioners to encourage women to join the CWL.  






Maureen Smith-WindsorMaureen


Good afternoon fellow parishioners, May I please have your attention for a couple of minutes


My name is Maureen Smith-Windsor.  I am a member of the Holy Spirit Catholic Women’s League or CWL for short. If you are a woman over the age of 16 we would love for you join us. Imagine what could be accomplished if every woman in the parish bought a membership.


At the end of this brief talk I will tell you when where and how to join the CWL but first I would like to say a few words about the why. For me I can point to three main reasons why I joined:

          To feed my heart

          To feed my soul

          To feed my community


I feed my heart by feeling a closer sense of community with fellow women of this parish. Sadly, it is very easy in a parish as large as this to be a member for years and still not really get to know anyone. Our potluck meetings and working together with other members feed my heart.


I feed my soul by spending time with other women who share a common faith and common values. Our Christmas Retreat and mass before our meetings feeds my soul.

I feed my community literally and figuratively by supporting an organization that does so much to feed the hungry clothe the poor and show love to those that are hurting. Donating gently used clothing to the CWL clothing depot or volunteering to sort clothes, or simply knowing that I am counted among our membership numbers when our national executive makes presentation to the Federal Government on behalf of Catholic Women, these feed my community.


So, yes, my membership makes a difference! Your membership, will make a difference!! Membership numbers are important.


Now more than ever Canada needs our voices on issues such as euthanasia, palliative care and the sanctity of life. I would especially encourage young women to join.


The great thing about joining the Holy Spirit CWL is a no pressure attitude. You give your time if and when you have it or simply buy an annual membership fee to support the cause.


Now for the When, Where and How:

The CWL meets in the church hall monthly from September to June on the second Tuesday of the month.  The annual membership dues are $30 and you can purchase your membership or ask questions after Church in the welcome area.


Thank you for your time.



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Cathy Kary  


Good Afternoon. My name is Cathy Kary and, as a member of our Parish Family and the Catholic Women’s League here at Holy Spirit, I thank you for a few minutes of your time this afternoon to speak to you about the League. 


The League was organized in the 1920’s and we are a national organization of Catholic women called to be rooted in gospel values and holiness through service to the people of God.  By uniting our voices we are able to express our values, promote dignity and justice, as well as support and respond to political and social issues. 


The number of memberships is what we take to National government to show our backing.  As in previous years, we wait for the Prime Minister to set an appointment to meet with us so we can take our resolutions to national government.  This appointment usually happens at the beginning of each year.  


We believe in living Christian values in our home and workplace. Please join us, share your gifts and make a difference in our community and beyond. Life is abundant with new beginnings- perhaps this is just the new beginning you need.


With membership in the League you are adding your voice to Catholic Women all across Canada.  Your commitment may be as easy as maintaining an inexpensive yearly membership, participating as time permits and joining us in meetings, or helping with as many or as few events as you can.


CWL members, please pick up your newsletter and envelope in the Place of Welcome.  Should you have any questions or wish to purchase a membership, we will be there to collect memberships and tickets for today and the next two weekends.


This coming Monday November 5, Holy Spirit CWL is hosting a presentation by our provincial executive regarding an implementation of the new strategic planning. All ladies are welcome to attend--you do not need to be a CWL member to attend. Come and join us to learn more about many changes to come about in the next five years moving forward. Again this will held this coming Monday evening starting at 7 to 8:15 at Holy Spirit in conference room A and B. Come join us and get to know our vibrant members at work, play and in prayer. 


Thank you for your time. 


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Darleen Topp    


Good Morning, my name is Darleen Topp and I am a Holy Spirit CWL member. We have approximately 220 members at this church. 


The Catholic Women’s League is an organization that is almost 100 years old. The Mission Statement of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada is to call its members to grow in faith and to witness the love of God through ministry and service. Every Catholic woman over the age of 16 can belong to the Catholic Women’s League.


So the question is: How can I serve within this CWL organization?


First, become a member. We are collecting membership dues after mass today. The dues support our national, provincial and diocesan executives that promote social justice in our country. This summer we took issue with the politicized summer job grant application process.


Attending meetings is not required. But if you would like to attend and do not drive at night anymore and need transportation please give the president a call.


Here are some of our values:

  • We respect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.
  • We uphold human dignity by working to make a better life for the disadvantaged. Examples are: by serving lunch at the Friendship Inn.
  • We hold clothing drives and food drives for the poor.


We also work to defend Catholic education, health services, social justice and influence governments to build a better society.


One last thing, provincial executive members will be at Holy Spirit at 7 pm tomorrow nigh,t Nov.5 to discuss strategic five year planning for the CWL. Everyone is welcome.


So, please, stop by after mass and join our CWL organization.

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Jennifer Boutin  


Hello, I'm Jennifer Boutin. I am a member of the Holy Spirit CWL. If you are a woman and are 16 years old or older, we would love for you to share your voice and talents with us, our parish, our community and our country.    

How I got to here, sharing with you, was that my husband, Fern, “gifted” me my membership because “I could join” (I am a woman, older than 16, and Catholic, but even that isn’t necessary). I have to admit I was a bit reluctant, because of my stereotype of a CWL lady was baking and serving at funerals. With that gift of membership, I started receiving and reading the CWL quarterly magazine and I started learning about all the fruitful things our league does. I am part of this club at church, and they know my name.  We sometimes wear these blue scarves (which my kids thought was pretty neat) and this “club” does all kinds of stuff that I may or may not be available to participate in (such as: attend monthly mass and share in fellowship at potluck suppers, participate in mini retreats, serve together at the Friendship Inn and the CWL Clothing Depot, gather at nursing homes for fellowship, quilt, visit members, be part of the honor guard for deceased members if it is requested, and much more.


Yes, at this time in my life, my time is pretty tied up in the numerous activities of our young family, but at some point I hope to be able to participate more in the organized activities, events and services of the league. For now, I am a member who provides strength in numbers and who shows support for my sisters who are active members. I am so thankful for all they do!  


The CWL is the largest national organization of women and the only national women's group who has a yearly meeting with the prime minister to discuss our resolutions. This appointment is usually at the beginning of the year. We are also international. Sadly, our national membership numbers are dropping. So, yes, my membership makes a difference! You, and your membership, which is only $30, will make a difference! We are uniting our voices to showing the national government that we have backing with numbers:

  • when the CWL advocates for human rights and social justice; and
  • when the league promotes awareness and responds to political and social issues that affect all Canadians, such as: palliative care, mental health and depression, prolife, impaired driving, and euthanasia--just to name a few.


There are many ways you can serve and share your God-given gifts and talents with the people of God. Maybe you'd like to be a prayer partner, a partially or fully active member, or even a financial supporter. We welcome your sisterhood and invite you to join our league!  As St. Francis said "it is in giving that we receive." 

I am looking forward to talking with you in the place of welcome! Or if you are interested, please come tomorrow evening at 7 pm to hear our provincial president, Margaret Schwab, who happens to be a parishioner here, speak about all the exciting changes for the CWL. 


Thank you for your time :-) God Bless!

And, by the way, there is a men’s organization called the Knights of Columbus. I can point you to a couple of men that would gladly talk you about their organization if you are interested. 




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